Invading the City, One Bezirk at a Time

This morning we received the following email from a reader in Germany:

Mosque in BerlinI do not know how many of yourselves, or your readers, have heard of the campaign of Pro-Deutschland against the building of mosques in Frankfurt and Berlin recently.

This is a campaign that we are having to repeat in our towns, cities and even villages, more and more (I am not a member of Pro-Deutschland yet, but I am a supporter).

I live in a part of Berlin that has the odd Turkish Imbiss (small “café” type of place), a tailor’s or two, and a very small scattering of Turks living here.

In the last twelve months, however, there has been a veritable explosion. All of a sudden, you cannot step out of your house for ten minutes without seeing two or three mothers pushing prams and all dressed in the latest bin bag design from the Middle East. And the numbers are getting bigger every week.

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Where do they all come from in such a short time? There can only be one answer, and that is, that there is a concerted plan to “invade” the city one bezirk (local area) at a time. Having filled Neu-Kölln. Kreuzberg, Wedding, to the brim, they now move on to the neighbouring bezirk, which is us.

How long before we too are having to campaign against a mosque or three? How long before our schools are seeing armed security on the doors because of Middle Easteners’ knife crime?

— Furor Teutonicus

I wrote Furor Teutonicus back and told him that I had previously mentioned Pro-Deutschland, in a post about the attacks on Pro-Köln last September. The translated article included this paragraph:

During this attack [on the Rhine vessel], the self-proclaimed “antifascists” beat up the 45-year-old German-Jewish member of the Federal Executive Board of the citizens’ movement Pro Deutschland, Michael Kucherov, in the district town hall of Rodenkirchen.

Beyond this I don’t know much about the group, and there is very little about it in English available on the web. German readers are welcome to send me more information about Pro-Deutschland.

8 thoughts on “Invading the City, One Bezirk at a Time

  1. It saddens me to report this

    Gang of youths attack pastor and his church – again
    Reporter: Kirsty Rigg
    Date online: 06/02/2009

    A gang of “20 youths” have launched another vicious attack on the Zion Baptist church, assaulting the pastor and hurling racist abuse.

    Pastor Dennis Rigg and his brother Mervyn have been in and out of the church setting up for their dad’s funeral which is set for Saturday.

    Yobs attacked the pastor and pelted a series of hard snowballs at their heads, as well as shouting hateful slurs relating to their Christian religion and its apparent [erroneous] relation to attacks on Gaza.

    Gang of youths attack pastor and his church

    Thanks to

    Now it may be convenient for PC reasons to assume that it was the word “Zion” that excited these poor misguided followers of a misunderstood religion. However, given the spate of attacks on churches in Britain, I see this as simply using “Gaza and all that” as a convenient excuse to continue the destruction of Christian Britain, and its replacement with an Islamic one.

    Sooner or later, Britain and the USA will have to make a hard but necessary decision – continue on this path and see the destruction of the West, or do something radically different.

  2. All of a sudden, you cannot step out of your house for ten minutes without seeing two or three mothers pushing prams and all dressed in the latest bin bag design from the Middle East.

    The prams, the prams, the prams.

    The future of Western civilisation is dependent on the number of Muslim women with prams.

    Who would have ever guessed, say 30 years ago, that our nemesis would arrive in a baby carriage.

  3. DP111: Can you give us some good news from Britain? Frankly, I think Germany is still in a better state than both France and Britain. The only large country in Western Europe that gives me some hope is Italy. Maybe the Italians will lead yet another European Renaissance?

  4. I read two books about Kosovo – diametrically opposite: one by the moron Timothy something Ash who blessed us also with his knowledge here. Another was much more humble edition from US in detail describing
    the methods of soft concerted ethnic cleansing in Kosovo for last 40 years.

    I am not 100% sure I think it was this:

    Kosovo: How Myths and Truths Started a War
    Julie A. Mertus

    Germans could use it as a textbook.

  5. The other week, while I was waiting in line in a large food chain store, I turned to my husband and said, “We’ve been invaded.” Everywhere there were Muslims with their children and baked goods in their ovens; there was hardly a handful eight years ago, and now, they are everywhere. I can only think that they have illegally entered my country. I actually heard on the news that 7 out of 9 major airports in my country employed people who were assisting mass number of illegal immigrants through airport security, but I never heard a peep about it again on the news. Why is this? Why do they not want the people to know what is going on in our country?

  6. Fjordman: According to one of my favorite essays, the Renaissance occurred because Byzantines fled the Muslim conquest of Byzantium and brought Greek knowledge with them to Italy. (Please see Fjordman: The Greeks Islam and the scientific revolution) So my question is, are there any Byzantines left to start another one? Or are we dependent on Italy as it is?

  7. Vlad,

    our interest in the Greek preceded the interest in Byz.Emp. – their interest in Latine. However both sides sent their scholars and translations were done. The fall of Const. only accelerated the process here, at the same time Const. lost lot of treasures – books were destroyed.

    Nowadays Western countries are the forts of Old Greek scholarship (for ex. critical editions)and the Greeks are just limping behind.

    The recent predominance of the Dimotiki cut off the Greeks from the Old Greek. Suddenly the Classical Greek became quite a difficult subject for them as well.( And the Greeks are nowadays much less intellectual than us.)

    Unfortunately the Old Greek disappeared from our schools in sixties: we lost our soul/past – knowledge based on the subtlest tool we ever had in Europe – the Ancient Greek.

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