Michiel Mans in the Crosshairs

Regular readers will remember the Dutch author Michiel Mans, who has written several articles for Gates of Vienna in the past. Like Gregorius Nekschot, Rechtser, and Geenstijl before him, Mr. Mans has drawn the attention of the Thought Police because of his dangerous politically incorrect writings.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has done the reading and translating, so I’ll let him tell the story.

Michiel Mans in the Crosshairs
by VH

They can’t get enough of it, the Dutch InterNazis. After Gregorius Nekschot (case pending), Rechtser.com (convicted: 1500 euros), HoeiBoei (pending) and many others who are on the hit-list of the Dutch subsidized Left (and/or in the ban-book of the Christian Democrat Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsh Ballin, who in a interview said that his wife said to him that Wilders offends all Dutch people with his film], now the columnist Michiel Mans of Het Vrije Volk is in the crosshairs of totalitarian Dutch InterNazis.

Once again the herd of little Freisler clones, who present themselves as a glossy ad for tolerance, prove to be nothing but the reincarnation of the scum that terrorized Europe over half a century ago. If history moves along a sinus wave, we’re getting pretty close to the bottom of the curve again.

Crime reporter and columnist Stan de Jong writes:

Reporting point against Rightist People strikes again

A letter just fell on the digital doormat. A letter from Marcel Vreemans, former editor of the Dutch blog “Het Vrije Volk” [The Free People] who was put on leave for a short while [because of disputed content of a few of his articles], but since then has been completely rehabilitated. But that is not the point. What matters is that the Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet (MDI [Reporting point of Internet Discrimination]) is on a manhunt again.

After Gregorius Nekschot, the writer and freethinker Michiel Mans is the new prey. Rumors that the Reichskulturkammer will be installed again next week could not be confirmed at this late hour. Vreemans asked me to post an article by him and of course I am delighted to do so. Here it comes…

From Het Vrije Volk:

Dutch Thought Gestapo aims for a New Victim: Michiel Mans

“The MDI is coming to you this winter” may be an opening for an evil development that will increasingly take hold of the blogosphere.

In a country where it is very seriously investigated whether a film can be banned or not, where cartoonists are pulled out of their beds with razzia-like techniques, where fulminating filmmakers are being massacred, where attempts are being made to strengthen the ban on “insult by blasphemy”, where the government develops a “standards and values” catalogue, where comedians are threatened and satire is strangled, where a patronizing decency-fundamentalism is prescribed by law… the facilitating and cultivating of an internet Gestapo is no surprise.

Recently the blog Lucaswashier [LWH] was startled by a bureau request or urgent “lead” of the MDI. This time it concerned a column by Michael Mans. If that could be quickly removed

———— Insert: The MDI letter:

– – – – – – – –

Recently the MDI received a report concerning your website. Underneath you will find the exact location [URL] as well as the explanation.

URL: www.lucaswashier.nl/?pv31 www.lucaswashier.nl/?p=7631

Expression 1. “Good, the Palestinians are — apart from breeding —a completely unproductive, violent, swanking and screaming redundant people. It would be the most humane to relieve them of their suffering. This may sound very heavyset and may well result in 10 police officers at the door, and thus needs some explanation.

Look here, when they scuffle and breed in obviously ever higher numbers anyway, and with ever higher number of victims when they reach their 932nd (honoragaincounterrevenge2) + Intifada³))2) x alla-u-aqbar* jihad³) period, clearing it out now maybe delivers in the balance much fewer victims in the end. Or else maybe extend that sturdy local fence along the entire area, and close it off hermetically for ten years.”

Aforementioned expression the MDI finds in violation of the anti-discrimination articles in the penal Criminal Code. Hereby therefore the request to remove the expression of your website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
With kind regards,
D. Veenboer

———— End of insert

In a obvious satire on the Israel-Hamas conflict — humor is sometimes the only weapon that still keeps us standing in this crazy world — he makes a trade-off on which party can at best come off badly to put an end to the eternal cycle of violence in the Middle East.

Robert Engel of the blog LWH is unwilling to remove the column by Michiel Mans and even less so is the latter prepared to remove it from his own blog. But I fear that this will not be tolerated and Gregorius Nekschot soon can expect potentially new prison cell company. Not entirely coincidentally, the brave cartoonist shares the same blog-frontdoor with Michiel Mans, as if they already wanted to get digitally used to a future of huddling together behind bars.

