Okay, Kids, What’s the Current U.S. Population?

This video is from Swamp Woman, who says the Honorable Nancy Pelosi must think she lives in China.

Our Speaker of the House, that loveable grandmother from San Francisco, tells us why the stimulus package is so vital to American workers:

For our European readers, the current population of the US is about three hundred million people. So maybe you could send us your unemployed and save Pelosi from looking like a complete maroon? Hurry, we need an extra two hundred million or so, real quick.

Let’s see, I’ll order me some Italians for excitement…
– – – – – – – –
…some Danes for naughtiness, a few Finns to clean up our educational system, some Brits for probity, some French if they bring wine, a bunch of Central Europeans because they understand the real price of liberty, and maybe a few more Somalis for the Department of Homeland Security to ignore.

Minneapolis could take the Somalis, since they keep losing the ones they have.

I’d ask for some Israelis just because it would raise the IQ level that Granny Pelosi is determined to lower all by her own fine self. I don’t think they’d come, though.

Well, never you mind. The Hon’bl Pelosi doesn’t compare to George Bush, who was stupid and evil. On the other hand, ol’ Granny is stupid and dangerously whacked when it comes to numbers. Why are we trusting her with actual money numbers that have lots and lots of zeroes after them?

Swamp Woman also has a great rundown on SEC. 1106. SET-ASIDE FOR MANAGEMENT AND OVERSIGHT, otherwise known as he Bailout for Bureaucrats. You wouldn’t believe…or maybe you would. My favorite line item? This one, which occurs at the end of a very long and tedious list of the payoffs to various Inspectors General in the government:

There is hereby appropriated as an additional amount for “Government Accountability Office-Salaries and Expenses” $25,000,000, for oversight activities relating to this Act.

This “unnatural act” is what they mean.

Do go read the whole mess at Swamp Woman. She has links to the original bills, too. Heaven help us.

7 thoughts on “Okay, Kids, What’s the Current U.S. Population?

  1. I think she was exagerating on purpose.

    But even if she was not, you are the one who cannot grasp the truth Baron!

    You see, she’s already counting all the Mexicans and the Canadians as Americans. And, give or take one hundred million or so, you can also see the true multicultural face of Obama’s administration by considering Iraqis and Afghanis Americans.

    Who has not heard that stupid European joke (it is not even funny):

    “How many states does the United States have?
    Hm… Don’t Know. 50?
    No, 52 you forgot the oily states of Iraq and Afghanistan”

  2. Afonso–

    Pls check byline on this post. ‘Tis not the Baron’s name you’ll see there.

    If you think Granny was exaggerating, then you haven’t been following her for very long. She and Biden shoot from the lip…err, the hip. Both are entertaining.

    And yes, O’Bama did say we have 52 states. He simply mis-spoke. A minor glitch from the One. Maybe he forgot himself and was thinking of Kenya and Indonesia, his old home places. Yeah, that’s it…

    In reality, dear Afonso, we have a number of other states here, though you won’t see them on the map. Lots of people occupy those territories, however:

    1. The state of Denial –oops, that’s a river, too. It runs right thru the state, iirc.

    2. The state of Agony– that’s where we’ll all move after the Stim. package is voted into law.

    3. The state of Terror — where people live when Congress is in session. Some live in the western part of the state, Abject Terror, but they are such basket cases no one likes to call attention to their suffering.

    4. The sate of Ignorance — people below the age of 7 are excused for being there. Any other person found within its boundaries is guilty as sin.

    5. The state of Innocence — a grand and glorious place that the politicians avoid like the plague. There ain’t no $$$ in this state so it’s useless in any pol’s larger plans.

    6. The state of Neglect — that’s where the middle class lives and drives over its crummy bridges, only to fall into the swirling river below before they make it across.

    7. The state of Benign Neglect, which is to the north of #6. However, it has long since morphed into Malign Neglect and now it’s known as Dee-troit.

    Well, that’s 8 states right there.

