Goodbye To All That

Takuan Seiyo has published part 9 of “From Meccania to Atlantis” at the Brussels Journal. It’s entitled “Goodbye To All That”, and below are some excerpts:

Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else, but the country is running out of somewhere else. Body Snatchers have taken over the Federal Government, the administration of every significant city in the country, and most of the administrations of the 50 states. What remains of America is still in the Northwest away from the Pacific Coast, and in the Red (i.e. Right-leaning) counties of many states regardless of their ruling elites’ orientation. The sluggish economic activity and lack of high culture make these places difficult to move to, but as we will argue later, it may be inevitable.

Americans don’t leave the United States in great numbers. If they do, they have reasons not usually related to politics or livelihood. I habitually inquire of Americans living in East Asia why they have moved. Two of the most common responses are (a) to live in a country where there are (relatively) no lawyers, and (b) to be able to take a walk safely in the middle of the night. Unsaid are the “sensitive” reasons why it’s unsafe to take such a walk in America.

West Europeans cannot “vote with their feet” as easily as Americans can. To emigrate from one Western European country to another is redundant, except for some idiosyncratic reasons such as climate preference, job offer or romance. Emigration to Eastern Europe does take one to a zone of relative sanity, but that too, like a “Red-zone” move in the U.S., entails an economic risk and cultural isolation.

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There is no dearth of sophisticated culture in Eastern Europe, but the languages are difficult to learn and English is not widely spoken. Still, it’s probable that just as the “Red” states in America will gain as “Blue” Pod states like California depopulate, Eastern Europe — a haven from dhimmitude and multiculti idiocy — will gain at the expense of Pod states like Sweden. I’ve been told that already British homesteaders may be seen on Romanian farmland. In time, English may replace the Schwäbisch of the earlier West European settlers in those areas.

For now, however, the lines of emigrants in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany et al. stand in front of the Australia, New Zealand and Canada consulates. They would probably in front of American consulates too, except the country founded by English, Dutch and German settlers has little interest in white immigrants of compatible culture, high education and great chances of contributing far beyond what they take. America is far more interested in immigrants who have never seen a toilet or driven a car, and who look like extras in Lawrence of Arabia. A week after their landing in New York, you’ll find them driving a taxi there.

Read the rest at the Brussels Journal.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye To All That

  1. Another great article. I wonder where he’s going? I can see no readily accessible solution. I’m going to continue along for the ride because his insights are so good.

    No comments at Brussels Journal? Takuan seems to have jumped the shark. Perhaps he’s taking himself too seriously?

  2. Flemmings and Dutch populate our countryside (Southwest). We are a paradise for land hungry farming Dutch speakers.

    The Americans left mostly for our fault of becoming more expensive and too Western. Maybe a new wave is to come. It is wrong to think that we do not speak English in CZ, Slovakia or Poland. The Irish were also very common, then the economic wonder stopped them from coming, now they will be free to come again…

    The Irish find us esp. attractive.
    The Brits are also around – those who managed to established some functioning businesses.

    I expect also others to realize we are more or less immune against muslim immigration (Ukrainians are those to be called unofficiallly our liberators – indirectly).

    It would be worthwhile to recognize us together with Poland as a strategic interest or asset, establish our Western power…and push back.

    One of our PM (Miloš Zeman – social democrat) declared islam
    as a danger 10 years ago. Now he declared we should have Israel in EU before Georgia or Ukraine).

    Many politicians may be stupid here, but some know the stakes. Focussed Westerners might only strenghten our natural stances and deep knowledge about totalitarian options let it be in EU or islam.

  3. I’ve thought about leaving the US for Eastern Europe, but as mentioned, there are a lot of issues. Even for someone with no family or major property.

    For a brief time, I had hopes that I could get an Italian passport, my father being a native of Italy, but unfortunately (for that purpose) I’m not eligible, as he got American citizenship before I was born. Too bad- an EU passport would have been quite a useful thing.

    More recently yet, I’ve wondered about where Americans would go if they decided to leave. It’s a tough one- our country is the best one in history, but I fear it’s dying at a much faster pace than even a year ago.

    Sad to think that the country which was, until a few years ago, the preferred destination for the entire world is now home to reasonable people who are contemplating emigration.

    Thanks to the Messiah and his minions.

  4. GTW, may I suggest Denmark?

    We have the best protected liberties anywhere, and the best chances of speaking up against the rising insanity. And we still need more people able and willing to do that.

    Further, if you come here, I’ll buy beer 🙂

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