Road Trip

I have to make one last business trip before my job runs out.

Travel Safely

I’ll be away for the next few days, and the news feed will go on vacation while I’m gone, because Dymphna isn’t familiar with the software (which I designed according to my own specifications).

So for those who send tips: be aware that she may not post as many of them as I usually do. I’ll restart the news engine when I return.

Please restrain yourselves from drinking all the liquor while I’m gone. And this time I insist that you empty the ashtrays, throw away the empty beer cans, and clean up your chicken bones.

I hate coming back to a messy house.

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12 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Poor Afonso…you sound so sad.

    But I agree with you: reading the Baron is both more informative and entertaining, not to mention the fact that he posts far more often than I am in the habit of doing.

    I promise, however, not to say anything bad about Portugal
    (The Lisbon Treaty doesn’t count).

  2. We love your writing, Dymphna. I disagree with you occasionally, but then I disagree with the Baron occasionally, too. Do stick around 🙂

  3. Have a good trip Baron, but if you’r locking up the liquor I think I’ll crash at the neighbor’s till you’re back.The booze isn’t as good but I know where he keeps the keys!;~)

  4. Yay, let’s get out the vodka, everyone. The Baron’s not here so we can drink as much as we’d like 😉

  5. Natalie–

    Hope you brought your own vodka. The only things here are Irish whiskey, some Triple Sec left over from a dessert recipe, the future Baron’s few bottles of special wine, and some cooking sherry.

    Oh,and in the pantry, two cheap, year-old cans of beer that I am saving to make sauerkraut.

    Now that’s one sick party…

    One of the first things to get crossed off the list in our new frugal state is booze. A definite luxury compared to,say, coffee — or the Baron’s one vice: good bittersweet chocolate.

  6. Oh believe me, Dymphna, I most definitely did bring my own vodka. Stolichnaya, to be exact. I only drink Russian vodka 😉

  7. Irish Whiskey is good and I will bring the beer, maybe some extra whiskey as who knows who may show up. Alas, I understand the economics of necessity vs. what one deisres. The liqour in our home has been cut back since times have gotten tough. Alawyas willing to share what we have!

    Travel well, Baron and Dymphna, I enjoy your writing!

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