Fighting Racism, Discrimination, and Xenophobia

Dymphna and I were out for a large part of the day at a family birthday event, so I’ve been unable to do much more than try to keep my head above the email flood. In other words: light posting.

I’m researching a post on the latest news from the OIC, but it won’t be finished tonight. However, I found a couple of illustrations that I’ll use for a preview.

First, the Arab world’s view of George W. Bush:

Zionist Bush cartoon

And just to show they’re bipartisan smear-merchants, a cartoon view of Obama and Hillary:
– – – – – – – –
Zionist Obama cartoon

Remember, these were two examples plucked at random from hundreds and hundreds of similar cartoons — the Arabic-language press is full of them, every day.

Needless to say, the iconography on display here has been adapted virtually unchanged from illustrations in Völkischer Beobachter in the 1930s.

Next up: the news feed.

4 thoughts on “Fighting Racism, Discrimination, and Xenophobia

  1. Nice to see certain elements in the Middle East are so progressive and inclusive!

    These are the same people who riot about Mo-doggies, right?

  2. There was an incident at my work recently which involved, shall we say, someone of a certain religious persuasion and images of that nature. It was pretty sickening.

    I have to go along with Geert Wilders, an attack on Israel is an attack on us all.

    Chris Ryan in Israel

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