The American Dream vs Demopathy

The essay which follows comes from Jorge Banner, one of our readers in South America. He didn’t send it as a post, but as an explanation to me about how he views the U.S.

I got his permission to share his thoughts with other lurkers…

I’m a total fan of America in the classic, original, Empire-State-loving-way, enthusiastically in favor of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Yes, there is an American Way. And, no, it’s not some other way adapted to a new situation. It is a new way, fresh, clean and sane, a healthy and good way of doing things and coming at problems.

The American Dream. It exists.

Americans gave birth to the possibility of its true existence and enjoyment.

The best thing about the American Dream is that Americans turned their Dream into their Reality. History will bless you forever for having done this. Good people. Even if you have decided to abandon and renounce it. America existed. It will never be denied.

And if you follow the current path to its logical conclusion and go voluntarily into the socialist slavery that your current leaders are proposing to you, there will come a day when, somewhere, people will rediscover Freedom, Truth, Justice and the American Way and America will live, again, either in its current geographical location or in another.

I know what you are thinking — “don’t write us off, yet”. I won’t.

The situation looks dark, though. You have put your neck on the guillotine and trusting the good will of the executioner not to pull the lever is not what I would call wise.
– – – – – – – –
The slow but constant power of propaganda and education, immensely corrupt but education at last, has given us the sad spectacle of the freest and most powerful nation ever in the history of our species giving in voluntarily to slave drivers. It is like that woman who in the clutches of a rapist gives in to his promise that if she just lets him tie her hands to that bolt on the wall he won’t hurt her and stops struggling. How can America fall for that?!

The America that defeated Nazi Germany, fascist Japan and finally the Soviet Union, giving in to a pack of provincial chicken thieves?!

You have let your own good be turned against you. What the Schmeissers and Mousers and Arisakas and Kalashnikovs couldn’t do, a few socialist clowns and liars got away with, without a scratch.

Do you think that’s democracy? That’s demopathy, a disease of democracy that allows parasitic entities to take democracy over and turn all that makes democracy good into bad, all that makes democracy sane into crazy, Freedom into slavery, pride into shame, truth into lie, the good into the bad, and, perversely, the bad into the good. The rats have taken over the ship and strut their stuff around like the ship belongs to them and even more, like they have built it and nobody ever helped. The world belongs to the rats!

The non-producing parasites are dictating to the producers what is “owed” to them. And they’ll be seeing if they ever allow the producers to go on producing again and what they’ll produce and how much and at what price and to whom they will be permitted to sell it.

What a thrill it must be for every “never-got-there”, for every “never-made-it”, for every “nobody-ever-gave-me-a-break”, for every parasite, to feel that “his gang” is in power and is going to dictate terms to those he knows to be his betters, those he could never understand, those he could never even imitate, those he pretended not to admire while all the time, ever since he could remember, spying on them like a child with his nose pressed against a window.

And not the saddest, but maybe the most ironic of it is that the parasites in power are not going to give a hoot about him, nor could they even if they wanted to. Their ignorance and their immorality will bring everybody down into the cesspool of a socialist regime. They will not be making a distinction between friend and foe.

Because socialism is like a doomsday machine, like the grenade of last resort, the suicide weapon to, at least, take your enemies with you into the grave. Socialism has never achieved more than a pittance and shame. It achieves hunger and death, long lines to buy nothing, using a currency so inflated that it’s more joke than currency. All of this in the name of a “social justice” that it is not “social” and is not “justice”.

Socialism is the quintessential way to kill the golden egg-laying goose. You can’t steal the wealth of the producers because their wealth is moral and morality can’t be stolen. Wealth is in the mind. It is the flower of human life. If you kill the human and take him apart trying to get for yourself that which made him tick, you find that you can’t. You only end up covered in blood but not much wealthier.

And the little currency you steal from a dead producer will last you little. And then you’ll starve. Because the maker of food will not be there any more. You killed him.

