Using Palestinian Children as Cannon Fodder

Notwithstanding media histrionics over the “innocent civilian victims” of Israel’s operation in Gaza, one fact stands out: the use of women and children as targets is a deliberate and cynical Hamas strategy. As long as the MSM continues to swallow the Palestinian version of events, the strategy will probably succeed, and Israel will be forced yet again into a ceasefire before accomplishing its military objectives.

The video below shows terrorists in Gaza, presumably members of Hamas, using children as unwilling human shields:

As Raymond notes at Jihad Watch:
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Regarding sympathy and deceit, al-Qaeda, while discussing the important role of deception in the jihad, quote the classical exegete Ibn Hajar, who wrote: “Revealing one thing while secretly planning another is the essence of deception; moreover, the hadith incites [Muslims] to take great caution in war, while [publicly] lamenting and mourning in order to dupe the infidels” (from The Al Qaeda Reader, 142).

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7 thoughts on “Using Palestinian Children as Cannon Fodder

  1. While I dont doubt Hamas uses the children as human shields. In this particular video I honestly cant tell if he is dragging the kid out of the line of fire or to use him as a shield?

    But knowing the way these guys are I would go with the latter.

  2. This is a no-brainer. If one kid was being dragged away for his safety, then why weren’t the other kids standing with him also dragged or “shushed” away? The answer is pretty obvious.

  3. Ashan-

    I dont know? Look at the second clip. There are kids behind a wall (who appear) out of the line of fire. The kid he grabs is behind what appears to be a lampost and is pretty wide open until he is dragged away to a crowd that appears out of the IDF line of sight.

    Regardless, this is almost a moot point because as we know (as I pointed out before) they are not above using kids as Kevlar vests.

  4. Regardless of any dispute over the video content involved, it is a known fact that the Palestinian terrorists employ human shields of all ages and do so without hesitation.

    However rude it may sound, this sort of rapacity will only serve to chlorinate the Palestinian gene pool that much more quickly. No, repeat NO, culture on earth can survive devouring its own children. Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular do this with a verve and gusto that defies all humanity or reason.

    This is just one more reason why Islam is doomed to extinction. Far too many of its practices are diametrically opposed to the basic tenets of human decency.

  5. joeblough: Not to rain on your parade, but the mohammedan reproductive strategy is geared to quantity, not quality.

    Which is precisely why Islam is doomed, even by its own reproductive success. Please recall my “What the Hedgehog Knows” article published here at GoV, some months ago. A huge number of Muslim marriages are consanguineous and therefore produce defective offspring.

    Combine that fact with how deficient Muslim education is in the way that it so often uses but a single textbook.

    Now, factor in the crippling nature of high-context Islamic culture along with the immense military ineptitude it breeds and it all adds up to one massive recipe for failure.

    As I noted elsewhere, “slow” demographic jihad will simply not satisfy the vast number of “fast” jihad proponents. Somewhere, somehow one cell or another of these violent lunatics will eventually obtain a WMD and use it against the West.

    It matters not if it is the first, second or third use of a WMD against the West, eventually the much better nuclear-armed Western nations will respond with Total War. Muslims living in Western nations will be fortunate if there remains anywhere habitable for them to be deported to.

    Islam’s very nature breeds its own demise. Contrary to overinflated Muslim delusions of adequacy the existence of WMDs merely accelerates that lethal end game. By its very nature, Islam is the pluperfect cultural and genetic cul-de-sac.

    All that remains to be seen is exactly how high of a Western death toll will be required in order to trigger Total War. It is almost inconceivable that, given an unrestrained hand, Islam will not cheerfully manage to exceed that threshold and thereby initiate the Muslim holocaust. Remember:


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