Abdulhakim Muhammad: “It Wasn’t Murder, It Was War”

I asserted last night that Pvt. William Andrew Long should be classified as a battlefield casualty, since he was killed by a self-declared Muslim mujahid in an ongoing war against the United States.

The accused murderer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, continues to make my case for me. By now the Obama administration must fervently wish that this poster boy for Islamic peacefulness and tolerance would shut up.

Notice that Mr. Muhammad’s latest media announcement was made via a collect call to the AP from his jail cell in Arkansas:

Suspect in Soldier Shooting Says He Was Justified

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Muslim convert charged with fatally shooting an American soldier at a military recruiting center said Tuesday that he doesn’t consider the killing a murder because U.S. military action in the Middle East made the killing justified.

“I do feel I’m not guilty,” Abdulhakim Muhammad told The Associated Press in a collect call from the Pulaski County jail. “I don’t think it was murder, because murder is when a person kills another person without justified reason.”


“Yes, I did tell the police upon my arrest that this was an act of retaliation, and not a reaction on the soldiers personally,” Muhammad said. He called it “a act, for the sake of God, for the sake of Allah, the Lord of all the world, and also a retaliation on U.S. military.”

No doubt President Obama, like President Bush before him, would assert that Abdulhakim Muhammad is not a true Muslim, because real Muslims don’t commit such heinous acts. But Mr. Muhammad considers himself an authentic Muslim, and so do many other Muslims who slaughter innocent people in the name of Allah.

Thousands upon thousands of Muslims across the globe do the same thing, and consider themselves good Muslims as a result of their actions. Who are we to dispute their definition of their own religion?

How is it that Presidents Bush and Obama know more about the meaning of Islam than Muslims themselves?

The article continues:
– – – – – – – –

In the interview, Muhammad also disputed his lawyer’s claim that he had been “radicalized” in a Yemeni prison and said fellow prisoners that some call terrorists were actually “very good Muslim brothers.”

And indeed they are, in the eyes of many (possibly a majority) of their fellow Muslims.

This incident seems to be yet another instance of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

He also said he didn’t specifically plan the shootings that morning.

“It’s been on my mind for awhile. It wasn’t nothing planned really. It was just the heat of the moment, you know,” said Muhammad, who was arrested on a highway shortly after the attack.

Mr. Muhammad’s phone call was in defiance of a gag order designed to protect his right to a fair trial:

Prosecutor Larry Jegley, who on Monday won a gag order in the case, declined to comment specifically on Muhammad’s remarks.

“I asked for the gag order to protect Mr. Muhammad’s right for a fair trial,” Jegley said. “I’ve never had a situation like this with a gag order and I’m sure Mr. Muhammad’s attorney will take care of it.”

And here’s the money quote:

Asked whether he considered the shootings at the recruiting center an act of war, Muhammad said “I didn’t know the soldiers personally, but yes, it was an attack of retaliation. And I feel that other attacks, not by me or people I know, but definitely Muslims in this country and others elsewhere, are going to attack for doing those things they did,” especially desecrating the Quran.

It was an act of war.

The upcoming trial is going to be an interesting event. It will be hard for the media to impose as thick a blanket of silence on it as they did on the shooting itself.

Unless Britney Spears is getting divorced or married or something at the same time, it’s quite possible that the American public may actually become aware of the murder trial of Abdulhakim Muhammad.

And if there were any real justice, it would be a military tribunal.

Hat tip: heroyalwhyness.

9 thoughts on “Abdulhakim Muhammad: “It Wasn’t Murder, It Was War”

  1. My Leftwing friends have assured me, “this has nothing to do with Islam.”

    Denial like that is a choice of delusion over reality, of delusion as reality, of ideology over reality.

    We are in for one heck of a ride.

  2. All I can say is one 9mm Bullet would end this farce for good. This has EVERYTHING to do with islam ansd the stupid Kool Aid drinkers of the left refuse to see the connections and connect the dots. Waste his ass now and save the taxpayers a ton of money. Or perhaps… the mullah obamaham will find a place for this islamofacist pig in his cabinet.

  3. The solution might be…finding some neurologist able to identify swollen jihad centre in their brains. Then bring every muslim once a week to have an X-ray.

    They might go home for fear their centre might swell…withhout telling them the good pious news.

  4. Baron,

    While this is indisputably an act of war, the Mujahedin never follows the Geneva convention. Therefore it’s only fair to sentence them for murder whenever they kill someone and give them the death penalty.

