More on Al Qaeda in Brazil

My earlier post on Air France 447 reminded Rocha, a reader from Brazil, about the Al Qaeda terrorist in Brazil who was arrested and then released several weeks ago.

Rocha has kindly translated a May 26 post from the blog of Reinaldo Azevedo, who also writes for Veja, the main weekly Brazilian magazine:

Believe it! An Al Qaeda boss is already among us, free as a bird

Read what’s below. The post continues.

A high-level member of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda was imprisoned in Brazil about two months ago, according to informers in the Justice Ministry. He is already free.

The imprisonment of the terrorist was revealed in Janio de Freitas’ column, published in Folha’s Thursday edition.

According to Polícia Federal [the Brazilian FBI], he was arrested for promulgating racist material. His name wasn’t published. The imprisonment occurred in São Paulo in an international operation.

Sources in the Justice Ministry said that the Al Qaeda member is already free, and that he should not be extradited. Among the alleged motives for permitting him to stay in Brazil, according to ministry sources, was proof of his stability in the country — as indicated by his marriage to a Brazilian woman.

Action in Brazil

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The MP Raul Jungmann (PPS-PE), president of the parliamentary commission for public safety, said that he will make an information inquiry to Polícia Federal, GSI (Institutional Security Bureau) and ABIN (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) so that the commission will be informed about the imprisonment of the Al Qaeda member.

The MP is afraid that Brazil has become a kind of “host country” for terrorist organizations, as there is no specific legislation to fight the problem. “We now have an aggressive diplomacy to bring us closer to the Arab world. The problem is the country is turning into a host for terrorist organizations. I know that, before his arrest, he was being followed here. We have a clear lack of leadership on the terrorist question,” said the MP.

5 thoughts on “More on Al Qaeda in Brazil

  1. The brazilian ruling party PT is infamous for it’s terrorist organizations support, specially to FARC and communist CUBA, that is well known for years but it surprized me that Al Qaeda had help from this damn party. It’s stupid and naive, Brazil almost as a whole thinks we are shielded from terrorists because we are “friends of the world”. Lets see for how long this will last.

  2. As we have no real terrorist experience and in the years following the military dictatorship (a very light one, we could vote up to governor and had parties) much of the military and intelligence structure was dismounted, we naively let communist groups form in the interior ( The MST, something like the Landless Workers Movement) each day more agressive, and now this, politicians who have no idea to what they are helping but who have an infinite hatred of the USA turning Brazil into a terrorist nest.

  3. Here is an interesting quote:

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    “Why should we make people of colour assimilate to the white Australian culture, when in fact Indigenous people were the first people here,” she said.

    “But Dr Pedersen said Australia was already a multicultural society and had been for a long time.

    “It’s just that we’re not white anymore, walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not, “ she said.”


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