A Muslima Protests at a Memorial Service for Pvt. Long

As I mentioned last night, Pvt. William Andrew Long was killed on June 1st by a jihad terrorist at an army recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

After his death, a memorial service and rally to support the troops was organized by Secure Arkansas at the place where Pvt. Long was killed. The video below shows a Muslim woman who showed up to protest the memorial service:

Hat tip: kitman.

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14 thoughts on “A Muslima Protests at a Memorial Service for Pvt. Long

  1. At a memorial for Pvt. Long, this vulgar creature parades for the slayer. Charge her with incitement and investigate whether she is linked to the same mosque or religioius/social network of the murderer.

  2. Without seeming to condone such actions, I would still suggest that had this individual done a similar thing during the service for a fallen WWII soldier at that earlier time in history, she might reasonably have received an extended session of intensive parking lot therapy whilst the local constabulary averted their gaze. Had Private Long’s family, relatives, friends or even just strangers in attendance extending their condolences done the same thing, I would not have blamed them for an instant.

  3. Zenster

    I cant believe the restraint that was shown by this young mans family.
    If that cow had shown up to one of my loved ones funerals I would have snapped and landed in jail. It would have been worth it too.

  4. Is there an Arabic word for “chutzpah”?

    The nerve of Muslims claiming that their killing of American citizens in cold blood on American soil is the fault of Americans whether in batches of 3000 or singly should take one’s breath away but the media shrugs and even agrees, giving constant play to the false charge of “Islamophobia”.

    A Muslim kills Americans. The Muslim community’s sole concern is for itself. Muslims whine about potential negative repercussions for them and the media follows their lead, every time.

    The only phobia we should be discussing is the hate-on Muslims have for non-Muslims. It is based on their hate manual, the Koran.

    And again, the mythical “moderate” Muslims expressing their shock and horror at the slaying and this awful Fury at the graveside are completely MIA.

    Imagine American hijackers pulverizing an office building in Riyadh with 3000 civilian deaths. Think the Arab king’s first statement would be that Americans are peace loving? Think a single American in Arab lands would be left alive by Muslim mobs who riot and kill people over cartoons? Think the Arab potentate would travel to Washington and apologize for Arab mistakes?

  5. Yep. She needs a knuckle sandwich. If I had been there as a complete stranger to everyone, I would have let her have it…then I would have disappeared into the city.

  6. According to muslim logic and rocket science, it is our own fault if we get killed by some angry mahound. Doesn’t matter if we did nothing to provoke the angry mahound at all. Being kuffar and standing in the way of angry muslims is enough. And after we have been killed our family has no right whatsoever to mourn our deaths. Had it been the other way around, an angry infidel killing a mahound, we would never hear the end of it, the endless whinings from local mahounds, supported by organisations like OIC or Al Qaeda or what ever and of course the condemnations from MSM and mainstream politicians.

    Conclusion: We don’t have the right to kill mahounds in their own lands or anywhere else but mahounds has the right to kill infidels anywhere, in their lands as well as in our own – always.

    F**K islam!! I’m so sick of it! I want these morons out of the west now!! Each and everyone of them. Either peacefully or violently, I just don’t care as long as we get rid of them permanently. Let them jihad against each other in their own backwater hellholes without WMD.

  7. Had I the power of a diety for 60 seconds right then, one of the things I would have done is bring a small meteroid through the atmosphere and onto her skull.

    Give the Muslims another black rock to worship, and the example of the Muslimah as something to avoid.

  8. What exactly is she protesting?!?! What, it “offends Muslims” if white American non-Muslims have a memorial service????

    If a Christian had come and shot this Muslim woman in the name of God, well! It would be known as a Christian hate crime! It would be all over the press, front-page news with Obama whining about how evil we Americans are, how Islamophobic we are.

    But a Muslim kills non-Muslims in the name of Allah and… it’s not.. It’s… uh… no big deal. We shouldn’t even think about it. No sir. It’s no big deal. Whatever. How dare them have a memorial!

  9. “Conclusion: We don’t have the right to kill mahounds in their own lands or anywhere else but mahounds has the right to kill infidels anywhere, in their lands as well as in our own – always.”

    So true.

  10. Push into traffic?!  Why would you want to traumatize some innocent driver who just happened to be passing the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Now, spraying with pig’s blood… that would be poetic.  Also far less likely to get anyone into trouble when the video went on YouTube.

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