A Hint of Backbone From the French Government

Wine is important to the French, and with good reason: they make the best wine in the world. It’s no cause for surprise that an attempt to interfere with wine at an official French government luncheon turned out to be the cause of a diplomatic row.

Our French correspondent Robert Marchenoir has written a report about the incident, based on a recent post in Georges Malbrunot’s blog at Le Figaro:

The French cancel an official lunch with Iraq’s premier after a row over wine

On the front of resistance to dhimmification, good news is scarce. Therefore it’s worth reporting this one, even if it comes from a French government too often mired in disgusting subservience to Islam’s demands.

An official lunch organised by the French president with Iraq’s prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was cancelled when the latter asked that no wine should be served to anyone.

The incident, which happened during an official visit of Iraq’s premier last May in Paris, has just been disclosed on his blog by Georges Malbrunot, senior reporter at Le Figaro daily.

“When Nouri al-Maliki realised that wine was to be served, his chief of staff insisted that ‘unholy alcohol’ be kept off the table. The French told him that it was out of the question. Maliki, a practising Shia Muslim, refused to yield. As a result, the lunch was simply cancelled.”

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“‘We made a mistake,’ an Iraqi diplomat admits. ‘We should have informed the French protocol about this detail beforehand.’“

Note how the Iraq diplomat feels that this is only a “detail”, that their mistake was only of not giving advance notice, and that just “informing” the French authorities of their whims would have been enough to make their host comply without discussion.

“The incident did not alter the rest of the visit, however. ‘His meeting with Sarkozy in the afternoon went along very well,’ said a witness.”

“A similar incident had occurred at the end of the 90s, when Mohammad Khatami, the reformist president of Iran at that time, had paid an official visit to France. Elaborate negotiations were started. It was even suggested that wine bottles might be hidden in cupboards, in order not to offend Iranian guests. But the hosts held their ground.”

“‘We are not required to comply with such demands’, argues a French diplomat. ‘We are at home. It is our guests who have to yield to our rules’.”

Sane words. If only they were uttered more frequently in official circles.

7 thoughts on “A Hint of Backbone From the French Government

  1. That was really nice to read, especially when compared to the gutlessness that other dhimmis are more than ready and eager to show when hosting mahoundian scumbags on official visits.

    I can’t wait for oil to run out. All this dhimmitude and efforts to “avoid offending” such inbred bedouin savages, whose countries of origin would be just like Somalia without the accident of geology that has given them their wealth, will vanish as soon as they start having to visit the West, cap in hand, to bark baksheesh. That’s what should happen anyway.

  2. So they object to wine even being on the table? But there is no objection to Sarko or anyone else who becomes a human wine bottle after ingestion? How about objecting to grapes? After all they are essentially wine waiting to happen, right? And arent grapes and wine essentially a creation of God? I mean come on guys!! Lets take it all the way and start objecting to things on an atomic and sub atomic level. Oh wait, I forgot. That will be next.

  3. During jihad the rules are not so strict. He might have a bottle, get drunk and perform jihad in the garden killing dogs and destroying whatever would come in his hand.

    That would appease allah.

    On the other hand we never know what these guys really think, a kiss, hand-shake or wine bottle on a photo with them might destroy the “democratic” career of these guys at home.

    In islam they police each other.

  4. Being an Italian, I can’t agree with the first statement 😉
    For the remainder: Très bien fait, France!!!

  5. This is truly fantastic news. It is my opinion that all which is needed to defeat Islam in the west and end this whole problem before it turns into the inevitable rivers of blood catastrophe that history seems to demand of us every second generation or so, is to simply stop giving in to the constant, strident and increasing demands by Muslims in all walks of Western life. Hell maybe next time the French attend a state dinner in the KSA they should demand that no Korans are present since they are not Muslim and the site of them offends them. As frankly it probably should.

    Again, notice the difference between Muslims and every other faith. If Jews decide not to eat pork then they wont eat pork. They will not insist no one else does. They may ask for a separate meal cooked in accordance with Jewish laws but this would make them only slightly less annoying and intolerant than the average vegetarian and certainly not as bad as your basic vegan.

    Muslims demand that all subject themselves to sharia. This is the distinction that needs to be recognized and fought with all we have.

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