Territory, Islam, and the Submission of the Danes

Our Danish correspondent TB was so appalled by an article in yesterday’s newspaper that he felt compelled not just to translate it, but to fisk it. The result, which he sent us in an email, is below.

The article translated here appeared on Saturday, June 20, in Politiken – the Danish equivalent of The New York Times – so I guess one has to read it with a grain of salt. I just simply could not. The editors of Politiken have a nasty habit of trying to impose their own self-righteous opinions upon whatever they find convenient. This is probably why they can state that the notion revealed here is the notion of a political majority by clinging to the comments made by a handful of MPs.

Hells Angels DenmarkThe article is about the ongoing so-called ‘gang war’ between Hells Angels on the one side and some – never precisely defined – immigrant gangs on the other. From the very beginning of this war it has been clear to me, and to many others, that this was never primarily about drugs, as the PC media like to present it. This is about territory, Islam, and the submission of the Danes.

You have previously written about this subject like in the “Fighting Fire With Fire” report last year. Also, Kepiblanc did us all a great favor by translating the insane outburst from HuT two weeks ago in which they threatened Danish society with all kinds of “unrest” in the streets of Copenhagen if we did not learn to behave according to the our new Masters and their fragile nerves.

If one follows the media, even in the most superficial way, one has to acknowledge that something is terribly wrong. Numerous articles suggest this. And more and more evidence confirms it in a more and more scientific way.

But let’s keep it superficial and ask some simple questions. For example: why is it that in our newspapers we can read, on a daily basis, about how our girls cannot walk the streets anymore without fear of sexual harassment and stone-throwing? Or obscene taunting? It has never been like that before. Not even, to my knowledge, during the Nazi occupation in the 1940s.

Why is it that we can read stories about how young ethnic Danish boys more and more frequently find themselves surrounded by five, six, seven or more “cultural enrichers” just to be stripped of their mobile phones and the money they got at their confirmation? Or simply just beaten up.

Why is it that my old man can no longer walk the streets of his neighborhood without fear of being kicked down by hordes of immigrant kids waiting out there in the darkness for their next weak prey? (This has actually happened twice to him now. Hospitalization was the result.)

Why is it that people – and I am not talking about a certain group here, because this minority (strangely enough) is somehow exempt from this kind of entertainment – are no longer safe in their own homes?

Our homes have always been sacred for us. But they are no more.

And why is it that the following description of the perpetrators in most of the referenced news stories almost always includes the “…of-an-ethnic-origin-other-than-Danish” part?

You can read these stories every day now. It is standard. Obviously, even for the most superficial reader, there is a pattern here.

Is some kind of discrimination in force ? Well, of course there is. This is basic knowledge to me and most of the readers of GoV. What we are seeing is just the natural consequence of filling up your country with supremacist Muslims who do not give a damn about anything or anyone who is not somehow associated with common Islamic doctrine, rules of life, or other Muslim dogmas.

What is going on is that the purest form of organized discrimination, better known as Islam, is now claiming what the Muslims believe is theirs. Our souls and submission. It is racism at its finest.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So, imagine my reaction when I saw this headline in Politiken Saturday morning: “Politicians: Racism nourishes the gang conflict”. Since there are several foreigners among the Members of Hells Angels and their supporters AK81 I was thrilled. In a split-second, naïve as I was, I thought: “At last! They have all seen it now! The ‘gang war’ is not primarily about drugs. It is primarily about the intolerance and racism which is an appalling symptom of this terrible political ideology called Islam.”

Of course, I was soon to be very disappointed. And I really blame myself. I should have known better.

Before I go on I should say that this piece of “news” was soon endorsed by the rest of the PC media machine as a mere fact. Even Jyllands-Posten, my favorite newspaper.

Here is how the Politiken article goes:


A majority in Christiansborg [the Danish Parliament] wants the police to acknowledge that the gang war is also about racism.

Hells Angels defends their participation in the gang war by claiming that it is about fighting a special kind of mentality among young immigrants.

According to HA this mentality leads to harassment of ethnic Danish girls, among others.

These claims are made not only by the opposition, but also the ruling parties, to demand that the national police [Rigspolitiet, the nationwide police force] change their perception of the gang war. The parties think that the police should acknowledge that the gang war is also about racism.

At this point I was still optimistic, due to the fact that Jønke’s claims supported my perception of the obvious racism ethnic Danish girls are exposed to. And that this should be obvious to anybody.

