The Theory and Practice of Islamization

In my previous post I described the extortion employed against infidels by Muslims in non-Muslim societies. When their numbers increase to a certain point, they become confident enough to demand concessions from their host society under the implied threat of violence.

But that’s just a small part of the process of Islamization. That’s the headline-grabbing obnoxious behavior that draws public attention, but there are other, quieter, more subtle avenues through which the host society is Islamized.

Islamization proceeds on all possible fronts: political, judicial, commercial, cultural, academic, and social. It affects the media, the classroom, the courts, the marketplace, and all other areas of human activity. Sharia law prescribes and proscribes all categories of behavior. Nothing is exempt.

Assaults on the judicial and political systems attract plenty of notice, but not all aspects of Islamization gain that amount of notoriety. Take, for example, the case of Erica Connor, who was until recently the headmistress of a primary school in Surrey. The proportion of Muslims among her pupils had reached 80%, but Ms. Connor was reluctant to allow the school to be fully Islamized.

Her obstruction meant that she had to go. The Daily Mail tells the story:

UK: Head Accused of ‘Islamophobia’ Wins £400,000 After Being Forced Out by Muslim Governors

A headmistress who was hounded out of her job after being falsely accused of racism was yesterday awarded more than £400,000 in compensation.

Erica Connor had run a ‘happy and successful’ primary school but was driven to a breakdown by the allegations.

The Daily Mail can reveal the school’s troubles started when a local mosque decided to pack the governing body with Muslims.

Paul Martin — a Muslim convert — and Mumtaz Saleem began monopolising meetings with the aim of turning New Monument in Woking into an Islamic faith school.


Mr Martin, a businessman, yesterday confirmed there had been a ‘conscious effort’ to increase the number of Muslims on the board.

– – – – – – – –

But when Mrs Connor resisted the new governors’ plans — such as the introduction of Islamic worship into the school — she became the target of a smear campaign.

An anonymous petition was circulated among parents, stating that those signing ‘no longer have confidence in Erica Connor to educate our children in a way that respects and values our faith, culture and heritage’.

An accompanying document accused the headmistress of ‘racism and Islamophobia’.

Notice the tactics here. First, an anonymous petition — a method not unknown in other arenas of unscrupulous political infighting.

But then comes the knockout blow: an accusation of racism and Islamophobia, the charge that virtually no public employee can survive in this politically correct age.

Ms. Connor was objecting to the full Islamization of her school, so she was a racist. And she had no choice: the school would be Islamized, with or without her.

Ill health brought on by these scurrilous attacks drove her from her job. The local council refused to pay her compensation, but a court has overruled them:

A judge at the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday ordered Surrey County Council to pay Mrs Connor £407,781 in compensation.

He ruled that the local education authority had failed to support her properly against the unfounded accusations.

Deputy Judge John Leighton Williams said the council disregarded the ‘health and welfare’ of Mrs Connor because it was more concerned about being reported to the Commission for Racial Equality.

The Surrey County Council comes off as the villain in this piece, but you’ll notice that they were driven by the same motive as their victim: they wanted to avoid being called racists — in this case by the Commission for Racial Equality.

And so it goes all the way up the hierarchy, all the way to the top, to the highest political offices in the country: everyone is afraid of being designated a racist.

And there are diversity consultants — many of them Muslims — at every level, scrutinizing all the players to make sure they don’t step over the line into politically incorrect thought.

This is what’s really happening. This is the important business.

While all the fuss and furor rages about whether Barack Obama insulted retarded people, or what new corrupt behavior has emerged from Gordon Brown’s cabinet, our countries are being steadily Islamized.

While the Western public is distracted by baubles and gewgaws, the process of Islamization proceeds apace. Inexorably, implacably; sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly.

Step by step we are being moved closer to sharia.

Hat tip: Earl Cromer.

3 thoughts on “The Theory and Practice of Islamization

  1. It’s called sharia creep and it’s inexorable, like a many headed hydra.

    Until and if westerners can get over their true phobia which is the fear of being called racist, sharia being mostly the vehicle of non-white non-westerners will continue to advance.

    Soon it will be sharia leaps and bounds instead of creep.

  2. Deputy Judge John Leighton Williams said the council disregarded the ‘health and welfare’ of Mrs Connor because it was more concerned about being reported to the Commission for Racial Equality.


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