70% Increase in Arson Against Swedish Schools

Fjordman just sent us this brief note summarizing an article from Sydsvenskan:

There has been a 70% increase in the number of registered arson attacks against Swedish schools in the space of a decade. In the region of Skåne in southern Sweden (where Malmö is), the increase has been 340%.

If any of our Swedish readers know of an English-language version of this news story, please send us a link.

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3 thoughts on “70% Increase in Arson Against Swedish Schools

  1. And the perpetrators are?

    What group is more interested in burning schools down than attending them to better themselves?

    What group whose culture respects neither education nor the work ethic makes for poor immigrants in every sense of the word i.e. they are only as rich as the state and other people’s labor can make their endlessly procreating selves?

    What group believes itself the Chosen People whose god will give their stubbornly ignorant selves dominion over those outside the group?

    If the barbarians and luddites want to burn down “their” property, who’s to gainsay them?

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