The Odense Shooter: A Model Citizen

In an exclusive at Snaphanen, Steen has used his skills as an internet gumshoe and tracked down the name of the suspect in the Odense shootings. The man accused of shooting two young Israelis at the shopping mall in Odense can now be identified as Wissam Freijeh.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has kindly translated Steen’s post:

A close-up snapshot of Sudden Jihad

It seems our initial diagnosis on the Odense-shooter, Wissam Freijeh, was correct. “I want to make sure that Danes will get a more positive perception of us immigrants,” said the metal worker and model immigrant a few years ago to the council of Odense municipality — after a career as “misfit”.

One 27-year old man, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israelis, was used as a model example in an educational campaign

“It’s one’s own choice how to live.” With these words the Odense municipality presented the then 22-year old man WF on a home page encouraging young people to get an education. WF, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israeli salesmen in the Odense Rosegarden Center, was used by the municipality as an example to show that education is the road ahead in the Danish society. During an interview published on a home page prior to the 2003 Union Congress for Young People and Education WF told how happy he was to be an apprentice metal worker. And in another interview in Aarhus Stiftstidende [Danish daily] 2004 — one year prior to graduation — he expressed his future goal thusly: “My wish is to contribute to an improvement in the way Danes look at us foreigners”.

In yet another lengthy interview five years ago in Fyens Stiftstidende [Danish daily], he said “Palestine is my country.”

From model citizen to Israel-hating gunman:

– – – – – – – –

“Wissam Freijeh is 22 years old married and with a Palestinian background. He is a metal worker apprentice, while his wife studies to become a teacher. Among other thing he produced the metal bars outlining the ‘Royal Danish Mail Bicycle Race’ last summer.

“It isn’t fun to live on welfare, getting official enquiries all the time. I feel like I am under surveillance and being pushed into something I do not like,” says Wissam. At present he is one year into an apprenticeship as a metal worker. It is a part-time job split between work and Manufacturing School. Additionally, he tries to enhance some of his basic education and at present he works at Boerge V. Jensen’s Metal Works. — It’s hard, but fun.”

Go over to Steen’s place for the Danish version, and to see a photo of the young model immigrant.

Steen’s sources:

12 thoughts on “The Odense Shooter: A Model Citizen

  1. This story reminds me of a story a good Israeli friend of mine told me. He is a religious person and I do not think religion will ever bring humankind forward. But that’s not where I was heading.

    He told me that Islam was like Agent Smith in the Matrix. An Arab was living and working in Israel for all his life. He worked for a farmer and has been doing that for many years. One day they drive to one of the fences around the farmland. The farmer gets out and opens the fence. The Arab suddenly has a gun and shoots the Israeli as his back is turned.

    Think back of the recent story of someone getting into a bulldozer and decides to run it into a crowd of people.

    ‘The darkness’ of Islam can overtake a Muslim at anytime. All that is required is an opportunity.

    I didn’t believe it that way at all. But stories like this get me thinking. I still not believe it’s a question of spiritual powers, but the constant brainwashing. Even if they fight it and seem to have conquered it, it can always return. That spoonfed hate is destroying them all.

  2. “In yet another lengthy interview five years ago in Fyens Stiftstidende [Danish daily], he said “Palestine is my country.” “

    And Islam is his religion and Sharia his guide to life. He will never be Danish.

    Ban. Them. All.

  3. How long will it take before we (the civilized people as opposed to the raging hate-filled proponents of Islam) learn that you cannot let your guard down with these incorrigibles.

  4. All religion exploits existential dread. Its what religion does by nature. It’s how that exploitation is channeled that matters. Does it ask you to be the best possible human you can for a better spot in the afterlife? Does it ask you to leave your world a better one than you came into it for the same reason? Or does it ask you to kill loot commit treason and deception to advance the politics of your religion. While all religions may be equally untruthful there can be no question as to them all being equally beneficial.

  5. The West is full of these time bombs just ticking away next to our kids at school, getting onto our subways etc.

    Even if they are born in the West, they are loyal to the Umma, the world wide Muslim community, not the country of their birth that their parents chose as immigrants (colonizers more accurately, as they indoctrinate their kids through mosque and home to follow the totalitarianism of Islam and sharia).

    Those few kids who rebel against the brainwashing and wish to become westernized are often disposed of in honor killings.

    Even if all immigration from Muslim countries to the West stopped tomorrow, they have sufficient pod people implanted with a high birth rate that they can cause trouble in every western nation.

    We are already accepting a base level of “incidents” everywhere, with car-becues the norm now in France, and sporadic violence against Jews and jewish centers common around the world.

  6. Hahahaa,

    because these Kafka driven camels miss what they left at home – the Great Desert, the Great Desertification project…it makes them so sad and deprived.

    So let the leftists work overtime, collect money and buy land to create beautiful empty deserts in Europe with synagogues and churches ready to be burnt.

    This is our moral duty – to help the leftists work hard to help these Desert worshippers to feel well and belligerent.

    “Desert jizya” they might pay.

  7. This is the great trap and confusion caused by sick perverted moral standards.

    You can produce these apparently perfectly “well adjusted”, normal and calm seeming people who are capable of the most outrageous atrocities.

    Adorno described this to a certain extent after WWII as the banality of evil.

    People who lack certain humanitarian inhibitions but who aspire to be upright citizens of their community will come out looking just fine and acting like demons.

  8. Richard: ‘The darkness’ of Islam can overtake a Muslim at anytime. All that is required is an opportunity.

    joeblough<: You can produce these apparently perfectly “well adjusted”, normal and calm seeming people who are capable of the most outrageous atrocities.

    It is called SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) and it’s happening all over America. What’s more, our police and FBI adamantly refuse to recognize it as such. Just as they refuse to act against the numerous madrassa-based terrorist camps that are being set up across America.

    SJS is the direct result of an ideology that extols deceit. The sheer existence of taqqiya permanently damns Islam. No one will ever be able to genuinely trust a Muslim, ever.

    Anyone who requires proof need only consider the case of Wafaa al-Bis. She was caught with explosives at the Erez crossing, trying to enter Israel in order to carry out a suicide bombing at Beersheba hospital where Bis was being treated gratis in Israel for burns she suffered in a home cooking accident. The magnitude of such perfidy defies all comprehension but manifests repeatedly wherever Muslims are found. Merely consider how staunch Hamas supporter Norway is enjoying Muslim festivities for its troubles.

    There is no good reason for the civilized world to permit such filth to be imposed upon it. Islam has no redeeming features and should be treated as such.

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