Immigrant Crime in the Low Countries

Two similar articles came my way today, each concerning immigrant criminality in the Low Countries. The first is a direct report from Belgium written by Bart Debie:

Public prosecutor: “There are too many criminal immigrants in Belgium”

In September 2007, two Ukrainian brothers, who were 15 and 16 years old, attacked a 14-year old boy. The victim was stabbed in the neck, and barely survived the attack. Both suspects were arrested on suspicion of attempt murder.

After the arrests, the Belgian Immigration Department found out that the entire Ukrainian family was living illegally in Belgium. In August 2008, the Immigration Department ruled that the Ukrainians had to leave the country. However, they stayed in Belgium illegally and waited until their oldest son was released on parole, awaiting his the court case. Once he had been released, the family reported to the Immigration Department.

All eight family members — including the two young criminals — left Belgium without a problem. The Belgian government even paid for their plane tickets, and because the family left Belgium on a so-called ‘voluntary’ basis, they each received a gift of 250 euro, also from the Belgian government!

The young victim and his family are shocked. The Department of Immigration claims that they cannot keep track of every judicial procedure against immigrants. The public prosecutor literally said: “There are just too many criminal immigrants in this country.” Quod erat demonstrandum.

— Bart Debie

The second article is from and concerns immigrant crime in Rotterdam. Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated it, and follows it with his own commentary.

In his introductory note he asks, “Is the multicultural society working? A simple news item might tell you all:”
– – – – – – – –

1 percent of all Rotterdam muggers are Dutch

Just 1 percent of all arrested muggers in the center of Rotterdam are originally Dutch.

Tuesday the municipality of Rotterdam and the police presented figures which show 99 percent of all muggers arrested last year were originally from foreign backgrounds.

The Rotterdam police last year received 1166 complaints about mugging in the city center. The police arrested 223 suspects. Approximately 45% of the suspects, according to police figures are of Antillean extraction, 38% of Moroccan extraction, 16% have their roots in Turkey or East European countries, and 1% are ethnically Dutch.

The police said it was difficult to get a fix on muggers. Their goal, to reduce muggings by 25%, had to be adjusted downwards. Reality showed that despite police efforts, muggings actually grew, according to

The city of Rotterdam and the police decided to have this problem researched by the Dutch Study Center for Criminality and Justice. The center will investigate the characteristics of the perpetrators, the common crime scene, and the victims. Social backgrounds of the perpetrators will be mapped as well.

Commentary by H. Numan:

I don’t think a wise man needs more words. Nevertheless, a few of mine:

The common way to sweep an inconvenient truth under the carpet in Holland is to have a commission investigate the problem. This is what happened, as you can read in the closing paragraph.

A sane person would read a lot into the article, and probably find a few practical solutions to the problem. For example, if muggings are on the rise, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more policemen doing the beat patrol. Instead of spending many hours daily behind his desk filling in reams of statistics and highly important paperwork. One would think secretaries were invented for that kind of work, what?

The same police officers are very busy with tremendously important jobs as undercover tax officers nowadays. Speeding is a deadly offense or so it seems. The majority of all speeding tickets by far are issued for exceeding the limit by less than 10 km/hr.

The same police are also cashing in on bicycles without proper lights, for cycling on the sidewalk, and more important issues of state. Remember, the finance minister is giving money by the truckload to failing banks, and somebody has to obtain that money for him.

Studying social backgrounds seems pretty useless to me. I can already tell you without study where the crimes take place: in the past, in dark alleys. Today, as the police are busy with more important matters, practically everywhere.

The social backgrounds? Mugging doesn’t take a tertiary education. It takes a little bit of guts, not much conscience, and an blunt, sharp, or 9 mm powered argument. I wouldn’t be surprise to see after a study of many years the scientists find out muggers are generally high school dropouts from poor families.

Now consider this: all those above mentioned ethnic minorities make up about 10% of the entire population of the country. Yet they commit 99% of all muggings.

And still dimwits try to enforce the silly nonsense of a multicultural society!