Sieg Heil in Copenhagen

Update: Ted has posted an English-language version here.

I’ll be posting more later on yesterday’s demonstrations in Copenhagen, but here’s an appetizer. Watch for the Nazi salutes in this video of the pro-Hamas demo, which I picked up from Ted Ekeroth’s blog:

You’ll hear, “Down, down, Denmark! Down, down, Israel! Viva, Viva, Palestina!”

According to Ted, “At 1 min and 10 seconds one of them says ‘we want to kill all the Jews, all they Jews should be slain, they have no right to exist!’“
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As a comparison, watch the second video that Ted posted, which shows the demonstration in support of Israel.

Readers who understand Danish will want to listen to what Søren Espersen of Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party) had to say.

Hat tip: Steen.

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  1. Ted’s translation is correct, though kinda “dumbed down”. It’s understandable though, as some words are unintelligble, and thus make a proper/correct translation impossible. Suffice to say that he’s calling for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of jews all over the world. Pi**es me off he wasn’t arrested as police was right there. Impossible for them to not have heard…

    I was at the pro-Israel demonstration in Copenhagen. I believe we started hearing these creeps 10-20 minutes into the demonstration. Luckily the police kept them at the other end of the “central square”(if you look at the other movie on Teds site, you’ll see a grey building in the background at approx. 0:25. They were on the other side of that building). Quite a few people were glancing in their direction every so often, looking kinda fearful/concerned.
    There was one thing I didn’t like about the demonstration: The songs were in jewish(dunno which dialect). I know it was a pro-Israel rally, so it makes sense, but I don’t like attending demonstrations where I don’t understand what’s being said/sung, as it can be anything…

  2. I forgot to mention a (kinda) funny incident: A girl showed up at the pro-Israel rally wearing a keffiyeh. The police had a little chat with her and her friend, looked in their bags, and the girl put the keffiyeh away.
    I think it’s kinda funny for a supporter of Israel to be ignorant enough to show up wearing a keffiyeh. I think it’s even more funny if she was a counterprotester trying to blend in, being stupid enough to not leave her keffiyeh at home(soon after the rally got underay a girl started shouting “how can you support child-murderers”. dunno if it was the same girl).
    Anyway, I thought it was a funny incident, and wanted to share.

  3. Enrichment. Immigration is enrichment.

    We are SO enriched because of mass immigration. The demonstration is the proof.

    Don’t we feel enriched?



  4. I was there as well, and must say that the police handled the situation very professionally. Just before the demonstration started, as the people were gathering a single muslim came walking across the square and when he saw the Israeli flags he immediately started shouting allahu-ackbar and out of nowhere two police officers came and tookm him out of range for a talk…

    During the demonstration the counter-demo was only occasionally heard, but the people in the demo were a bit anxious — understandable given the way things turned out in Oslo. I met up with Steen and Rolf Krake and a couple of other bloggers there (didn’t spot Ted)… And to underline the fact that participating wasn’t without an element of risk, Steen told that he was assaulted the day before, for taking photos of some of the cultural enrichers, but fortunately got away… and for the same reason had planned escape routes if it became necessary. So there is little doubt that there would have been many more people present, if there hadn’t been the threat of violence against the peaceful demonstration. As it was there was perhaps 3-400 people present at the demo, and the number of counter-demonstrators were about 50 but grew after the pro-israeli demo was over.

    There are pictures and info (in Danish) at Zonka på Dansk and Snaphanen which also have Lars Hedegaard’s report It’s 1932 in Europe (in English).

  5. Behold, this is the ‘diversity’ that the elites of the EU wish to embrace.

    These vermin consider Hitler & Co. to be heros and wish to create a global Ummah; yet wishing to keep Europe, from Portugal to Russia and from Norway to Malta, European, makes you & me the Nazis!

    The civil war/revolution can’t come soon enough.

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