But then reality kicked in:
– – – – – – – –

The national police maintain their perception that the gang war is primarily a fight about the drug market. But a majority of the parties are shocked that HA spokesman Jørn Jønke Nielsen describes the gang war as a fight against the mentality among certain ‘groups’ of immigrants.

I guess you have an idea about where we are heading now.

Jønke: We have had enough

About these (the ‘groups’) Jørn Jønke Nielsen says:

“Through many years we have tried to integrate them and be friends. In the end though, we’ve simply had enough of these people. Their ridiculous behavior and terror against ordinary people. They shout at blond girls on the streets; call them whores and harass people who are out to have a good time, at the discotheques and so on. We also have kids in school and girlfriends who would like to walk down the street without being harassed. It might be that the rest of Denmark does not want, or does not dare, to do anything about it, but we certainly do not accept this behavior.”

To me, this a brave man talking, criminal or not criminal.

Venstre’s [the ruling party] spokesman on justice matters, Kim Andersen has, until now, not wanted to comment on statements from Jørn Jønke Nielsen because he does not like the kind of rock-star status the media, according to him, give Jønke.

“But it is clear that these statements have a racist content. It is not for me to be a counselor for the police about how to devise their strategy. But I assume that the police take all kinds of motives into consideration when making plans about how to deal with this war,” Kim Andersen states.

This was where I lost my jaw. It went all the way down to the bottom of my morning coffee. Stains on my shirt and everything. It actually needed help to get it back in place.

So this is it: As a politician I decide to open the borders of the country without even asking the public. I decide to let my country be invaded by lunatics and when the original citizens try to protect themselves against the disasters that I have imposed upon them, I call them racists.

Holger DanskeIt is the ultimate betrayal. It cannot get any worse than this. What kind of racism is this guy talking about?

Is it racism to stand up against someone who systematically harasses your women?

Is it racism not to insist that your kids be left alone when they go to school?

Is that what racism is about now?

Sure, I want to be a racist now. I have never even come near to supporting the Hells Angels. At best, to me, these guys were plain criminals. This is changing, though.

I am sorry to admit it, but I salute them, even though I know that with HA types as rulers of my country I would be in deep s***.

Back to the article where management techniques are now introduced:

The Police: It is a sales trick

Kim Kliver, head of the Center for National Police Investigations, does not want to comment on Jørn Jønke Nielsen’s claims. He has explained that HA uses this kind of rhetoric to recruit members to their support group AK81.

Therefore he merely sees the rhetoric as a ‘sales trick’, rather than as a reflection of racism as being a fundamental reason for the gang war.

“I see nothing that should make me change that perception” he says.

So, now it is a ‘sales trick’. A sales trick. Taste it.

More likely this policeman is humiliated to the bone that he is no longer capable of securing the safety of ordinary Danes. He cannot do a damned thing about it. Jønke can. And he does. Of course it is not in the slightest way in this officer’s interest to expose this fact, so why not try to downgrade Jønke, who is more and more singled out as the only brave man among all these miserable politicians. It is pathetic.

And the officer’s political “friends” continue:

Politicians: the police have to acknowledge racism

But all political parties in Christiansborg except The Danish People’s Party think that the police have to drop this kind of differentiation.

Morten Østergaard (Radikale Venstre) states that it is ‘obvious’ that the gang war acquires a racial element when young men join AK81 to fight immigrants.

“Police cannot ignore this. Police and the social authorities have to go out and tell the young people that this racist rhetoric should not make them join this war, neither on the bikers nor on the gangs’ side,” he says.

Wow, sure this will help. How original. Especially the “go out and tell” part. But also the “neither on the bikers nor on the gangs’ side” part is brilliant and deserves applause. Though I am sure he will not be able to define this more specifically without joining the “racists” from HA.

And the madness just keeps gaining momentum:

The same message comes from the spokesman from the Social Democrats, Karen Hækkerup: “When Jønke plays racism card, then racism is part of the gang war.”

So there we are: Racism — which one must now define as being defending yourself and your loved ones — is now part of the “gang war”. This is true since the creators (Social Democrats) of the multicultural disaster say so themselves. The absurd article ends with a statement from The Danish People’s Party:

DPP: It is about drugs

Danish People’s Party disagrees completely.