Like the savage that kills another and eats his heart trying to acquire his bravery, socialists end up with humongous graveyards and a creeping poverty that turns a world of color into the grayness that was East Berlin. All the human hearts eaten will not make one single socialist braver or wealthier.

The poor louse that lives in a shanty town thinks that the Husseins and the Pelosis and the Reids and the Schumers are going to give him what belonged to somebody else and in his supine ignorance can’t know that the socialists are going to kill that somebody else and eat the corpse. But the virtue that made the dead man rich will die with him. Everyone will go down one more notch into the darkness of hunger and eventual death.

Hussein, like an American Mugabe, will go after the best America has to offer and just as the African tyrant is killing or making flee for their lives all those that used to produce food in Rhodesia, he’ll go after all those that produce and know how to produce in America and will persecute them and harass them into extinction and America will lose its soul.

This demopathy leads to the zombiefication of America. And the zombiefication is well underway.

The libtard demopaths think that America is something that oozes out of the bones of producers and are willing to reduce them to skeletons and “make them” give up their wealth by grinding their remains.

I wonder how many over there understand just how incomprehensible all this sounds to America’s friends abroad? You friends abroad are simply saying “how could they . . . how?!!”

Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” was never so necessary for you guys as it is today. Small wonder it is climbing the ranks as it is. It may be a little too late, though.

I hope not.

Jorge Banner

12 thoughts on “The American Dream vs Demopathy

  1. Bravo Mr. Banner and Dymphna for posting his paean to a dying America.

    The American Way was something fresh and unique in the history of the world, something truly creative, a powerful nation that did not seek an Empire to the point that it walked away from lands conquered in two World Wars it did not start but helped finish and again uniquely, gave the conquered a hand up out of the rubble.

    How heartbreaking to see the benign Colossus bow to moral Lilliputians and voluntarily don the yoke of trite and failed socialism that is a dime a dozen in this world. Something precious and irreplaceable is being lost to humanity (as foreigners dependent on the American economy and aid will soon find out in a far from abstract way). The same people who make a fetish out of superficial “diversity” insist on joining the club for cookie cutter loserdom, betraying the sacrifices previous generations made for liberty. The control freak nannies and sheep who wish to be herded outvoted the people who knew what made America great.

    How Castro must be laughing on his death bed at seeing a fellow of like mind steering the US into the same grey mediocrity he has “achieved”.

    To borrow from T.S Eliot,
    “this is the way the world (of Pax America) ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper”.

  2. I’m not so sure that the American way of life was so successful to begin with. Not with so many people in jail or in “odor of the prison system” or the levels of substance abuse or a culture dedicated so fully to the dollar as to send all its manufacturing overseas (well not all, but zillions of jobs) – to places like China, where the most basic of human rights are non-existent. Its forced egalitarianism that has made honest “vox popoli” conversation hazardous or just plainly illegal. Its cultural empowerment of some of the worst agendas imaginable?

    What we see is the democracy of atomized enlightenment man at work. What we see is the love of money that turned honest entrepreneural capitalism into financial capitalism. Big industry in cahoots with socialism and multi-culturalism. We don’t see a culture, but a system in which 70 trillion dollars of make-believe wealth got burned up in record time. It must’ve been make-believe otherwise it wouldn’t have disappeared so fast.

    We see the most expensive school system in the world (per student) turning out fantastic amounts of dullards. Why? Because of voting power.

    It’s easy to pick on the little guys and just see them as bloodsuckers, but a society of greed will allow jobs that can’t pay for a decent living wage for a family and so both mama and papa have to work and the kids will get brought up by don’t-give-a-damns. We see skyrocketing divorce rates… we see a culture that has turned what used to be “my son / my daughter” into fetuses, i.e. lumps of protoplasm.

    A democracy is only as good as its rather oppressive and non-negotiable virtues. Ayn Rand is not the answer. Ayn Rand is what makes the Obamas possible even though they might be ideological opposites.

    Freedom-freedom-freedom and now the ecomomy is practically at the mercy of oppression-oppression-oppression Red China? Freedom dedicated to the love of money as opposed to love of country, neighborhood, neighbor will do that!

