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Zonka found this B.Z. News article at Jihad Watch Deutschland, and volunteered to translate it.

The significant word in the story is Südländer, translated here as “southerners”. The term originally meant “Mediterranean types” in German, but it has come to signify “Turks”, “Kurds”, or “Albanians”, depending on the neighborhood where it is used. Given the Berlin context, it most likely means “Turks” in this article:

A gunshot wound because she said “No”

A woman didn’t want to enter the car with strange men, and then the passenger pulled out a gun and fired.

Crime scene Hardenbergplatz, Charlottenburg: On Saturday night at 3:40am, Daniela R. (20, name changed) and two lady friends from Wilmersdorf wanted to go home. It had been a long evening. Quickly eating a kebab and then heading for the bus.

Suddenly a silver metallic BMW was in front of her. “There were three southerners between 23 and 25 inside,” said the petite blonde. The passenger asked: “Can I take you?” Daniela declined. “You will regret that.” Then the girls looked into a gun barrel.

– – – – – – – –

Frightened, they jumped back. Daniela couldn’t get away in time. The first shot hit her in the right leg. “It was a dull pain,” said the retail clerk. Fortunately it was only a grazing shot. The second shot hit the glass behind her. The box containing the city map fell on her back. Daniela R. collapsed to the ground and landed in the glass splinters.

The BMW drove away with squealing tires. Her friends and other bus passengers ran to her help. Daniela R.’s whole body was shaking and her hands and legs were covered with blood. After almost an hour in the ambulance the three ladies could go home.

4 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in Berlin

  1. While the technology is still in its relative infancy, this is where cell phone cameras will prove a boon to law enforcement.

    Eventually, it will become reflexive to snap images of a crime in progress. With the push of a button or three, the cell phone will then transmit to law enforcement any pictures or video stream including an audio track plus GPS location and time stamps.

    Except in Saudi Arabia, of course:

    A wedding in Saudi Arabia ended in a brawl over the photographing of women, and young men in the glitzy malls of the United Arab Emirates have been warned by police not to surreptitiously photograph female shoppers.

    Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheik*, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority, announced the religious edict Tuesday in remarks to al-Madina daily newspaper. The devices, he said, were “spreading obscenity in Muslim society,” the newspaper reported Wednesday.

    A wedding party in July in southern Saudi Arabia turned violent after a female guest was caught taking photographs with her phone, according to newspaper reports. Scuffles broke out and spread to the men’s section. Some guests reportedly were hospitalized. [*Top Forty Hit List Occupant]

    So, as the rest of our world progresses, Saudi Arabia and all the other Muslim utopias will sit by and watch crimes happen with less timely reporting by citizens. All in the name of protecting their wimmen folk from prying eyes.

  2. “It had been a long evening. Quickly eating a kebab and then heading for the bus.”

    Hm… don’t want to sound Arab but… she went with the Turks alone?

  3. Afonso, no she didn’t go with the Turks alone, that was what prompted the shooting… And getting a Kebab in Berlin (as in many other European cities) is easier than getting a hotdog, but that is unrelated to the assault.

  4. This reads like a scene out of the movie “Taken.”

    Are they making implantable GPS chips yet? There are plenty of fathers that would simply spray these sex slavers down with gunfire if they could find them.

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