A Dark Secret

I don’t often admit this in public, but here goes: I have never seen a Super Bowl game. I don’t know the teams’ names, all the players are total strangers, and the outcome of this event has no meaning to me.

Now I realize that such is not the case for many readers. No doubt bazillions of people will have a glorious time watching the broadcast and listening to the play-by-play while they munch on taco chips and have a few beers. I do wish I could join in, but my taste for football is just a bit above my desire to change a flat tire on the interstate. In both cases, people have to do a lot of dirty work to get where they’re going.

Which is not to say I haven’t had some vicarious pleasure in all the folderol and hoo-hah that has been created over the years by sundry “scandals”. For example, I remember when that TV personality gave everyone a good look at one of her breasts on a prime time Super Bowl break. Or was it a commercial? The ensuing outrage was great entertainment. We Americans can be so picayune about things that don’t matter. If anything doesn’t matter, surely it’s a random boob shot on the boob tube, no?

Getting your ad on the Super Bowl is a Very Big Deal and competition is brisk. Now, however, I see the powers-that-be have refused to run that famous ad from a group called Catholic Voter. Ads on that venue are wildly expensive, so it must’ve taken some cash to come up with the request to run the CV ad in the first place.

I’ve seen the you tube video they propose in any number of places. The first time I ran across it, I realized that I’d thought the same thing they were saying. And I remembered the first time it occurred to me: when Obama, in his sanctimonious defense of partial-birth abortions said something to the effect that he did not want the unpleasantness of unplanned pregnancy forced on his daughters when they got to be teenagers.

Frankly, his remarks were surprising. When I heard him talk about his daughters, I wondered what his mother would have thought were she still alive. After all, she carried her unplanned pregnancy to term and named her baby Barry…
– – – – – – – –
Thus, the president man himself is the result of the impregnation of a seventeen year-old girl. It’s never been clear that momma and daddy were married, but if they were, it was immaterial. Daddy-O made tracks back to Kenya long before Obama would have the necessary memory development to sustain any images of his sperm donor. Just another baby with another teen-aged mother. Ho hum.

Or it would be ho hum if this guy hadn’t gone on to accomplish what he did. And now he, of all people, pushes partial birth abortion as an alternative to giving birth in the last stages of gestation. Barack Obama has no problem with viable babies dying at birth if the mother says so.

I am ashamed to be an American when it comes to the permissiveness we allow regarding abortion; in those extreme cases we are permitting and condoning infanticide. To show you how inconsistent we are morally, many of the people who are against the death penalty for any reason have no problem with partial birth abortions. I have yet to figure out their moral calculus on that one.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 49 million abortions have been performed in the US since Roe v Wade went into effect in 1973. The real numbers would probably push it well over 50 million. A bit of good news, however: the numbers are beginning to decline. I think the younger generation is smarter than its mommas were and are not using abortion as a form of birth control.

If Roe v Wade had been in effect in 1961, the year Barack Obama was born, he himself might have ended up as discarded tissue, even as he took his first breath.

Thus, if his extreme views on abortion are not obtuse, nothing is. How can a man who has already written two books about himself be so callous about babies who are as subject to whim as he once was?

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This is not a post about abortion itself. I am concerned with the brutal procedure of partial births and consequent deaths. We can judge a culture by how it takes care of the vulnerable. Thus with euthanasia on the horizon, and partial births allowed with ease, we are becoming more morally impaired with each passing year.

We are so sure that we know the right thing to do in these cases that our lack of doubt blinds us to the ambiguity of life. Obama seems blind in this case.

Hat tip: Brutally Honest

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  1. Hey Dymphna, you’re back! ‘Bout time…

    Look for links to this on Joshuapundit and Webloggin when I wake up in the morning ( 1:40 AM here as I write this)

    All Best,

  2. That is one very well done commercial. If it won’t be aired during the superbowl . . .I’ll e-mail it to all my contacts and attach the a Zo clip.

    Especially because it’s February 1st and our boob tube audience and educational institutions are going to be bombarded with black history month.

    This thread is the perfect place to highlight one of Alphonso’s (Machosauceproductions) videos discussing among other related things, the abortion issue.
    At around marker 1:50 he states:
    How is being pro-life “white people talk”? If a woman decides she is going to have an abortion, doesn’t matter what ethnicity it is. That child is going to die.

    But in case you didn’t know, Planned Parenthood has killed over 11 million black babies since 1973.

    That’s genocide.

    And I don’t support Planned Parenthood.

    Barack Obama does.

  3. Timesonline
    COUPLES who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.

    Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission, says curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming.

    Global warming . . .insert incoherent-not-for-public consumption-babble from a proud mother of 5 here.

  4. First things first.
    I LOVE football. Which is why I have nothing to do with the NFL. It’s just another Hollyweird venue. I ignore everything about it.
    On the CV video being rejected, it didn’t surprise me. The LSM doesn’t want the masses thinking about serious cultural matters that they don’t approve of.
    I will say this about the CV video, which one of my daughters forwarded to me last week. I thought it was well done, and thought provoking. But for me, considering the subject of the video, it gave me conflicted feelings, that in this instance, there was one abortion that should have been performed.
    I am vehemently opposed to abortion, as a birth control method. To put those abortion numbers in focus, that you posted, there have been approximately 8 million abortions since the U.S. re-invaded Iraq in 2003. Essentially, it’s safer to serve in a combat zone than it is to be an unborn child in this country. Disturbing!
    With our new radical Marxist President, B-HO, and his lack of regard for unborn, and just born, children, the value of life will decline even further. He is who he is.
    For those baffling creatures who are indifferent to, or in support of abortion, while opposing the death penalty, I stand in complete opposition. Sacrificing the most innocent of life, and pleading for the life of those who have sacrificed their right to live in society by murdering, is like living with a finger on the self-destruct button.

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