The PVV Aims for the EU Parliament

The Party for Freedom (PVV) has decided to put up candidates election to the EU Parliament. According to the PVV website, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

PVV in Europe for the interest of the Netherlands

The Party for Freedom will take part in elections to the European parliament in June 4, 2009. The PVV is campaigning for the Netherlands.

The PVV wants less Europe and more Netherlands. Each year the Netherlands spends billions on the EU and this had better be spent in the Netherlands, especially in these times of economic crisis. “Those billions have to return to the Dutch citizens instead of subsidizing farmers in Poland, France, and Portugal with the money,” said party leader Geert Wilders.

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The PVV also wants the European Union to focus on its original mission: economic (and monetary) cooperation. Also, the PVV does not want any new country in the EU, and prefers to see corrupt countries like Romania and Bulgaria leave the EU. Turkey should never join the European Union, not now, not in a hundred years, not in a thousand years, never.

Also, the PVV wants more control for the Dutch parliament, which should be able to stop independent European decisions, so that the Netherlands remains a truly sovereign country.

Wilders: “The PVV is going to the EU for the Netherlands; the Dutch interest is most important for us all. As the only party to make this demand, we want all our money back from Europe, veto rights for the Dutch parliament, Romania and Bulgaria out of the EU and Turkey never in!”

The list of candidate from the PVV for the European elections will be published in a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “The PVV Aims for the EU Parliament

  1. I must admit I’m at bit surprised by this. The EU-Parliament? – Why waste the slightest effort on something so completely irrelevant?
    That “Mickey-Mouse” Parliament is nothing but a trash bin for compromized, corrupt politicians and no more than 49% of the Europeans have ever voted in these elections. In fact, a total boycott of the whole setup is the only appropriate and decent answer.

  2. I fu**ing hate EU! For 15 years has my country been part of this evil entity and we haven’t gained anything, at least not anything positive at all out of it. Before we joined this Hellfire Club my country was fairly decent to live in. No we have been reduced to second rate citizens in our own country. I wouldn’t the slightest surprised if citizens of other european EU nations feel pretty much the same about the situation in their own countries.

  3. Why should you be surprised Kepiblanc? Isn’t it logical that you’d want to be in the EU-parliament if your country has been dissolved?
    You can hardly be silent when the parties that did it make their voice heard,and let them decide your fate?

  4. Well Paardestaart, firstly my country hasn’t been completely dissolved – yet. And although a majority of Danes still prefer to be inside the EU that majority is dwindling. Fast.

    Secondly, it appears I’m in total agreement with the present president of the EU here, namely Mr. Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. The EU-Parliament has nothing to do with democracy whatsoever. One can just as well vote for little green footballs.

    Thirdly, it appears that most Europeans will have no track with this EUSSR in any way, matter, shape or form – and consequently ignore it. And rightfully so. Let’s ignore it into oblivion.

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