“The gang war is about drugs. Jønke is right in the fact that there are immigrants who do not respect law and order. But that of course is no excuse for participating in a war,” says DPP spokesman Peter Skaarup.

“No excuse for participating in a war!”

Well, I bet my most precious parts that no ordinary or non-ordinary Dane asked for this war. The fact is that there is no way around it any more.

Whether you are part of HA or just a lonely ordinary law-abiding citizen working your butt off, you are left with two choices only: To become a Muslim or to become a racist and fight.

It is the ultimate treason imposed on all of us by a political elite who had no clue whatsoever about what they initiated when they opened our borders to an uncontrolled influx of some of the worst kind of totalitarian criminals that the world has ever seen.

(To be fair: DPP are the only ones have been opposing this multiculti madness from the very beginning. They are doing an excellent and outstanding job and generally deserve all the credit that they can get.)

11 thoughts on “Territory, Islam, and the Submission of the Danes

  1. When a home is infested by cockroaches, there are three paths that one can take:

    1. Accept and live with them, albeit they will crawl all over you.

    2. Abandon your domicile–go elsewhere far from it, and leave it to the roaches.

    3. Take measures to control and emove these vermin from your home.

    The choice is always there. As for the epithet of “Racism,” sticks (or iron bars) may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  2. Actually, words matter.

    In Constantine’s time the word “pagan” had the political non-descriptive but dispositive use of today’s word “racist” (and the same can be said of the dreaded word “heretic” in Christendom).

    Words matter. What intellectuals need to do is to deconstruct the politics behind the notion of “racism” which, because of Newspeaking abuse, has become meaningless.

  3. “Any form of ethnic solidarity is racism to the multiculturalists.”

    This rule only applies to whites, though. Non-whites are encouraged to have ethnic solidarity, and the government funds their ethnocentric organizations.

  4. “From the very beginning of this war it has been clear to me, and to many others, that this was never primarily about drugs, as the PC media like to present it. This is about territory, Islam, and the submission of the Danes.”

    This is the whole conflict stripped down to the coldest basic facts of life. To summarize it all, it’s really this simple. This is what it is all about. Taking over someone else’s turf. Submit or die.

    “It is the ultimate treason imposed on all of us by a political elite who had no clue whatsoever about what they initiated when they opened our borders to an uncontrolled influx of some of the worst kind of totalitarian criminals that the world has ever seen.”

    This is also so true, except I’m not sure if all of these traitors where clueless. I think some (if not all) went into this with open eyes (probably bought off by their saudi masters). But high treason it is nonetheless.

  5. What has been missed in this article is that Jønke was in jail for almost a year if I remember over an assault on a cultural enricher. From what I remember he was attacked with a knife defended himself and wounded the attacker this happened in Norrbro. He was eventually aquited and his bodyguard was injured about a month later. He has now moved to Jutland to the town of Randers which lies between Aarhus and Aaborg. With several more HEs You can bet that his life has been threatened, and this is just the beginning. He is not a happy camper. What seems to make him stand out is that he is intelligent and comes over as a reasonalble person, irrespective of his true character. His interview outside the court when he was freed, could be used as an example on how to handle the press. When it comes to Public relations he has nothing to learn from anybody. I am also certain that he has a lot of grudging support from many Danes.

  6. Hells Angels have shown no signs of interest in fighting the immigrant-gangs.

    They cooperated with them for years. They still refuse to cooperate with the police, who could easily throw a whole bunch of the foreign criminals out of the country if Hells Angels gave testimony about them.

    Hells Angels is just trying to make a publicity-stunt out of a gang war. They have shown no real interest in combating these foreign criminals, beyond the point where they get them to butt out of the Hells Angels-business.

    Once that point is reached, the rest of us still have to deal with gangs, and Hells Angels will keep on protecting them.

    The Hells Angels are not on the side of good, law-abiding citizens, who want criminal foreigners thrown out of the country. They are actively working against the extradition of foreign criminals by refusing to cooperate with the police.

  7. “They are actively working against the extradition of foreign criminals by refusing to cooperate with the police.”

    And dont hold your breath either. Whatever you want to call them, HA is a gang and gangs never ever cooperate with the police. After all, their motto is “TKOB”. Take care of business. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle as the situation has morphed. Whatever the truth is, my perception of them is that of the last of the Vikings. Romantic? Yeah, probably. But thats the way I see it.

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