    Everybody and his wife and his sister having to work to keep the basic unit of a society going (the family)? So what’s this? A system on auto-destruction, perhaps?

    Do you really expect everyone to be around the clock competitive and capable of creating companies that generate wealth so that they can create more wealth ad infinitum? How about a sane society that also loves the little guys (the ones who for reasons all their own aren’t blessed with an entrepreneural spirit) and has a sense of sociality? What good is an entrepreneural spirit when – anyway – the entrance cost has become prohibitive?

    How about a society that rewards small enterprises, small property… That sees a Starbucks or a Wallmart as monstrosities and instead sees the now defunct Spivak’s Harware Store and Elaine’s Cafè also as the neighborhood institutions they once were? How about a culture, a society, patriotism, neighborhoods, ALONG with more accessible entrepreneural capitalism? Who needs a system that requires the massive influx of foreigners to stay afloat (staying afloat = infinite expansion)?

    Sooner or later something had to give… and it gave. Think culture, stop thinking system.

  3. Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    Obama’s new tax policies are going to kill productivity. After all, why work harder just to give more money to people who don’t want to work hard? Read – Upper-Income Taxpayers Look for Ways to Sidestep Obama Tax-Hike Plan

    A Colorado dentist said she will be reducing the number of hours she works, which means fewer employees and fewer clients.

    “The motivation for a lot of people like me — dentists, entrepreneurs, lawyers — is that the more you work the more money you make,” said Poczatek. “But if I’m going to be working just to give it back to the government — it’s de-motivating and demoralizing.”

  4. Ioshkafutz: OK, I’ll bite, how about such a culture/society? Depends…how’re you gonna get it? Pass laws preventing people from amassing wealth/building companies/hiring lots of people? IOW, socialism of one sort or another?
    The problem is that we have multiple things going on. We have a web of punitive taxes and regulations that strangle many aspects of economic life. Families have to work harder. We have people demanding a high standard of living, the latest toys, etc, so they also work harder. The web of taxes and regulations are easier for large corporations to finesse b/o their legal resources, and possibly were written thru the influence of large corp’s to begin with, so smaller businesses are penalized, so jobs are lost, so families have to work harder.
    The net result is…bad. Bad for the poor. Bad for communities. Bad for small business. Bad for the nation.
    The solution is to return to the Constitution, which, if honored according to what it actually says, would call for the dismantling of the vast majority of the federal taxes and regs we currently have. Do that, and watch small, medium, and yes, even large business flourish, creating once again the wealth that is the envy of the world, benefitting everyone. Continue to raise taxes and increase regulations, and watch investors and businessmen scale back or flee for sunnier climes, taking their production with them. Government is a tool, designed for a purpose. Taking money from one group to give to another, or protecting people from their own ignorance or cupidity, are not what it was designed for.

  5. “Demopathy”


    BTW: I’m stealing it. I’m going to repeat the word to everybody!

    If the author wants name credit, I urge him to say so here– in which case I will certainly respect his wishes.

    But this is too good to keep under wraps.

    I’m going to start by emailing the full text with links and credits to everybody I know.

    Congratulations on a brilliant coinage.

  6. Many of the ills that Ioshkafutz puts at America’s door are brought to her by the cancer of socialism infecting a once healthy organism. For example, the education system is inadequate despite massive money spent because teacher unions vaccuum up most of the money without giving productivity and accountability in return. Instead they fight to retain a monopoly and fend off the competition (in the form of charter schools) that improves all things. Unions lead to mediocrity by removing all differentiation between the excellent and indolent performers. They are a particularly poor fit for an education system.

    Secondly the misplaced sentimentality for Spivak’s Hardware store and knee-jerk condemnation of Walmart. In fact, Walmart has been shown to increase the buying power of the poorest by a sizable percentage that they would never receive as income. Why does that poor person have to go to Spivak to pay more for his wrench so Spivak can play at storekeeper? The anti-Walmart crowd are invariably snobby yuppies who can afford to pay more for boutique surroundings and service and want to block the cheaper alternative because it offends their eyes and ideology. Strange “love of the little guy” that expresses.