    The advantage of a military tribunal, however, is that it would put this thing in a context where the logical step would be the internment/deportation of all Muslims in the West.

    However, since they do not follow the Geneva convention they should be shot on the spot in Iraq or Afghanistan, and be given the death penalty in the US (preferably before they get around to murder anyone).

  5. its funny when a new school shoot out happens no one calls it yet another “sudden columbine syndrome” or chronic murder disease, rather they try to understand what may have caused this act of anger. its a little too convenient that sporadic acts of seneless violence are only a real threat when a Muslim (and a convert, no less so it cant be a genetic prone-ness to violence) does it..and what, couldnt he be violent just because he’s black? or is that political incorrect in this day and age…? On an unrelated note, did you know that the fastest growing rate of conversions in the U.s is African Americans turning to Islam? Better watch out.

  6. How is it that Presidents Bush and Obama know more about the meaning of Islam than Muslims themselves?.

    This is only because both individuals have so much political capital invested―Bush with the Saudis and BHO with his Liberal memes―in denying Islam’s own avowed goals, that neither of these ©ö¢k$ could ever back down off of their ideological dunghills.

    And if there were any real justice, it would be a military tribunal.

    In reality, according to the Geneva Conventions, this self-admitted enemy spy, who has been apprehended out of uniform with a full confession and conclusive evidence of his complicity in Private Long’s murder, is entitled to one thing and one thing only:


    As PatriotUSA noted, “… one 9mm Bullet would end this farce for good.”

    The only farce is the one being conjured up by those who cannot possibly bear to admit that Islam has declared Total War against the West. As I have already noted, such an admission flies in the face of their entire political career’s every goal.

    That this lack of admission constitutes treason is another matter entirely and should be addressed once these pestilential festivities are concluded.

  7. Baron, here’s some more lunacy about another muslim fanatics from the blog Politiskt Inkorrekt (translated via google as it is too time consuming to do it manually):

    Guantanamo prisoners will be eligible for asylum in Sweden
    One of President Barack Obama’s first decision after the election victory in 2008 was to shut down the prison camp. By January 2010 the camp at Guantanamo should be closed and some 50 of the prisoners need new home. Sweden has offered asylum to a number of these prisoners.

    – There is no doubt that they need international protection, “says Thomas Hammarberg is the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights.

    The problem for some 50 of the prisoners is that they can not return to their home countries.

    – As they are stateless, they will probably be tortured or subjected to other serious violation of their human abuse if they are forced to go back, “says Thomas Hammarberg.

    They are citizens, including one from Algeria, China, Russia and Tunisia.

    Thomas Hammarberg has asked the Council of Europe member states to receive such prisoners and Sweden, together with France, Albania and Britain agreed to give the detainees asylum. Germany has said that these people should be granted a residence permit in the U.S. instead, something they do not want under Thomas Hammarberg.

    AP News via Expressen 2009-06-09

    Human rights? Blogger laugh out loud.

    These animals want to cut heads of kafirer (Arabic for non-Muslims, infidels Westerners) on the finger, and Hammarstrand sobbing on their well and woe. Idiot!

    Is it only blog who believe that they are deserving of torture in their respective countries?

    No Swedish asylum to Islamic militants murderous jihadists with links to Al Qaeda!

    Fredrik Reinfeldt & Alliance, you are playing with fire for two reasons:

    1) The risk that those fleeing Swedish prison regardless of safety is high. And they welcome martyrdom. If innocent civilians, Swedish police and / or staff in the criminal is drawn into a bloody hostage situation or a drain starts / ends in mass murder or any form of explosive cares these Islamists non the least of the consequences, even if they themselves shot to death.

    2) Swedish people’s wrath for you to give these Islamic psychopaths asylum. It will punish themselves hard in the election in 2010. We will lobby for the SD and refer to this decision all the time. There you should be clear on Rosenbad.

    The blog Politically Incorrect will keep the alliance with Bildt, Ask and Reinfeldt the lead person responsible for it – “god” forbid – something happens! And with that, we mean the notification in various forms at the highest level. Nothing else, if SAPO wonder … (read the blog)

  8. Religious fanaticism must end everywhere. Muslim, Christian. All forms of it.
    None of it has any place in our modern society. And your attempt to connect it to Obama’s speech is feeble.

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