Tennis, Anyone?

As most readers already know, today’s Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Israel was held in Malmö. No spectators were allowed inside the stadium because of the fear of violent attacks from anti-Zionist protestors.

The demonstrators were on hand, but had to restrict themselves to vandalizing police vehicles, as can be seen in this video:

These vehicles are more like armored personnel carriers than police cars, and the police have a disturbing tendency to sit inside them while the rioters do their best to destroy all the peripheral equipment on the vehicles. To allow this level of violence against the police without a response is truly appalling.

Ted Ekeroth was at the demonstration, and here’s what he had to say:

The demonstration against the tennis game between Israel and Sweden took place today in Malmö. Well, it wasn’t just about tennis of course it was about hating everything Israel is, lying through their teeth about what Israel has done and hasn’t done, advocating for Hamas and in general hating Israel.

Around 5000 people showed up; leftwingers and Muslims side by side once again. They first started with some speeches at Stortorget (where the Arabic mob chased and attacked a peaceful pro-Israeli rally a month before). The speakers said the normal gibberish; lies about the Gaza war, lies about “international law” and who breaks it, lies about numbers and totally insane logic in their reasoning. Nothing new about that.

An example: they advocate for Hamas, as usual…

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On the way to Baltiska Hallen an Arab group started chanting some different slogans or verses in Arabic. One of those are when they sing about Khaybar; i.e. when Muhammed attacked a Jewish village, killed, pillaged and evicted the Jews. They sing about this and how Muhammeds army should return and… well, you get the point.

On the way to Baltiska Hallen some demonstrators fired some thing on the police threw paint on buildings but the real riots took place when they arrived at Baltiska Hallen. How that looked can be viewed here and here. As you all can see, the Swedish police did what they are used to: nothing.

They sat in their vehicles while the demonstrators pounded the cars with firecrackers, big stones and when they got on top of the roof and demolished the vehicle. Nice. This is how things are handled here in Sweden, especially in Malmö where the police got their hands tied behind their back by the politicians, and the politicians in turn is left-wing, pro-Arabic and anti-Israel which makes this mess what it is. I’m convinced that the police officers “on the ground” hates this policy but the bosses play ball.

Me and my brother was verbally threatened by the demonstrators when the recognized us and they also tried to physically attack us, but when we started to filmed them they reacted like Superman on kryptonite…

Another video is here, and Vlad Tepes has also collected a few.

3 thoughts on “Tennis, Anyone?

  1. In one video there was one APA-jävel (Monkey devil) chanting Fooook yo momma over and over. Deliberately misspelled it so you get a bit feeling of his broken swedish.

  2. In the video at 0.52 the yob jumps off the top of the police van and a man wearing a blue / grey coat tries to punch him as he lands – this same chap gets attacked by the mob at 1.12.

  3. This Davis Cup match contains an important lesson in tolerance. The Israeli player was Amir Hadad, who had teamed with a Pakistani Muslim, Aisam Qureshi, in the 2002 U.S. Open and the 2002 and 2003 Wimbledon tournaments. Those two received the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award for “tolerance through tennis.”

    The Malmo rioters couldn’t have picked a better model for their demonstration of intolerance.

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