    And what about that love? The little guys in countries that follow sufficient capitalist practices are better off than those condemned to the marxist crapholes of the world where equality means sharing a low standard of living AND loss of liberty (the Scandinavian model is unsustainable without a homogenous and strong work ethic).

    Better the poor guy lives in a society where he can aspire to change his living standard through his own efforts rather than try to drag everyone down to his level by government fiat and redistribution schemes which is where Obama is headed.

    There’s this patronizing nanny mentality that “the little guy” needs to be looked after forever and be insulated from his own bad decisions. No, that’s how one learns, from the consequences of one’s bad decisions.

    Ioshkafutz totally ignores the fact that America wins hands down for best society as proven by people voting with their feet and heading there from around the world at any opportunity for decades. Socialism turns everything it touches into dross and is now destroying the unique American dream. Instead of Land of Opportunity, it will be Land of the Lowest Common Denominator.

  7. Many of the ills that Ioshkafutz puts at America’s door are brought to her by the cancer of socialism infecting a once healthy organism.

    I can agree, but the Socialism was voted in. The “Satan” of Capitalism herself voted for Obama… the world’s success story demanded hope and change. And the more they were educated (indoctrinated I say), the more they demanded this hope and change. So let’s blithely admit it: socialism was ushered in by Democracy, it wasn’t imposed by invading troops. Why?

    Money. As opposed to society. Nothing but money. You call it the cancer of socialism. Have you ever heard of anyone choosing to bring cancer to himself?

    Can you call any country a success story with so many people in jail or in odor of the justice system? I’m not talking about whether it’s the case to be strict or lenient, I’m just wondering why all that wealth, opportunity, education… hasn’t played out properly. The place seems to need some evangelization.

    Immigration? Money. Success. Expansion. Need for workers.

    Up in the wealthy PO valley there are signs: “please no more factories!” Why? There are no workers. They’ll all have to be imported. (There are also no babies)… Arrivederci Verona! Arrivederci Padova! I’m so glad that there will be Albanians and Magrebins under Juliet’s balcony and Nigerians and Turks collecting the tickets at the Palladio villas.

    I’m not a yuppie type, I’m a dimwit, a howling fool. I’m for widespread capitalism, more ownership. I see a big everything-made-in-China Walmart on one side and I see the many entrepreneurs on the other. Spivaks Hardware store is a childhood American memory of mine. Very expensive made-in-the-USA hammers back then. It’s a miracle anyone could buy them when I think how cheap they are in today’s Walmart.

    I know that the Walmart people are smarter, craftier and highly deserving of their success. They already had their megastores interconnected by satellites in the early 70’s and they invented trans-trucking in parking lots (walmart trucks never travel empty). And man can they buy cheap and in large quantities! So by all means let them kill off all the stores and family shops (fair and square) and turn would-be entrepreneurs and into wage-slaves… ’cause I want my stuff cheap!!! (And I can’t seem to get enough of it!).

    But little entrepreneurs (producers and sellers) tend to be responsible folk who’ll resist socialism and taxes and invasive government. I think. How will the wage earners vote?

    Shall we talk about the evils of Socialism? I’ve lived for long stretches in ex-Communist countries. That’s easy. But why not talk about the sort of social responsibilty needed to prevent wage-slave capitalism from oh-so-naturally turning into Socialism? Why not? Because it’s forbidden. Money reigns supreme.

    Why not talk about the minimal social tuning required to favor families and where possible local production instead of just rushing headlong towards that fabulous economic success that kills societies, draws in millions of foreigners while exporting zillions of jobs… and that eventually turns places like the UK into Pakistan, Verona into a Casbah, half of the USA into Mexico and Sweden into the rape capital of the world?… and then to top it off, despite the fabulous short-term success (cum crime surge, surveillance camera, have-a-nice-day) suddenly and for mysterious reasons all comes crashing down leaving entire areas with unemployed accountants, lawyers, managers, promoters, brokers, advertisers, commodity consultants, salesmen.

