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Our Danish correspondent TB provides us with a final cultural enrichment news item for today. He says:

Since three is such a nice number, it feels right to end today’s translations of enrichment stories with a third example of “Jackal” activity in my beautiful country which I hold very dear.

As in the two former of today’s cases we are talking multiple perpetrators. One cannot say that it is a serious crime. It is more like a statement. As in all the arson cases, this is merely a routine occurrence serving as an everyday reminder to the infidels of the presence of the new Master Race.

Compared to the overall relative size (around 3-4%) of the Muslim community in Denmark (or should I say the community of people in Denmark originally coming from a Muslim country to keep it somehow academic), it is unbelievable how massively they are represented in the daily crime news feed. I think we have to recognize that these people see it as a privilege to get arrested and put in jail for these kinds of crimes. It actually serves as a badge of approval amongst their own: “Wow, son. You did good today!”

The translation from Berlingske Tidende:

Taxi driver robbed

Five Somalis were arrested after they stole a taxi driver’s money this morning.

The taxi driver picked up a group of Somalis in Nørre Sundby in Nordjylland, but in the middle of the trip, turmoil occurred in the car. The Somalis stole the driver’s wallet, jumped out of the car and ran off with 1500 kroner [roughly US$300].

– – – – – – – –

The driver immediately called the police, who came instantly. Twenty minutes later they found the perpetrators, a group of five Somalis, who were all arrested. They are now charged with theft but have been released, it is stated by the Nordjyllands Police.

The taxi driver got away unharmed.

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6 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in North Jutland

  1. They are now charged with theft but have been released, it is stated by the Nordjyllands Police.

    Catch-and-release at its finest. All further victims of these same jackals should have the right to sue the police for any damages.

  2. Unfortunately it is more likely that the jackals sue either the police, other authorities or their victims instead – and gets away with it. So eager are they to appease The New Masters, that they help them any way they can to the expense of their own people, often the victims.

  3. With the extent of immigrant crime in Denmark, do ordinary Danes see the problem here? Who is the party with the most sensible and realist approach to the defilement of Danish culture and how are they doing politically at present?

  4. The Somalis just got a little carried away. Anyone who goes from dirt floors to being sprayed unceasingly by Welfare money taps for breathing may well start to blur the lines between what’s theirs and private property. In a state that’s one big ATM for indolent immigrants, all private citizens and their wallets start to look like the rides in a Disneyworld of plenty. Short of pocket money? Why bother with the middleman, going to a bank to take out your state cheque? Just pick the nearest pocket directly.

    Or maybe these were the religious type of Muslims and they were just collecting the jizya owed by all infidels to Muslims even in infidel lands…what am I saying? There ARE no lands that belong to infidels, just lands that have not yet been (re)claimed for Allah!

    It’s amazing the police have not been arrested yet by their more PC brethren for laying a hand on these five fine fellows. Certainly if they applied the slightest amount of pressure on their thin skins or looked at them askance or Allah forbid gave them the finger, then they’ll be transferred to the boonies for eternal re-education in the superiority of their foreign masters who are presently forced to walk in their midst in the guise of criminals and layabouts.

    A beautician friend located not far from public housing occupied mainly by Somalis reports the ladies come in for their weekly manicures while the men chat loudly in the public areas at all hours of the night (as is apparently the village custom in Somalia) since they can sleep by day while taxpayers go to work to support them.

    Cultural groups whose ratio of parasites to hard workers is too high develop a reputation that PC disallows.

    Rule of thumb. People who cannot make a decent place of their home country where they have all the power are likely not the best immigrants elsewhere.

  5. There doesn’t seem to be one country in the whole world who actually like somalis. Maybe with the sole exception for Somalia that is. But I wouldn’t bet a buck on that either. They are the new gypsies, plain and simple.

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