Palestinian Arrested for Odense Shootings

As Henrik of Europe News noted in the comments section of last night’s post, a Palestinian-Dane has been arrested in connection with the shooting of two Israelis in Odense. Henrik said that (based on television reports) the suspect went home and celebrated with his family and friends before turning himself in.

According to TV2 News (my translation):

Danish Palestinian jailed

A 27-year-old Danish Palestinian denies attempting to kill two young Israeli men, but he has been remanded in custody for four weeks. However, the 27-year-old acknowledges that he had a gun.

The violent events in Gaza are probably why the two young Israeli men were shot down in Rosengårdcentret in Odense.

This can be deduced from a preliminary interrogation this evening, where a 27-year-old man held in custody — who was born in Lebanon — was brought in.

Prosecutor Bo Hjeds asked for a closed-door session in consideration of Denmark’s relations with foreign powers — including Israel. And he justified the demand with respect for the victims’ safety, since he believed that a case that was open to the public could hamper police investigative work.

The arrested man is a Danish citizen with Palestinian roots. Police accuse him of attempting to kill the two Israeli men who were wounded in the arm and the leg, but he denies guilt, it became apparent before the judge acceded to the prosecution’s desire for a closed-door session.

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The 27-year-old acknowledges that he is guilty of possessing a gun.

The arrested man turned himself into himself to police this morning at 5:20, explains Chief Police Inspector John Jacobsen of the Fyns Police.

He owns the black Audi which witnesses saw the perpetrator flee in after the shooting that happened yesterday.

Suddenly opened fire

The two Israelis were selling hair-care products in the shopping center when a man suddenly came towards them and opened fire. Both victims are in their 20s. One was hit in the arm by a bullet, which continued through his arm and splintered the bone. The second was wounded by a shot in the leg. Both were still hospitalized as of Thursday afternoon.

Attacks on Israeli nationals attract much attention these days, as the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has intensified with the bombardment of Gaza.

PET monitors

Chief Police Inspector John Jacobsen says that the Police Intelligence Service [PET] is watching the case.

“They do this whenever this sort of thing happens. PET assess for themselves what information they require, and have access to our daily reports,” says John Jacobsen.

As of Thursday, Police Intelligence has chosen to remain silent. But PET confirms that it is aware of the case.

“For what is happening in the world”

He cannot say anything yet about a possible motive, but keep all possibilities, including a political one, open.

“We know what is happening in the world, but we ourselves have not settled on a motive yet. We are investigating all the leads we have,” says John Jacobsen.

He refused to disclose how many shots were fired by the weapon that the police took from the suspect, or whether more people participated in the attack.

Hat tip: Steen.

3 thoughts on “Palestinian Arrested for Odense Shootings

  1. The violent events in Gaza are probably why the two young Israeli men were shot down in Rosengårdcentret in Odense.

    Another prime example of how Islam loves to indulge in Collective Punishment. As if these two Danes were in any way responsible for Israel taking appropriate measures with respect to halting Hamas’ campaign of genocide.

    However repugnant it may seem, Collective Punishment will likely prove to be one of the only successful strategies in fighting Islam. Dhimmitude is the epitome of Collective Punishment and only payment in its own coin will ever register on Islam’s accounts. The Muslim love for violence must be greeted with a glut of payment in kind. Its application must be so swift and overwhelming in nature that Islam can never again forget the penalty for its own rapacity.

  2. Zenster —

    I agree that the two victims were in no way responsible for anything that happened in Gaza.

    But they aren’t Danes — they’re Israelis, recently arrived in Denmark. Sad to say, but the Palestinian is more “Danish” than they are.

  3. Baron: But they aren’t Danes — they’re Israelis, recently arrived in Denmark. Sad to say, but the Palestinian is more “Danish” than they are.

    Thank you for the clarification. Your subsequent article about the perps’ friends and their “huge party” celebrating the shootings only served to solidify my own perceptions.

    I am also quite gratified that you continue to discriminate so carefully between message and mode of expression.

    Yes, my own suggestion is rather unpleasant. I am more than open to someone coming along and submitting an alternative that is even slightly more workable. The historical record clearly indicates that Islam only responds to overwhelming force.

    Any unwillingness by the West to apply that force in a direct and timely manner only serves to up the eventual butcher’s bill. Far worse is how continued delay only makes more probable the most devastating outcome imaginable, both for the West and Islam alike. Namely, the nuclear obliteration of a few Western cities followed by a Muslim holocaust.

    ALL of my writings are focused upon AVOIDING that dreadful result. Only a handful of participants here at Gates of Vienna (or elsewhere) have had the courage and perspective to engage me in examining whatever few (if any) other options exist. The less lively such debate is, the more lethal whatever eventual outcome is likely will be.

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