    Where did all the real jobs go? – they wonder. Call in the Government! Help! We need a stimulus package, a miracle, something, anything that will give us more of the same.

    Money’s easy and culture, patriotism, society are difficult. I know, money is freedom (freedom freedom freedom) and all the rest is subjective “values” and so a personal thing. I understand. And that’s why you’re not crying about the curse of Socialism, you’re crying over spillt milk. Because just money and no values leads to big government and socialism.

    The people who voted with their feet to come to the USA have also voted with their feet to go to Holland, Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy, France… America is no longer special on the immigration front.

    When Walmart voted to have everything made in China, was it with their feet?

    You ask: Why does that poor person have to go to Spivak to pay more for his wrench so Spivak can play at storekeeper?

    It was long ago, but Spivak wasn’t “playing” nearly as much as that guy with the name tag at Walmarts. He was a real pro, he knew a lot and was an institution, part of the social fabric. Snobby yuppie stuff? Where did the yuppies come from? Yuppies were those smart kids who taught Wally how to put Spivak out of business. The fact that they now prefer to shop at the few surviving Spivaks, speaks volumes. They know what’s good. The upper echelons of McDonalds don’t eat at McDonalds.

    You say: The anti-Walmart crowd are invariably snobby yuppies who can afford to pay more for boutique surroundings and service and want to block the cheaper alternative because it offends their eyes and ideology. Strange “love of the little guy” that expresses.

    I agree. They want the service, the personal touch, the care, the attention that they KILLED. Except back then, Spivak’s wasn’t a boutique, it was Spivak’s. They turned the few surviving little shops into “boutiques.” It was the only way to stay afloat when wrenches from China came rushing in and the wrench factories of Dayton closed down.

    What are we gonna do? We’re dead! Let’s turn into a boutique! At least we’ll get the yuppies!

    You say: There’s this patronizing nanny mentality that “the little guy” needs to be looked after forever and be insulated from his own bad decisions. No, that’s how one learns, from the consequences of one’s bad decisions.

    Bad decisions? The little guys made bad decisions? Spivak made a bad decision? He was a great success for 25 years. He “played” storekeeper. But you’re right. He should have expanded like Wally and invented trans-trucking and satellite transmission and cut deals in Guangzoo with the Deputy Secretary of Commerce. Bigger, cheaper, more! He failed to stay competitive… and so did the wrench and hammer factory of Dayton which had trouble paying its skilled personnel with rocks and chewing gum sticks like the Chinese bosses pay their personnel.

    But the economy shot up 5.6% and so people were 5.6% happier. That’s the way it works. And the poor people could finally buy wrenches and have money left over to buy something else. They were happy! So why did they vote for hope and change? Ah right, Socialist cancer.

    “Socialism turns everything it touches into dross and is now destroying the unique American dream. Instead of Land of Opportunity, it will be Land of the Lowest Common Denominator.”

    Yes indeed. Now Spivak’s grandson has a name tag. Old Spivak was a Jew from some place East. Spivak means “bird” in Slavic… For him the American dream came true. For his grandson, the Lowest Common Denominator was simply too hard to compete with. One good general store with thousands of experts and lobbyists in Washington and hobnobbers in Beijing. No way in hell could he offer a cheaper monkey wrench.

    Blame it on Socialism!

  8. Jorge, what an excellent essay you’ve written. Imagine how frustrating it is to be an American watching all of this going on and feel so utterly powerless to stop it.

  9. IoshkaFutz …

    The succcess of WalMart came after a long slow change in how people lived, worked, etc. It would not be successful if it weren’t filling a need. And when it stops being able to figure out what people want, it will fold.

    Suburbs don’t usually have community centers, unless you call meeting your neighbors while shopping at WalMart a community.

    We live in a rural area and shop in a small hardware store in a nearby town. It’s owned locally but it’s part of a larger franchise. The help is knowledgeable and the place is small; I don’t have to walk for miles from the bug spray to the paint.

