An Abomination of Our System

MOA Red House

A reader named Roger S., after reading Gates of Vienna, Christian Action Network, The Politics of CP, and other sources that report on Jamaat ul-Fuqra, was inspired to mount a field trip to Red House, Virginia, and do some first-hand investigation of the Muslims of America compound there. He sent us the following report.

Dear Gates of Vienna,

A fellow concerned Patriot and I were in Charlotte County, Virginia on Thursday doing our a bit of our own surveillance.

The Red House compound and surrounding area were being patrolled and guarded by a couple of black guys dressed as local farm workers in dirty clothes driving a beat up red Ford truck and old grey Chevy truck.

Red House, Virginia

One vehicle was parked at the local store observing non-resident traffic, and the other was driving their perimeter roads. We went undetected for a couple of hours. We found two back entrances/exits. There were cars with tags from Illinois, California, Georgia, and Washington State.

A male of about twenty dressed in white with a white turban scoped us out as we were leaving the guard house. The place was run down and poorly maintained.

MOACareful conversation with locals at Marston’s and Red House Market revealed that the compound residents use a lot of food stamps and frequent the county health department. They also are very aggressive with strangers asking questions about them. I am told they mostly shop at the Lynchburg Wal-Mart.

We were followed up 726 toward Appomattox by the Ford truck at the store after they observed us taking pictures and waypoints at the gate. We pulled over and stopped about a mile from Red House and jumped out, whereupon he did a 180 back to the store.
– – – – – – – –
In McDonald’s in Appomattox, Virginia we observed a couple of young black male children four or five years old dressed in black hooded fatigues in a car from Illinois driven by a woman in a black dress, full coverage and veil (Islamic standards). She entered the compound an hour or so later — I bet MacDonald’s was not supposed to be on her diet!

Map — large

This is an abomination of our system. I am sure they are importing more than food from out of state. It is obvious they are intimidating the local system and politicians.

If you look at the pictures you can see the trails connecting seemingly unrelated homes. I will modify the pictures and show the relation.

Make no mistake: these people are the enemy and very dangerous. Just look at Daniel Pearl’s demise. It is time they are identified and dealt with as such.

It is now my mission. I am not afraid of them. I do respect their potential to wreak havoc and mayhem in our system.

Unfortunately our government by its nature is reactive, not proactive — just look at 9/11.

I have a lot of international flight experience and these people have learned from their mistakes each time and modified the attack plan for better results the next time, i.e. it took two attempts to knock the Twin Towers down.

We should not mistake their intentions or ability. From the reports I am getting they are supplying heroin to multiple gangs and are recruiting them as soldiers to come out of the woodwork nationwide. We cannot fail or this one might be the big one.

I do not want to sound radical or a doomsday forecaster, but believe me, where there is smoke fire will follow unless properly extinguished.

I will keep you posted if we do future investigations, as your site is great and has inspired us.

Roger S.

If you want to learn more about the Muslims of America, scroll down our sidebar and click some of the links in the “Jamaat ul-Fuqra” section.

Sheikh Gilani maintains more than thirty armed compounds spread out in rural areas across the United States and Canada. They are populated mainly by ex-convicts who have converted to Islam. There may be one near you.

Above all, go to the Christian Action Network site and watch the trailer for the documentary “Homegrown Jihad”. This video is an excellent visual summary of the danger we face from these mujahideen in our midst. If you read the materials, watch the video, and become as convinced of the danger as I am, write to your senators and congressman and share your concerns.

Be polite, specific, and detailed — if enough voters make their voices heard and their opinions known, even the most cynical inside-the-Beltway hack will have to pay attention.

10 thoughts on “An Abomination of Our System

  1. Well Virginia Patriot, congratulations you’ve run into Jamat Ul-fuqra. This is a Pakistani group in its origin, that has made many watch ists. They are the real deal, and dangerous. thanks for letting the world know what is going on, and be careful around these gusys.

  2. Baron and D: have been away in the southwestern part of Virginia. I find Patriot’s comments and investigation informative. Truth be told, our “officials” know full well who lives in these various camps throughout the country. They certainly know about another camp, Islamaberg in up-state NY.

    Patriot – be careful. It’s one thing not to be afraid of these folks but it is something else to be prudent.

    Being a coward when it comes to some of these things, I still believe that the more Americans learn of the danger the better.

    Had not realized how much I have missed being among friends across the internet. Freedom is not free; that our government allows such camps is “interesting.” They had no trouble hopping all over the Mormon folks but it seems to be hands off when it comes to this very real threat from entrenched “enemy” camps.

  3. All of these camps need to be taken down simultaneously with Federal agents backed by National Guard troops. Electronic jamming should be used to prevent any outgoing communication or coordination by the suspects and all arrestees should be individually confined to eliminate any pre-interrogation story fixing.

    These maggots are planning things that will make the 9-11 atrocity look like a picnic. None of them belong in this country and their oxygen theft deprives far more deserving individuals like lice, scorpions and cockroaches.

  4. This story really gave me the creeps. I thought we in Europe was the most islamized but now I’m not sure anymore. The problem taking down a camp like this is that they will feel offended and whine like hell and MSM will catch on and there will be no end to it.

  5. Virginia Patriots — Thank you for your recon/intel. It took some stones for you and your wingman to circle this cobra’s nest.
    Stay alert

  6. Zenster —

    None of them belong in this country

    As I’ve been pointing out for a long time, most of these Jamaat ul-Fuqra guys are American citizens, born in this country of American parents. Their leader is a Pakistani, but the residents of the camps are Americans.

    Deportation is not an option. This is a nasty problem, and will not be dealt with by the government until the situation gets out of control.

    No prosecutor wants to take them on because of a potential “racism” charge.

    They can only be busted when they are caught red-handed committing obvious crimes, like distributing heroin or selling counterfeit goods.

  7. Roger – good for you! While I’m not advocating armed gangs confronting these terror cells – I would love to see organized groups of people showing no fear and visibly examining each compound with cameras. I am sick of tiptoeing around but I guess that’s why I’m not a military strategist. Intimidation must be stopped and the only way it can be stopped is when we cease showing fear. Strength in numbers.

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