    Save up them extras for in-betweens.

    Or for when some of the others start seceeding. We don’t want to have to design a new flag.

    BTW, I don’t mind at all that you thought this was the Baron’s post. That means you thought it was good.

    But everybody knows gurrls can’t write good posts, huh, Afonso?


  3. Well… er…

    Yeah, I found this post good!
    And more than that, I thought your answer is between good and great though with so many new States and so many people living simultaneously in more than one of those States I think pelosi forget another plus 300 million Americans…

    And that of misreading your name was truly unforgiven… I know… I can only say I’m sorry

    P.S. – And of course girls can write great posts, in fact they can right pretty well everything.

  4. In my redmption, I am leaving here a proof that it is my belief that girls can write wonderfully:

    By Florbela Espanca (literally meaning Beautifull-Flower [that] Beats. That was really according to her tmperament):

    Ser Poeta

    Ser poeta é ser mais alto, é ser maior
    Do que os homens! Morder como quem beija!
    É ser mendigo e dar como quem seja
    Rei do Reino de Aquém e de Além Dor!

    É ter de mil desejos o esplendor
    E não saber sequer que se deseja!
    É ter cá dentro um astro que flameja,
    É ter garras e asas de condor!

    É ter fome, é ter sede de Infinito!
    Por elmo, as manhãs de oiro e cetim…
    É condensar o mundo num só grito!

    E é amar-te, assim, perdidamente…
    É seres alma e sangue e vida em mim
    E dizê-lo cantando a toda a gente!


    To Be Poet

    To be poet is to be higher, is to be greater
    Than men! To bite as who kisses!
    Is to be indigent and give as who is
    King of the Kingdom Of (pain) Here and Beyond Pain!

    Is to have of one thousand desires the splendour
    And to not know even what (one) desires!
    Is having here inside a star in flames,
    Is to have calws and wings of (a) Condor!

    Is to have hunger, is to have thirst of Infinity!
    Through helm, the mornings of gold and satin…
    Is to condensate the world in one lonely scream!

    And is to love you, like this, “lostly”…
    Is you to be soul and blood and life in me
    And to say it singing to everybody!


    It is wonderfully sang and played here. Here the sound is better but the video is way too boring.

    Great poem of a great female poet. Women can indeed write wonderfully.

  5. Afonso–

    I ws only teasing.

    In past comments you’ve said things about distrust re women, so I was simply responding to that.

    I like your poem, but I think it must be much, much better in its original language. Poetry is one thing that loses its nuance and beauty in translation, at least to some extent. OTOH, I’d rather have translations than no poetry at all.

    A secret: did you know the Baron and I both write poetry? Our styles are very different but on the whole I think his is better.

  6. “but I think it must be much, much better in its original language.”

    Me too…

    And about what the two of you is a better poet… I’d have to compare you both, to see two (or more) poems and compare them. I’ll just be politically correct and say you must be the two okay…

    P.S. – Me and a good friend of mine have a nice saying: “Women are virtuous and viperine”.
    I know it’s stupid but it serves to explain almost everything…

    Bye Dymphna.

  7. Didn’t Obama think there are 59 states? i.e. in answer to a question he said that he had campaigned in all 57 states but not Alaska or Hawaii.

    The strange number can’t possibly be “mis-speaking” in which a person might say 58 when he meant 48 or does he not know that 57+2=59? (Some theorized the 57 came from his subconscious loyalty to Islam which governs 57 states in the world).

    It was a particularly ignorant slip as Obama pretends to be born in Hawaii (instead of Kenya as one of his step-mothers mentioned) the 50th and last state.

    His handlers claimed he was tired but most Americans could be in coma and know there are 50 states, just not the Harvard educated supposed “big brain” they elected President.

    Thanks to the media covering up, how many Americans know the above facts which would have been made into a mountain had Bush, McCain or Palin uttered them?

    It was truly a Chauncey Gardiner (from the movie Being There) moment or a robo chip in the Manchurian candidate misfired.

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