And Now… The Bacon Cheese Burka!

Move over, Piss Christ: you’re no longer at the cutting edge of the Religion-Insulting Art Movement!

Vlad Tepes (with the assistance of KGS) has thrown down the gauntlet for the world’s avant-garde artists:

Bacon Cheese BurkaHey artists out there who have enough track record that a gallery will actually take you seriously. Yes I know how it works in the art world, it has [nothing]* to do with how good you are but how much street cred you have because you offended the ‘right’ people. Yes by that I mean offended the ones who won’t do anything to harm you and represent anyone who has actually accomplished something on this earth. So long as you have offended them while promoting the most base and counter civilized impulses you probably can get tons of government money from various art galleries.

So let’s see if you have any real [necessary equipment]*.

Let’s see if you will make something like this: The Bacon Cheese Burka. Why not actually do an art piece offensive to the one religion which really does subjugate women to second class status? more accurately to non person status altogether actually.

– – – – – – – –

Why not show us how brave and counterculture you are by making a sculpture of a twice life size women in full Bacon cover with a cheese veil demonstrating the utter horror that is life in the Islamic world.

Will the brave artists of Paris, London, and New York rise to the challenge?

Who will dare to transgress this last boundary?


[crickets chirping]

Read the rest at Vlad’s place.

* Redacted by Dymphna. This is a PG-13 blog! Very funny image, though.

6 thoughts on “And Now… The Bacon Cheese Burka!

  1. Why not just go ahead and submit it? Spray it down with latex or embalming fluid – or whatever kids are using these days and drop it off at the Met or Royal Gallery. I’d say it’s a shoe-in for the Turner prize!

  2. I like how the buns and such kind of make it look like she is on a Segway. It might not have been on purpose – the artist was likely going for more of a “Birth of Venus” effect, I would wager.

    I wonder if you can get burkas with a bacon pattern. It should not technically be haram since it is not real bacon and Taliban folk might find it whimsical. Or a burka like those BBQ aprons with a girl in a bikini on the front. Novelty burkas. I bet that could make an explosion in the fashion world.

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