    If want I want is not in stock, they have a catalogue and a warehouse.

    I look for things not made in China. They don’t hold up. Products don’t have to say “made in the USA”…for instance, Germany will do just fine. They just have to be made well.

    I also want them not to poison me so I avoid food processed in China.

    Clothing made in China doesn’t hold up…

    We have an inexpensive grocery store chain for basics, but recently a “boutique” opened that sells good cheeses, organic meats, etc. There are wealthy horse farms in the vicinity so he might make a go of it…I’m trying to talk him into stocking Medaglia D’Oro coffee and that Italian nougat candy — Torrone is one brand, I think. Made with honey and almonds. Yum…

    A similar success story is Amazon. It has figured out what people want and is doing well. In fact, I might check there and see if I can get my items there.

    The people who work at Walmart are generally satisfied with it. A woman I knew, who ran the fabrics department (she worked her way up from part-time cashier) moved to another state and was able to pick from a number of Walmart openings in her area.

    But WalMart isn’t socialism. In fact, the socialist element in our country has done all it can to stop WalMart. Good luck with that.

    In good times and bad, Walmart stays busy. My daughter used to say that on Saturdays it should be called “HellMart”.

    I’m defending it, but I don’t shop there…and the small hardware stores in small towns do still exist.

  10. Write a long enough post like Ioshkafutz’s and I have to agree with some of what he says.

    However, this business of voting for socialism. Do you honestly believe that’s what happened? Did you not notice socialism making an appearance in our institutions long before this last election paving the way so to speak and even then, it dared not speak its name with Obama lying like a cheap rug about being a centrist and the media covering for him like an even cheaper rug?

    One of the critical institutions that the Left got hold of is Education. For decades now, American kids have been bathed in socialist claptrap by socialist unionized teachers from kindergarten through university. These messages are reinforced by the MSM 24/7.

    This is all according to Gramsci’s plan for overcoming the West through cultural marxism. Another item on the manifesto is gaining control of a major political party, justice system etc. Well, it seems they’ve got 1 and 1/4 of 2 parties in their pockets and plenty of judges to make a shambles of the constitution. In other words, the cancer had metastasized through all America’s institutions before the last election where socialism was not overtly on the ticket but what Obama is in fact delivering, helped by the economic downturn started by the socialist Fannie and Freddy project but successfully pinned on the Republicans. Social engineering lit the fire but the dumb Repubs stood scratching their heads while the arsonists pointed THEM out as the culprits.

    The Dems finally bribed enough groups to vote for them who are economically illiterate and believe a) that they can drain more out of the economy than they put in forever while b) the new slaves, productive citizens will continue to work as hard when the product of their labor is taken from them and given to layabouts. That’s psychological illiteracy.

    So yes, socialism is the cause of America’s current ills but Doctor Obama and Nurse Ratchet-Pelosi will make it worse as they root out every vestige of individual entrepreneurship and capitalism until we get the Full Monty, a much lower standard of living for all (except the new royalty who brought us back to serfdom).

  11. Concerning Walmart: When I think of the Chinese trade market, I remember my childhood, how we always prayed for the poor starving children in China. Remember that? We don’t do that anymore. I think those prayers, in a way we surely didn’t expect, were answered.
    However, I think we have mishandled the answer. So let’s keep on praying. Wisdom will surely come if we keep asking.

  12. The founders of our nation established a brilliant framework for our beloved America. It was/is based on the rule of law and the premise that all humans deserve basic rights. These rights include the pursuit of happiness (not the emotion).

    Our culture has declined into a morass of immorality and hedonism. Respect for the law and common decency is at an all-time low. Our education system no longer teaches students to think for themselves. It is true that there is civil war going on in our culture.

    But, our forefathers designed a system so brilliant and inspired that it is premature to give up just yet. “The reports of my demise are greatly exagerated”.

    Only 5 weeks in office, and already the honeymoon is over. The state of the economy is a fact that cannot be denied. I believe that there are many who will not allow this “state” to stand.

    The spirit of our founders is strong and will be revived in 2010.

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