Challenging Islam

Here’s further evidence (as if any were needed) that non-Muslim religions within Muslim countries are considered a challenge to Islam.

The particular religious group described in this article seems to be a whacked-out derivative of Christianity — no more Christian than the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses — and quite crazy.

In most Western nations, the adherents of a religion like this would be free to set up storefront churches and publicize their faith. In a normal country, that’s the way freedom of religion works.

But Jordan isn’t normal, and in Jordan these people are an affront to Islam. Because they are not good dhimmis — unlike the few Christians who live in Jordan — they run afoul of the law.

Bear all this in mind the next time you hear the syrupy voices from the OIC and CAIR calling for tolerance, dialogue, and mutual respect among religions.

Here’s the report from Fact International:

Preachers continue to challenge Islam in “Al Gardens”

Amman — Continuing its investigation Fact International (FI) discovered another ‘active missionary group’ challenging Islam in Al Gardens Street in the west of Amman.

FI Newspaper has been observing the activities of this Korean group which is carrying out its preaching activities from the ground floor of a rented building. It is headed by David Shu.

FI Newspaper noticed that this group comprises persons from China, Iraq, Korea, United States, Britain, Jordan and Syria.

FI Newspaper discovered that this group is involved in public preaching activities and one of the members was talking ‘loudly’ about the Prophets, may peace be upon them.

Challenging Islam

– – – – – – – –

In his speech the preacher mentioned food that is forbidden in Islam and said that ‘there is a challenge between the group and Islam.’ He also explained why Sunday was chosen as a sacred day.

The preacher said that “there is a relationship between God and the numbers 7 and 8.” At the same time, in a loud voice, he demanded members of the group to challenge Muslims.

The FI team also noticed that a Jordanian preacher from the group addressed people in Arabic. He spoke about the divine relationship of the numbers ‘7 & 8.’ He promised that he would give more information about these numbers in his next session on Wednesday evening.

Inhabitants of the neighborhood have expressed concern regarding the activities of this group as they ‘were approaching their sons in a threatening manner.’

They said that the manner of the preachers “is totally different from what happens in churches because the preachers are spreading suspicion and fear.”

Fears of the citizens

One of the inhabitants said that her Christian friend visited this group and listened to one of the lectures and received a brochure. The Christian friend said that the activities of this group “are totally different from the teachings of Christianity.”

The citizen said that her friend considered what is being done by the group as a violation of the heavenly religions. She also said that ‘the preaching group threatened some inhabitants of the neighborhood if they reported them to the authorities.’

A source close to the preaching group said that the group rented an apartment in Al Gardens Street and that many inhabitants of the neighborhood were surprised that ‘many people of different nationalities visited this apartment.’

According to the source when members of the group were asked about their activities they said that the apartment is ‘a society of friends’ and denied breaking the law.

The source said that the group ‘had stopped its activities after media reports on the existence of these preaching groups, headed by a Korean, in Jordan. However, the group returned to carry on with its activities.’

On the 9 June 2009 FI published in its newspaper, edition number 170, activities of a Korean missionary group headed by the Korean priest, Dr. David Yung Shu, referred to as the “shepherd of the biggest Church in the world” who gained international fame through ‘The Miracle’ Channel’ financed by the Zionist Entity.

The FI report disclosed that the group operated according to instructions and plans of the Zion Church in Jordan. The report also stated that members of the group tried to ‘convince simple, ignorant citizens that they cure those with serious diseases.’

Further, the group organized a ‘celebration’ and meeting of thousands of people in the biggest hall in Jordan. Many from the audience were cripples and suffering from cancer and other diseases. They hoped that they would be cured in spite the fact that ‘the priest could not even cure simple diseases such as the flu.’

The FI report stated that ‘Jordanian Christians had condemned the activities and actions of these preaching teams and considered them a threat to the coherent Jordanian society.’

After FI reported in its story entitled ‘Preachers active in Jordan under the leadership of Zionist Korean’ the leader of the Korean group, David Shu, escaped from Jordan.

“[T]he priest could not even cure simple diseases such as the flu.”

In my book, any priest who could cure the flu would be a pretty amazing healer. Does Islamic faith-healing routinely cure the flu?

To the Jordanians, this strange numerology-obsessed religion can only be explained as a Zionist conspiracy. What else could it be?

Are these Korean nutjobs this much of a threat to Muslims because their religion is as crazy as Islam?

Hat tip: TB.

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  1. Sorry to say it, these words is hard to public, but anyway here we go;
    Islam is the plague of our time…

  2. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysian police Wednesday freed nine Christians who were arrested and held overnight after a university official mistakenly accused them of trying to convert Muslim students.

    The nine were released without charge, but their arrests could deepen frustrations among religious minorities who feel authorities in this Muslim-majority nation increasingly ignore their rights in favor of Islam.

    Proselytizing of Muslims is forbidden in Malaysia, although the reverse is allowed. Muslims, who comprise nearly two-thirds of Malaysia’s 28 million people, are also not legally permitted to change religion.
    Christians arrested

    So many Muslims seem to completely misundestand that Islam allows religious pluralism and freedom. I wonder how they get so bigotted.

    Christians and other non-Muslims living in Muslim countries are the most persecuted people on earth. The tragedy is that the West, for political, or PC reasons, seems quiet unable to offer these poor people even the comfort of words.

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