Mohammed Omar is at it Again

I’ve written previously about Mohammed Omar, the supposedly “moderate” Swedish Muslim who announced last January that events in Gaza had converted him into an Islamic radical. His newly proclaimed positions were so extreme that they made even the elites of the Swedish MSM a little nervous.

Here’s the latest about Mohammed Omar, as translated by our Swedish correspondent CB. First, an introductory note from the translator:

Mohammed Omar is fast making himself completely impossible in mainstream society by his ever more radical statements and provocations. Just this past week he’s been quoted and debated in public by several cultural personalities, editors, and bloggers, and ridiculed — as if he betrayed them somehow.

At the same time, based on a check of his website, he’s getting more Muslim followers.

But I think this article has value in many respects.

Firstly, prominent in this are his words about the Muslims in Europe being such a strong force that they can’t be stopped or contended with. He might very well be correct in assuming the Swedish church — former state church — is dying. But you don’t have to be a “prophet” to think that a likely future.

Are Europe’s liberal values dying? Well, it depends — what you are referring to? Equality before the law and the rule of the same law for every man, woman and child of the land or the change in values that has been that last 40-50 years? In both cases, that remains to be seen. But at the present, liberal Europe seems to have a hard time defending itself from political Islam, since it denies that the threat even exists.

Secondly, he says he didn’t have any aim with his poetry. Judging by his own homepage, he claimed that his earlier books were written to obscure and deceive the Swedish cultural elite, to mix honest Islamic values with outright lies, to sell the books. Without the lies, Omar claims, the books would never have reached his audience.

Also he claims that this made him lose all respect for the cultural elite — a respect he had in some measure before this.

Thirdly, Omar is quoted as saying that he disbelieves there ever was a holocaust in Cambodia, since the really leftist communist Jan Myrdal has told him there was none. So, who’s the not-so-honest human being? But, as Muhammad said: “War is deceit!”

Fourth, note the kicker! He didn’t say (according to the interview) that he just supported Hezbollah and Hamas. He said he supported their “purpose”. That must mean he supports Hamas’ purpose to kill every Jew, and all Omar’s rantings about Anti-Semitism not being allowed in Islam is just a hoax on his part to cover his true intentions. And he also claims this to be true of all Muslims.

One has to assume he means political-Islam-Muslims. Too bad the reporter didn’t have his wits about him and ask follow-ups on this.

Here’s CB’s translation, from

Omar: The priest Mikael Mogren lies

The priest Mikael Mogren lies. So says the poet Mohammed Omar, and claims that their jointly written book was written just for the money and that any friendship between them never existed.

“It’s been a long time since I had any conversation with Mikael Mogren. He has never been interested in any human friendship, and is simply not an honest human being.”

To make money

According to Mohammed Omar the book Who Are You? was written together with Mikael Mogren with one purpose — to make money.

“I didn’t have any job. I thought the book would provide me opportunities to lecture. That’s why I wrote poetry, to become famous, build a platform and make money. I didn’t have any real purpose with my poetry.”

But why do you choose to tear down that platform right now?

“It’s not necessary anymore. Now the Muslims have become so strong in Europe that we don’t need media anymore. Islam’s power grows at an enormous rate; it can’t be stopped. There’s nothing to stand against it. The foundation of liberal values in Sweden is decayed, the Swedish church is a dying organisation, just like the whole of Europe’s civilisation. Israel is about to collapse and the USA is a sinking ship.”

– – – – – – – –

Not even Minaret’s legally responsible publisher Abd al Haqq Kielan speaks the truth, according to Mohammed Omar.

“I quit long before the date he claims. I funded Minaret privately, but finally I grew tired of it. Quitting has nothing to do with my views.”

Controversial views

Mohammed Omar’s controversial views about the Holocaust figures, the genocide in Darfur, and the USA’s involvement in September 11th still stand. But he says that he never made any statement about the genocide in Cambodia.

“I hate communism, so there are no reasons for me to defend them. On the other hand, I’m sure that USA was behind September 11th, that the number of six million dead Jews during the Holocaust is a mythical figure. And my supporting the purposes of Hezbollah and Hamas is nothing strange. All Muslims do that.”

