Al Qaeda in Brazil

The following article about the arrest of an Al Qaeda terrorist in Brazil appeared last Tuesday in Folha Online. Many thanks to our Portuguese correspondent MJF for the translation:

Jungmann seeks information from the Federal Police about the arrest of Al Qaeda member

MP Raul Jungmann (PPS-PE), the President of the Commission of Public Security of the City Council, has asked the Federal Police to brief him about the detention of an Al Qaeda member in Brazil. The same request was made to GSI (the department concerned with the safety of public institutions) and ABIN (the Brazilian Intelligence Agency).

A high-ranking member of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda was arrested in Brazil on charges of spreading a racist message, according to the Federal Police. The detention of said terrorist was made public in last Tuesday’s edition of the Folha, in Jânio de Freitas’ column…

Jungmann said he had previously known about terrorist actions in Brazil. “We had known for some time now that high-level members of terrorist networks were circulating in Brazil. The tri-border region is a platform for the shipment of resources to the Middle East,” said the MP.

Jungmann fears Brazil may become a sort of “lodging country” for terrorist organizations, since the country does not have specific laws to deal with this matter. “We have an aggressive diplomacy in our dealings with the Arab world. On the other hand, this country is about to become a lodging place for terrorist organizations. I know that, before being arrested, he was followed here. We face a clear lack of leadership on the terrorist question,” the MP said.


The president of UNI (National Union of Islamic Entities), Abdul Nasser El Rafei, found fault with Jungmann’s opinion.

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“The Arabs have helped build this country and diversify the rich Brazilian culture. There are now in Brazil, according with the IBGE (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), about 10 million Arabs and people of Arab descent, and I wonder why no terrorist acts have ever taken place in Brazil, and why it is that just when diplomatic relations are being strengthened between Brazil and the Arab world Brazil should become a lodging place for terrorists. This is absurd. MP Jungmann’s statement was very untimely,” he said.

“We regret the generalist and erroneous position of this member of Parliament and representative of the Brazilian people, a multifarious country that has always been receptive towards the various cultures of the world. A place where multiple nationalities and religions can live together and in peace,” Abdul remarks.

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11 thoughts on “Al Qaeda in Brazil

  1. I must laught the words of El Rafei! Yes there are millions of arab descendents in Brazil (but most are just part arab miscigenating with the italians and portuguese for generations) Why they integrated? You must understand that XIX and Early XX century Brazilian society was very racist but just in regard of religion, are you japanese? No problem if you are catholic, a arab? Same thing. Another thing arabs in Brazil were mostly from Lebannon and most of them were christians so facilitating even more the integration of the “turks” in brazil. that’s why an arab-brazilian Paulo Salim Maluf was almost our president in the 1980’s and he is son of lebaneses born in 1931 not one 4th or 5th generation brazilian.

  2. It’s despressing that these scum sip in everywhere to make it rot from the inside until it is ripe for the taking to include in their ummah.

  3. The muslims in Brazil want one state that conform to laws of Allah.

    “Sonhamos com um bairro muçulmano onde não existam bares com bebidas alcoólicas nas esquinas, os açougues não vendam carne de porco, nossas crianças possam estudar em escolas islâmicas e nossas mulheres não sejam chamadas de mulher-bomba”


    2) Or fight until this malign ideology is destroyed.

    I choose option 2.

  5. “The muslims in Brazil want one state that conform to laws of Allah”.

    The agenda for Islamic parasites is exactly the same, whatever host country they enter, to remake the law of the land to sharia.
    There is not a single non-Muslim country with a large contingent of mythical “moderate” Muslims proclaiming their loyalty to their adopted country and working to reinforce separation of church/mosque and state. Think about that. Not one.

    Instead, through political action, lawfare and countless personal initiatives, the mission is shariah creep. Where leftist aid abounds, it advances by leaps and bounds.

  6. Hi Rocha, how’ve you been?

    “arabs in Brazil were mostly from Lebannon and most of them were christians so facilitating even more the integration of the “turks” in brazil.”

    Just wanted to highlight that Christian Lebanese did indeed assimilate very well. Be it Brazil or France, they were looking to fit in and were the most Europeans one could find outside of European Civilisation.

  7. Hi Afonso.

    Just as the Armenians or Greeks did assimilate in USA… I like to point that the japanese that the left more but also the right considered “as sulphur, inassiminable” now are fully integrated. Migrants will do what you demands of them.

    The muslins have a term called Asabiyyah wich translates roughly as “solidariety and or will to live” when ours was high the muslins did not bother us, at least were we had the upper hand. When ours faded after WWII they become a problem. But it’s not really their fault WE DESERVE that untill we change our attitude towards them. We are weak now.

  8. The Al Qaeda guy was already released under the most stupid reasons, if you want i could translate some news from Reinaldo Azevedo about it.

  9. Rocha —

    Yes, we’re always interested in more translations from the Portuguese, especially when they concern the Tri-Border Area and Muslims.

  10. Well Rocha, you know that I don’t want a propositional Nation but an ethnic one. So, while I agree with what you say, and hold it to be perfectly true, especially in multicultural States like Brazil, I believe that *here* in Europe it is not enough. And have seen many evidences on it. Not that immigrants are ineherently bad, they just have a difficult time in being ineherently one of ours, and I know you do understand what I mean.

    And Rocha, I am sure you know Olavo de Carvalho. He’s great man, I try to publicise him sometimes here. And guess what I doing right now? Listening to Brazilian music: Dundedarirum Dundedarirum… just found it, this kind is not publicise here in Europe, I think they could make some success.

    Now take care, maybe I’ll spent the Summer of 2014 down there… it would be great, and we could even bring the cup home ;). Take care.

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