2 thoughts on “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Feert Himself

  1. US Zionist Islamophobe Losers??

    Hey, that makes me a U.Z.I.L!

    Dymphna the Uzil — but since I’m a true blue belle Southern Uzil… just call me a Y’allzil.

  2. The headline is posted on http://www.aljazeerah.info/. Arabic satellite news channel’s URL is http://www.aljazeera.net/. While being a terrorist mouthpiece, Al Jazeera probably wouldn’t place “Zionist Islamophobe Losers” or “Feert Wilders” on their website. Besides, considering a strong probability that the Islamonazi typing the headline was probably seeing red while frothing at the mouth and “F” & “G” keys are next to each other, it could have been an honest mistake.

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