Sheikh Hilaly Cries Stinking Fish

I’ve written previously about Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid “Catmeat” Hilaly, the Australian Muslim leader who looks kindly upon gang rape and with contempt upon the people of Australia.

Here’s a video from Australian TV news about the sheikh and his attitude towards non-Muslims in Australia. It’s not new — it came out before Sheikh Hilaly vandalized his own mosque — but it’s very informative:

Hat tip: Aeneas.

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5 thoughts on “Sheikh Hilaly Cries Stinking Fish

  1. Somewhile ago I pointed out that Muslims were creating organised militias in the West, with the intent of terrorising and pacifying the Infidel population. This component force is different in type to Muslim terrorists within the West, whose aim is to fragment the Infidel state by burdening it with oppresive security measures. Such security measures destroy the democratic state.

    The Muslim gangs are intent on destroying law and order, and dhimmifying the Infidel population, and are part of that same agenda.

    The rise and rise of new gangsLes Kennedy
    March 29, 2009

    THEY call themselves MBM – the Muslim Brotherhood Movement – a gang of 600 men who boast they are the toughest and best young street fighters of Middle Eastern descent in Sydney.

    MBM claims to be the biggest of four new gangs to emerge on Sydney streets in the past year. Its numbers rival those of the state’s largest bikie gang, the Rebels.

    The sudden appearance of MBM, with its growing membership recruited predominantly from the city’s south-western suburbs, has alarmed senior police already battling to combat open warfare among outlaw motorbike gangs.

    Even hardened private security guards have expressed concern to police about the indiscriminate “punch and run” tactics of MBM members who, in the past two weeks, have arrived in large numbers at city nightclub venues and who walk the streets in intimidating mobs. But the objectives of MBM – its emblem features two crossed pistols and a hand grenade – and its leadership remain unclear to officers of both the Organised Crime and Gang Squad and Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

    The rise and rise of new gangs

  2. Kick the dirty b******* out! Any muslim caught causing trouble should immediately deported to his land of ethnicity. And DON’T LET HILALY BACK INTO AUSTRALIA….period.

  3. So even repeated public ranting over 20 years demeaning the host culture by the spokesperson for Australian Muslims is shrugged off by a) the Muslim community who obviously believe as he does and b) Australian leaders who have exerted no pressure to send him back where he belongs in some Muslim hellhole. Actually, why bother? His replacement would be exactly the same, possibly just more sneaky.

    Hilaly is so sure of himself that he can’t even be bothered with takiya. He could moon non-Muslims on Good Friday and get away with it.

    And why wouldn’t he be lording it over the dhimmis? Even the Australian public is in a stupor.

    Unlike every other Western country, they had a (conservative) head of government who DID speak out publicly reminding Muslims that it was their place to assimilate to Australian values not the other way around and inviting them to leave Australia if they could not comply. He is the ONLY Western leader who has done so. What was his reward?

    Aussies had the very bad judgment in their last election to turf him out, electing a wishy washy socialist Kevin Rudd who’s the Gordon Brown of Down Under, mouthing the usual multicult garbage.

    So Australia despite its reputation for being rough and ready has also succumbed to leftist indoctrination through its education system and media, a cancer that has now metastasized completely through Western culture and made it susceptible to parasitic colonizers who thrive while killing the host.

    It’s a race to the bottom, isn’t it? Prizes for all. Sweden or the Netherlands will be the first Eurabian colony while the UK will be the first English speaking one. France will be the first one with nukes etc. Meanwhile Hussein Obama is making sure Steyn’s prediction of “America Alone” holding out against the barbaric hordes is impossible by throwing the US in with the rest circling the toilet.

  4. Most loony of all is how Hilaly was, at one time, widely regarded as a “moderate” Muslim. While his “catmeat” harrangue may have eroded that perception, he is still treated like a moderate in that no one has the oysters to arrest and deport this walking piece of human excrement.

  5. So, liberals support rape? Are you surprised. They always supported rape of white women by black men here in the U.S.

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