“Global Solutions”: The End of National Sovereignty

Below is a video of John Bolton’s appearance yesterday on the Glenn Beck Show. The two men discussed the degrading of our currency, the dangers posed by the unaccountable trans-national elites at the UN and other international institutions, and the erosion of our national sovereignty:

Hat tip: Fausta.

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4 thoughts on ““Global Solutions”: The End of National Sovereignty

  1. It’s amazing how far Glenn Beck has come in a few years…from being a morning radio show on a few FM stations, to his present eminence.

    Some folks don’t trust him because he’s a Mormon, but he seems to deal with that. And he outed himself on his former alcoholism so no one could come after him on it. Very smart move.

    He’s on the same wave length as Rush Limbaugh, but he speaks more carefully. Limbaugh is unparalleled (in the US) at speaking extemporaneously on any political subject one cares t name, but he strikes an arrogant pose just because he actually likes to make his opponents mad. The downside is they use that extremity against him.

    Beck is not as quick as Limbaugh, but he has parlayed what strengths he does have into a national tv slot. Limbaugh failed at that because (a) it’s hard to share the limelight; and (b) he can’t stop posing anymore.

    I hope Beck is able to maintain and continue to grow in experience. He’s improved so much it’s quite remarkable.

  2. Glenn Beck, the fact that he is a Mormon does not bother me a whit. If he were a muslim, well that would be another story now, eh? I have the utmost respect for Beck, his positions and he he handles himself. Not as brash as Limbaugh, who I also like but Beck can and will go far. He is a voice that cuts through the black fog of the commiecrat doublespeak and has the heart of a warrior.

    John Bolton is a man of great wisdom and insight. He has been sounding the warning calls for quite some time. He calls them as he sees them backed by the facts on the ground and from his years of
    experiences on the global stage. Bolton’s message needs to be sounded around the country and beyond.

    There is no peace within islam and with islam there can be no peace!

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