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A new volunteer translator named Martin has stepped forward to translate this article from Wednesday’s Salzburg 24 about a particularly brutal instance of cultural enrichment in Austria:

Verdicts of guilty for rape of 12-year-old

A 15- and a 16-year-old have been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on Wednesday by the regional court of Korneuburg [12 km northwest of Vienna] on account of multiple rape of a 12-year-old girl, of which six months are unconditional.

They took time for consideration — as likewise did the prosecutor. Therefore, the judgment by the court of lay assessors is not legally binding yet. Further, the court ordered probation assistance and out-patient treatment for the adolescent sexual offenders. The verdict of guilty also included the offenses of grievous sexual abuse of a minor, attempted duress, and pornographic presentation of a minor.

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In December 2008 the Viennese counselor-at-law Tino Angkawidjaja, who pleads the victim’s private suit, had disclosed — after he had conferred with the mother — that a total of four young boys had been involved, however two of them were under the age of criminal responsibility. According to his statement they were 12- to 16-year-olds of Turkish immigrant background. The rapes happened on three different days in May 2008. The girl had turned to her mother no earlier than months later, whereupon the case got going.

According to prosecutor Stefan Dunkl the girl was coerced in May 2008 by violence and threats to acquiesce in cohabitation. The 12-year-old was held to the ground and beaten repeatedly into the face. If she resisted, they told her, she would be killed, if she let someone know, the film recorded by cell phone would be put on the internet. The girl has been harmed at her body and in her honour.

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13 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in Austria

  1. “…multiple rape of a 12-year-old girl…”

    A classic Cultural Enrichment case. How very enriching!

  2. A 15- and a 16-year-old have been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment … of which six months are unconditional.

    Six long agonizing “unconditional” months? Boy howdy, that’ll put the fear into them!

  3. It won’t put fear into them.

    They will simply know that “the worst has already over” when they are freed from prision. They will come out fearing nothing.

    Would it be morally wrong to kill them? I don’t know…

    Well, they’re probabily too young, but… imagine what they’ll be doing when they’re in their 20s…

  4. Afonso Henriques: It won’t put fear into them.

    Afonso, the use of colloquialisms or regional dialect like “boy howdy!” is usually a strong indicator of sarcastic intent in my writing.

  5. We already know from Sweden that these laughable “punishments” won’t put any fear in them what-so-ever. Now I don’t know but Austria but had it been over here, they would also been enjoying Playstation while serving their sentence. PLAYSTATION! In JAIL! How sick isn’t that? What the h*ll will be next? Manicure? Spas? Off with their heads inseatd!!

  6. instead*

    They can even practice jihad behind bars by playing CS (Counter Strike) or something similar while behind bars. Prison sentences shouldn’t be like a hotel or hostel even. Prison should be like in Prison Break. No tv-game consoles. No gym rooms. No halal. No luxury. They should work off their debt to society during daily hours. The rest of the time they spend in their cells, locked up. No tv, no fancy things in the cell, period.

  7. I agree with Exile. Had it been my daughter/sister/mother/wife/girlfriend I could´ve waited two years.

    I keep getting astonished by the absence of fathers/brother etc that are willing to take matters into their own hands. Are we really that crippled, mentally?

    Personally I would resort to any means to get such scum to push daisises.

    Baron and Dymphna. Sorry if my language is offending someone but this is a subject that makes my blood boil wild….
    I just cant stand these sorry excuses for human beings.

  8. Skalman, no, the difference is that we are law abiding and taking another life without due process would make a mockery of justice. The fact that the judicial system is hoplessly corrupt and ineffective doesn’t change the fact that justice must be served and that means changing the system. Or destroying it to make a new one.

    I won’t deny that if it were my children I’d be tempted to do something but it must be borne in mind that any actions I take would also be subject to that same corrupt judicial system. What would I achieve except to have myself taken away from my children, placed in jail, branded as a criminal and denied the opportunity to effect any future change? It’s a waste of my life to do that when there are more effective means of restoring justice.

    Rather we should take a page out of the muslim playbook, create zones of influence where justice is properly administered again. “No-go” areas that abide by true and just laws, applied equally to all, rather than by the arbitrary application of violence or “compassion” and “consideration” of the defendant’s race.

  9. @Graham

    I see your point. Nevertheless I stand by my point of view. Why, you may wonder?

    The answer is simple enough. The judicial system in most western countries today is moving towards a situation were we, ordinary and law-abiding citizens, are facing a system so corrupt and unjust that only one way of getting justice remains. Our own.

    And since there is no death sentence in Sweden and most other western countries wich, in combination with several factors such as not previously being sentenced and shortening of the time in jail due to good behaviour, most likely give the result of a relatively short time in jail even for a racist and revenge-seeking vigilante.

    I’m prepared to take that chance if it can protect more women from getting abused. A few years in prison is a low price to pay for getting justice and I mean real justice. Not the ridiculous bogus velvety kind of PC-justice we see today. Rapists, paedophiles and other kind of (in my eyes) worthless criminals should not be allowed to roam our streets freely. They are to be either executed or locked away permanently.

    I’m sorry if I sound harsh. Actually I believe that we share the basic values of a civilized behaviour and a fair justice system. I´ve just had it with the legal system freeing criminals on a technicality or sentencing them to ridiculously low punishments in equally ridiculous “jails”.

    The state(s) has in many ways given up it´s part in the social contract. Why is it that I must stick to my part and suffer from it?

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