6 thoughts on “Mohammed Omar is at it Again

  1. This chap thinks it’s a done deal, and is measuring all of Europe for curtains.

    Admittedly, he’s been given much reason for his hopefully premature triumphalism according to the way Arabs/Muslims measure and understand things. The West has communicated only weakness to them.

    Muslims are very simple thinkers in black and white. They don’t really comprehend people who see gray tones and tie themselves in knots pondering every decision.

    If the grey tone people come to understand the existential threat they are under, Mr. Omar may be in for a bit of a surprise. Arabs haven’t won any full bore confrontation for over a century.

    Of course, that’s a big “if” and perhaps Mr. Omar has made a little contribution to that end.

  2. It’s precisely this type of Muslim hubris that will, hopefully, destroy them.

    They feel emboldened. They smell power. They think they have made it. Complete victory and the surrender of infidels is, by now, only a formality. Or so they think.

    They cannot hide their joy. They boast about their perceived conquest. They overtly make fun of us, as though we were already their slaves.

    Unfortunately, this is all that is needed to open the eyes of yet unsuspecting Westerners, send the multiculti myth crashing to dust, reveal Muslims’ true and evil intentions… and, therefore, foment the resolute opposition of younger generations.

    Writing this from France, I can attest that most anti-islam and anti-immigration bloggers here are young, very young.

    On the other hand, Leftist, pro-immigration, pro-islam native organisations are massively populated by white-haired individuals. This is a stunning fact when one looks at news pictures of protest events staged by those groups.

    The institutions (media, university, government, cultural circles) are strongly held by the multiculturalist clique. But this hides the extent of the growing realisation, by the people, that the party line on the matter is an outright lie.

    There are now young people, in France, who, as long as they can remember, have had to accept that being harrassed, insulted and beaten during their school years for the crime of being white is just a fact of life.

    There are now young girls for whom, as long as they can remember since they turned into women, being branded a slut, harrassed and hit in the street by African boys is a routine occurence.

    These people won’t accept at face value for very long the pious lectures on “racism”. They might not be heard for the time being : they are outside the circles of power. Just wait for a while.

    Shedding the mask right now is one of the stupidest things Muslims may do. And they do a lot.

  3. Let them think that they have already won. The day the real action starts, they won’t even have a clue what it was that hit them until it’s way too late. They’ll be completely taken off guard and wouldn’t expect anything like that from the weak western clan that they despise so much.

    Here in Sweden, many people has drawn the same conclusion as Robert, that the future truly belongs to the young generation and for the same reason. They have been “culturally enriched” for all their lives, at school, in their private lives. Harassment, violence, threats and rapes has been part of their short lives always in comparison to us older citizens who remember a time before the tsunami of muslims to our countries. So many young people hate the muslims with a passion. The guy on the parisian bus is just the exception to the rule.

  4. Well,I certainly hope that Robert and Robin are correct because my generation chooses to ignore the entire matter or, worse yet, villify anyone who dares speak of it.
    It is almost like when the dentist probes a tooth with a cavity, they get an incredibly pained look on their faces and just wish for the words to stop so they can go about their little business undisturbed and secure in their moral superiority.
    I am reminded of a conversation I had a few years back about illegal immigration and the impact on our community. I was talking to the wife of a college professor who lived in a beautiful home on the water. She got that “stop poking at the cavity” look on her face and declared “well, when it all gets to be just too much for us we spend a few weeks in our cabin in the mountains.”
    Isn’t it a shame that the high school graduate couple trying to buy a house and start a family doesn’t have that escape valve but is forced to live with the issue day in and day out. This example regards illigal immigration into the U.S. but the same could be said of young people in the EU trying to make a way for themselves in the face of the Islamic on slought.

  5. Robin, babs

    I hope you are right. One must bear in mind that Islam and Muslims can quickly change from cruel and merciless to beseeching, pleading victims of racism. We will also hear once again that Islam is peace, and one who saves one life saves all humanity etc.

    Never underestimate the staying power of this so called religion.

    It is not by force that we will rid ourselves of Islam but by strategy.

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