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  1. Just wait until Charles Johnson reports on the rise of neo-Nazism in Britain. The lizards will be on the march!

  2. There is a larger dimension.

    Short version: the risk is that the BNP will take a sufficiently large vote from the tories to prevent them gaining a majority in the next general election, which will be taken by Labour as a mandate to carry on as they are. Of course if the tories were willing to deal with the immigration issue the BNP would have no need to campaign.

  3. Ahhh Weyman Bennet of Unite against fascism, the very same people who were behind the hammer attack on a supporter of the BNP – Tony Ward. Ironically a black man, who is the spokesmen for an organisation that like it’s NuLabour masters wants the destruction of the UK. LMAO

    This amazes me. The Labour, Conservatives and Liberals have just not realised that the reason why the BNP are making gains is because of their manifesto. It addresses such issues as:

    1. Protection of our culture, history and heritage
    2. Bringing back a tough law and justice system
    3. End of immigration and removal of people who shouldn’t be here – Asylum seekers from Africa, Middle East, Asia who should be going to neighbouring countries with their own cultures, Immigrants who came in on work visas/student visas and never left when their time was up and of course illegal immigrants who simply broke in and hid.
    4. Removal of Britain from the EU and the UN so we can have control of our borders and make our own laws again.
    5. Bringing back excellence to schools and making the streets safe, punishing those who would do wrong.
    6. No more illegal wars, deaths of our soldiers.
    7. Sorting our Islam, removing the Islamists, jailing/executing terrorists, integrating Muslims into the UK which is highly unlikely so simply removing Islam lock stock and barrel.
    8. Bringing back treason and sedition laws, not forgetting holding those politicians to account who have been screwing the system and doing illegal activities.

    Of course the political parties are worried and so should the likes of Weyman Bennett as they’ll probably be found out to be illegal immigrants, anti British and therefore on the first plane back to whatever African hell hole they crawled out of.
    When I go to a restaurant, I open the menu and choose what I want. This can be compared to a political manifesto. If the waiter brings me my food and it’s not what I ordered, then I send it back or walk out. Unfortunately with the main three political parties in the UK, this is what has happened with them. They will show you the menu and promise to cook it and yet will always fail to deliver what you ordered.

    I’m X-Tory and won’t vote for them again.

  4. Graham Dawson,

    You are very correct in that Tories will lose voters to the BNP and it may mean Labour win next election, but then as they continue to destroy the country then the chances of open civil war all over will be far more likely and then either a vote for the BNP will be on the cards from the majority or else the Tories will realise that they have to radically change their policies to more Nationalist conservative to their current Social Democratic stance. Conservatives are on a downward spiral along with Labour and with our current political climate and everyone’s realisation that Liberals are just a bunch of incompetent, leather sandal wearing hippies who would destroy the UK faster than NuLabour have, will mean that the only other party to vote for will be the BNP. Either way Graham, things are looking up for the BNP and their success will certainly grow.
    Also, don’t you find it ironic that the head of any Anti BNP group is always from an ethnic minority? The people who have the most to fear from a BNP government are the non Indigenous, that is because many have no intention of integrating, but continuing to live here under multiculturalism and their own indigenous culture from their previous land of birth/ancestral origin.

  5. Mr. Dawson, the post you linked to notes that the UKIP (surprisingly) stands more likely to suffer from a BNP upsurge than the Conservatives. Doesn’t help the Conservatives, I know, but it still surprises me about the UKIP.

    What I’m seeing now from all this is the rise of the BNP as a potential power player. It looks like it’ll be quite a rollercoaster ride.

    By the way, thanks for the link.

  6. Stephen Gash of SIOE(Stop Islamisation of Europe) says I’m English not British. The deadliest enemies of the English are the British, more so than muslims.

    Of course they are Stephen. The British who fought and died in WW1 & 2 in Europe, Africa and Asia are the enemies of the English.

    Stick to being the “Victimless Criminal” and preaching your rhetoric. What an utter load of bollox you preach. Go back to your website and preach to your flock you fool. Worse still, you speak of British people being a threat to the English people yet you support the Ex Muslim council of Britain, led by an Iranian communist Maryam Namazie, whose ancestors helped the Islamists overthrow the Shah of Persia, but then came running to the UK when the Islamists turned on them?

    You do make me laugh Stephen Gash. A supporter of the Communists who sides with the lesser of two evils and complains that British people are a threat to the English. You are a threat to yourself and common sense. What drivel you speak.

