Black and Blue

As most readers know, Dymphna got bored while I was away and decided to entertain herself by pitching headlong down the front stairs.

Strangely enough, even though she landed on the same arm that sustained the rotator cuff tear two years ago, she didn’t reactivate that particular injury. Instead she managed to create an entirely new damage zone in her ribcage.

For a while she thought she was going to be all right, but then she made the mistake of resuming her exercises, which brought on agonizing pain in the injured area.

We spent a while at the clinic this afternoon having her checked out. The doctor concluded that she has most likely bruised the ribs rather than broken them, and also hurt the adjacent muscles. The new meds have revived her a bit, and she’s starting to crack jokes instead of her ribs.

She said: “Tell them I told the doc I didn’t need X-rays, I needed an IQ test for starting back on my exercises so soon after the injury.”

And: “Tell them that doubling the drugs has made me even more random, but that it has the blessing of making me not care.”

So that’s why posting has been light. The rest of my reports on Copenhagen will be delayed until at least tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Black and Blue

  1. Dymphna,
    I totally relate to falling down due to my back, and nerve damage that is quite severe. Here’s to a speedy recovery and sometimes exercise to soon, is overrated!

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