Is America Safe?

On Fox Business News earlier today, Frank Gaffney assessed the state of American foreign policy under the care of Barack Hussein Obama. As he summarized it, the operative method involves “the emboldening of our enemies and the alienating of our friends.”

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4 thoughts on “Is America Safe?

  1. america is following europe into chaos and weakness. very sad. in many years people will look back at bush admin as on the right track, but by then it will be to late.

  2. President Obama is placing the U.S. on the strategic defensive. No new weapon systems, eliminate the missile defense system, large cutbacks in military research and development. Withdraw and they will leave us alone. You know, like Vietnam did.

    No two wars are alike. They all have significant differences, like fingerprints.

    President Obama is in over his head. He does not understand the basic issues causing the conflicts. These issues are not going to go away. This war is going to blow up in all of our faces if we do not deal with it.

  3. There is nothing that Obama is saying or doing that in any way contradicts the most paranoid fantasy that this psychologically damaged and embittered black bigot is determined to weaken the United States according to his marxist beliefs and deliver it to the umma at some later date. Meanwhile there is much to justify paranoia.

    Americans do not have a single scrap of paper that documents their president as legitimate.

    He just bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia like a head waiter after giving the merest nod to British royalty. The keeper of Muslim holy places is Hussein Obama’s chosen royalty and master.

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