An Anti-Islamization Movie by Pro-Köln

Our Flemish correspondent VH alerts us to the following notice about an anti-Islamization film which is being produced in Germany by Pro-Köln, and will be available for distribution in a few weeks. It is being created as an deliberate parallel to Geert Wilders’ Fitna.

Here’s his translation of an article from the Pro-Köln website:

Islam-critical movie by Pro-Köln

Premiere expected early April in Cologne — Parallels to the film Fitna are definitely intentional

In connection with the Anti-Islamization Congress this year, the production of an Islam-critical film by pro-Köln is under way at this very moment. It will also be an invitation to join the Congress in Cologne on May 9 of this year. A movie production team from Berlin has been working hard these past weeks on time-consuming shooting sessions with people engaged with the Pro-movement in Cologne and the surrounding area.

In terms of content, the film will also deal with the scandalous events during the Congress in last year and will be a relentless criticism of Islamization, using disturbing and sometimes shocking images. The pioneering and leading role in Germany of the Pro-movement in this political struggle for the heritage of the Christian West will be the main connecting strand of the work.

Apart from being a professional account of the events of 20 September 2008 in Cologne, the film will also be a documentary on the disastrous state of democracy and freedom of expression in Germany, and will impressively illustrate the “capitulation of the rule of law” (Henryk M. Broder) to Leftist violence on that day [when the Autonomer, Antifa, and extreme Left supported by the CDU Mayor of Cologne rampaged though the city, assaulted people, and blockaded the event].

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The premiere of the film is expected to take place early April in Cologne. Different versions of the film will subsequently be distributed via the Internet, e-mails, DVDs and other channels with the purpose of reaching as wide an audience as possible. A series of presentations with screenings throughout Germany is also being planned.

The project manager on the part of the Pro-movement is the 32-year old political scientist and journalist Markus Wiener: “After shooting is completed here, the production will continue intensively in the Berlin studio. In about two weeks’ time the result will be available on DVD and as Internet-optimized versions. Viewers may expect a film that will polarize and focus on an indictment of the Leftist-ideological blindness to the Islamization in our country. A significant and clear criticism of Islam, comparable with the film Fitna by the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, will be included as well. I am sure that a massive distribution of this film will make a significant contribution to the mobilization campaign for the Anti Islamization Congress of 2009.”

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