“Little Gang of Bearded Pinheads”

As usual, the pithy Mr. Condell tells it like it is. I do wish we had an American Condell, but in the meantime, I’m glad he’s around to do the job.

Umm…language warning. Doesn’t quite fit the PG-13 rating for Gates of Vienna, but it certainly fits the obscene behavior of the pinheads. There are times that such language is appropriate and spot on; this is one of them.

Hat Tip: Heroyalwhyness

[ends here…because who could top Pat Condell?]

7 thoughts on ““Little Gang of Bearded Pinheads”

  1. Well, I think he was originally Canadian, but he seems to be American now.

    Steven Crowder has put out some very interesting videos lately – most recent one is on torture and Gitmo.

    This is his Islam one. Very, very funny.

    Unfortunately it looks like it’s been taken down since I watched it last week. 🙁

  2. Do y’all have the link to the fellow who said something about not appreciating his freedoms because he never had to fight for them?


  3. Tuan Jim–

    He’s hilarious!

    I’m going to send his main link to some friends.

    What energy, what delilcious timing!


  4. It’s a real shame his “quran challenge” got taken down. Hopefully he’ll post it somewhere else – haven’t looked at liveleak or anywhere else yet myself.

    Not exactly Fitna or Jihadwatch but very funny – and probably a little more accessible for American youth.

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