Malmö Police Ordered Not to Interfere With Muslims

Dhimmi Police

I reported last month about the aggressive and threatening counter-demonstration to a pro-Israel rally that took place in Malmö in southern Sweden. The (mostly Muslim) counter-demonstrators threw rocks, bottles, and fireworks at the peaceful pro-Israel demonstrators, while the police did nothing significant to try to stop them.

Now Ted Ekeroth reports that the manifest indifference of law enforcement to multicultural violence was no accident — the police were under orders not to interfere.

According to the newspaper Skånska Dagbladet, a police officer says that the police assigned to the rally were ordered not to do anything against the pro-Arab mob, no matter how aggressive they became. He said, “There were no plans to intervene against the counter-demonstrators. The only area to be evacuated if there was a situation was the area where the pro-Israeli rally had been given in front of the Town Hall.”

Ted adds this:

According to Skånska Dagbladet, the officer who gives them this information is “well informed” on how the police task force works. He wishes to be anonymous. He continues:

“There is no room for discussion within the police. Outwardly, we are united. But inside the police, within the walls, there is a great mistrust of the leadership. […] We within the police want to be proud of our work. There is no one that is proud today.”

According to Ted, the police have an internal directive that mandates a response to situations like the one that occurred in Malmö. It reads:
– – – – – – – –

“If counter-demonstrators, by screaming or yelling or in any other way, acts in a way that disturbs, they can be found guilty of ‘interfering with a public gathering’“


The justitieombudsmannen (Justice ombudsman) stated in 2008 that

The right to arrange a counter demonstration does not include a right to hinder or stop the main demonstration

Skånska Dagbladet interviews a professor in law. He says that:

When a counter-demonstration no longer is peaceful and is about disturbing the main demonstration, in this case the pro-Israeli rally that had a police permit, then the constitutional protection for the counter-demonstrators has ceased to be valid.

With all this, the police chief Ulf Sempert, continues to lie and mislead…

This means that the “culturally enriched” areas of Sweden have effectively been handed over to mob rule. The law has little or no meaning in these neighborhoods, and the police stand by and do nothing while the “New Swedes” harass, threaten, and commit violence against “persons of Swedish background”.

This can’t go on.

The only questions are how long it will be until the native Swedes are unhappy enough to change the situation, and how ugly and unpleasant that process of change will become.

Go to Ted’s blog to read a longer version in Swedish, or see the Google translation of it here.

And, yes, the image at top is a photoshop job. Thanks to KGS for creating it.

6 thoughts on “Malmö Police Ordered Not to Interfere With Muslims

  1. I wonder if this kind of directive is Europe-wide? It certainly reminds me of the softly-softly approach British police have when dealing with Muslims – of course our police still like to crack English skulls if they get the opportunity.

  2. I followed a longer discussion about British on jihadwatch. Someone brought the example of Dunkirk plus other similar cases: “The British are not dhimmis, they were fooled by media but in the end they will fight back” (paraphrased).

    You did not have here the news about reinviting Geert by Lords – it is like Dunkirk! Also Ahmed is in a trouble – he killed some foreigner with his jaguar.

  3. I fear revealing that “police were ordered not interfere” will embolden equally hostile mobs to test such limitations to it’s extreme in future clashes.

    Yesterday – bottles, rocks and fire crackers. Tomorrow -?

  4. What are the police going to do if they are told to shoot all indigenious Swedes if they demonstrate? Are they going to do that? I mean where does one draw the line anyhow. If the police do what they are told no matter what, then what won’t they do, and when will the time come when they can’t do as they are told and who will take that stand against their superiors’ orders? What will it take for the police to take a stand anyhow? Will they start shooting Jews because they are told to do so? I guess when you set your standards so low, you’ll do pretty much anything.

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