  7. The hammer attack and a detailed description of its aftermath locally to where it happened (we were the hosts of that particular roadshow). With reference to the above BBC video, we raised £4,471.06 on the night (As the hosting fundholder, I was one of those counting it), with more yet to come from pledges and ticket sales outside the local area:


    It is a long post, but if you want to see what the BNP has to deal with, then worth reading. This is it on a local scale. We have the same difficulties on a national scale. Read the comments to read an extension of the tactics our opponents use – in this case against me personally. No, I will not delete it as it discredits the alleger, not the allegee.

    Since the hammer attack our local organiser has had 25 new membership enquiries locally.

  8. And naturally the BBC, on cue, wheels out some bearded nonce to refer to the BNP as “far-right”. The BNP are socialist at their core but nationalistic. They are national socialist and have nothing to do with the right of the political equation.

  9. Activist groups like UAF have tried to goad the BNP into violence for several years now. The BNP has stubbornly resisted knowing perfectly well that any violence would be blamed entirely on the BNP membership and used to discredit the party. The BNP membership has demonstrated considerable moral conviction and strength of character in defying provocation. In the short to medium term they stand to make a significant electoral political gain because of this.

  10. I’m still in stitches at Stephen Gash’s comment that the British are the biggest threat to the English and yet he sides with Iranian Communists in his fight against Islam.


  11. Homophobic Horse,

    You do realise that when the likelihood of yet more BNP victories become apparent, there will be more attacks and very possibly fatalities?
    How long before the BNP realises that it’s going to have to defend itself, seeing as it won’t get any support from the Police?
    How long before it realises that it’s going to have to have an offshoot paramilitary group like Sinn Féin?

    The very situation is this, the political parties know that their chances of bringing their Gramscian Hegemony to fruition will die if the BNP attain victory. This means that there will be even more clamp down on the BNP and they will use the police as their bulldogs along with other groups such as UAF & ANL with even more brutality. The political parties via the manipulation of the MSM have managed to keep the truth from the British people, but the Internet is changing that and they can’t do anything to stop that.

    I’m just saying that things are going to get tough for the BNP and their supporters and like the council uses terrorist spying measures on home owners for rubbish, the government will do the same for people and using their findings to pass onto their employers to lose their jobs.
    The political parties use the Media to constantly attack the BNP and paint them in a bad light because the biggest threat to their destruction of the UK, absorption into the EU and future Islamisation.

  12. I do know what you mean RtL, which is why I said the BNP stand to make “significant electoral political gain” in the “short to medium term”. I left out long term because after the next general election has failed to bring any change and, combined with the Lisbon Treaty, after that all bets are off.

    Right now it’s still only a fringe view to describe the multiculturalist experiment as tantamount to soft genocide. Considering what the future could hold in store for us this view, along with the BNP, may well be vindicated.

  13. Apparently unions in the Royal Mail Service are threatening to refuse the delivery of BNP election material. ummmm, who are the fascists again?

  14. Most of the BNP support comes from ex labour supporters. I’m ex tory. Some of the BNP’s economic policies are a bit too left wing for my liking, but as they are the only party will stop the islamization process and get us out of the EUSSR,they’ll get my vote,my support, and my money.

  15. RtL, at this stage forming paramilitary wings for political parties is not the way to go. It breeds criminality, but more importantly it will allow the media to create a false impression of the party’s aims. Even with the best of intentions any paramilitary off-shoot of the BNP will be held up by the media as “the new brownshirts”. People should be prepared to defend themselves, and they should attempt to put in place appropriate security measures whenever possible, but an organised paramilitary force is out of the question. It will be used as a club to beat the BNP or any other party that attempts it.

    Paramlitary wings only work for favoured minorities and “underdogs” like Sinn Fein/IRA. The unionists had similar arrangements to the republicans but they faced constant censure in the media as being a political organisation with a paramilitary wing that was attempting to provoke violence, whilst the IRA were held up as a paramilitary organisation that had adopted a political wing in an attempt to seek peace. In both cases they were the precise model you’re advocating. Which do you think the BNP will be cast as?

    The key to winning this fight is to never escalate. Frustrate the the enemy by refusing to fight on his terms. Provoke him into acts that cannot be ignored or spun by the media by refusing to assault him, denying him the appearance of a legitimate victim. Never throw the first punch, but position yourself such that you can always throw the last.

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