Wilders Will Visit the UK

The latest word is that Geert Wilders has decided to defy the ban, and travel to the UK tomorrow as planned. Here’s a translation by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan from Spits Nieuws:

Wilders will go to England

PVV leader Geert Wilders decided to travel tomorrow to the United Kingdom. The member of parliament said so in a statement on Wednesday, a day after the British government denied him access to the country.

Wilders wasn’t sure on Tuesday whether he would confront the British government. However, he made up his mind now. He will take a plane to England and see what happens next. “We’ll see if they slap me in irons,” he had already said on Tuesday.

In irons?

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Wilders was invited by a member of the House of Lords to show the anti-Koran movie Fitna in the parliament building. According to the British government, because of Wilders’ ideas about Islam and Muslims he constitutes a threat to pubic security and is therefore not welcome. “Great Britain sacrifices its freedom of speech,” said Wilders.

7 thoughts on “Wilders Will Visit the UK

  1. Good man, making it a bigger splash. If he doesn’t provoke them one way or another, it’ll just have been yesterdays footnote down the memory hole. Its a win/win situation for all except Wilders personally. But hey, you can’t nail yourself to a cross without help, there’s just no way to get the last nail in. Martyrs aren’t born, but made.

  2. Just as Christianity had its legitimate martyrs, so will Geert Wilders likely prove to be Counter-jihad’s first true martyr.

    Short of violent civil uprising, this is pushback at its most fundamental level. Wilders is exposing governmental malfeasance and treason to Louis Brandeis’ ‘disinfecting sunlight’.

  3. well it’s finally made the news. At least the website. I don’t know about the actual tv news.

    There’s no mention of the earlier banning or the role Ahmed had in that. Also, apparently his presence will cause “hatred”… Ahmed doesn’t actually define who will be hating whom, but the threats are all in there.

    They’re going to show the film whether or not Wilders can make it.

  4. I was just watching BBC news and this story was on the “coming up” section of the programme. It never made it into the actual show though. Looks like the Beeb made a last second decision to cut it. Cowards.

  5. A parallel from communist time would be the dissident playwrite Pavel Kohout thrown out of the country, becoming Austrian, moving to the airport Prague from Austria at the time of “president” Husák visiting oficially Austria.

    He was not let in of course.

    If you want learn further from communism consider stripping the citizenship of people like Geert.

    This was of course a luxury treatment given to the known people in “too Western an island like Czechoslovakia”.

    I think the recipee to treat Europeans would be (following the EU logic): “Whatever one should do to muslims, do it to Europeans”.

    Study communism – you get lot of immunity.

    The principle is “never get taken by surprize”. Anticipate. Write to the dhimmis what they do next protesting that. Let them feel truly naked!

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