————— Insert: The reply by Lucaswashier:

Dear Mister Veenboer,

With amazement I took note of your email in which you in accuse Lucaswashier, and particularly Michiel Mans, of discrimination. At Lucaswashier teasing texts may appear, but we do not cross the boundaries of the law.

It somewhat disappoints me that the obvious satire of the piece written by Michael Mans is not understood or willing to be understood by you.

If we were to remove the text, it would therefore mean that we are advocating the banning of theatre plays like those of Bloeiende Maagden [comedy group], New Year’s Eve TV show of Youp van ‘t Hek [comedian] and expressions such as those delivered by Hans Teeuwen [comedian] with the unveiling of The Scream [the sculpture in Amsterdam in honor of Theo van Gogh].

I mention here that our blog like no other attracts discriminatory remarks. Provided these remarks cross a line, we will not hesitate to remove them. Also we are bound by the law and act according to the law.

The expressions mentioned by you belong to freedom of expression because satire happens to be part of that. I request you study the text again and reconsider your point of view.

With kind regards,
Robert Engel

P.S. the URL you mention does not exist on Lucaswashier. It is about this text: www.lucaswashier.nl/?p=7631

————— End of insert

This is enough, it seems to me, of that ever-increasing terrorism against satire. Freethinkers like you, who once had been roaring, laughing at the ingenious humor of [the writer and poet] Gerard Reve in the run-up the “donkey trial” [Reve, a staunch old fashioned Catholic, wrote a scene in which he pretended to have amorous contact with a donkey that he pictured to be God; it was a hilarious case and Reve was finally acquitted], know how important it is to be able to make fun of one’s beliefs, opinions, and behavior. And how ridicule can actually make us rethink our position, and liberate us from the trenches of our own self-righteousness.

Of course, sometimes it is hanging by a thin cord, and eventually the judge decides, but such a crucial role in the public debate should remain protected from those who are too easily offended.

Maybe it’s time for permanent resistance and targeted counter-actions. Once again a loner relatively unknown to the general public has to defend his own case and in which the jurisprudence is ever further contaminated with the false poison of poor little chumps.

Michael Mans is a very civilized, honest democrat in heart and soul. Read his articles and learn to know him. One who would never surrender to discrimination or call for grave matters. One who will make use of satire to display his disgust at unbearable cases and acts of lesser friendly creatures. With this Gestapo-like witch hunt of the MDI, with in its wake more often than not narrow-minded public prosecutors and humorless judges, a vulnerable but necessary weapon is kicked out of the hands of a society that slowly gets used to the thought that causing an offense means the right to a lynching.

We should from now on draw a line, should revolt and massively show our solidarity with Michael Mans. Not because of his opinions, his good or bad taste, his abject or welcome analysis of world events, his poisonous or sweet vocabulary, but because he is a symbol of out deepest conviction to be able ridicule free of threats and prosecution.

With the power and endless repetition of our satire, we can make short work of often more than creepy clubs like the MDI and its entourage of coward hyenas.

We should work on public opinion in such a way, that there are few left who even dare to put satire in the dock.

By Marcel Vreemans

About the MDI:

The Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet (Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet) is derived from the subsidized Muslim Discrimination on the Internet (also MDI) and is part of the nationwide anti-discrimination conglomerate Magenta.

On the website of the latter they even try to picture themselves as a profitable tempting treat:

Magenta is a non-governmental organization that offers you a free idea: an inclusive society. All Magenta’s products are available in our online store. Here you can learn about our work, test the ideas and even take them home with you in a bag. […] Magenta was founded in 1992 and in 1994 it was the first organization fighting discrimination on and through the Internet. Today Magenta is still known for introducing groundbreaking projects, which makes it the focal point for other NGOs to learn from. Magenta is practical and non-ideological, and its main characteristic is to think outside the box and take risks.

Magenta and the MDI were founded by Ronald Eissens and his partner Suzanne Bonkhorst, two former militant Green Left peace activists looking for a new source of subsidy in the years after Communism fell along with the Berlin Wall. They started “anti discrimination” activities and even became internationally active, and nowadays also run Icare [Internet Center Anti Racism Europe] and Inach [International Network Against Cyberhate] to scoop up as much subsidy as possible. They are also involved in Kafka, an extreme left “anti fascist research group” that advises even the Government on Right wing extremism. Understandable that the handful of neo-Nazis are seen as the biggest threat to democracy, but for example the AFA and Hizb ut-Tahrir as organizations that do no need investigation an dare no threat at all.

The couple was accused of founding an Extreme Left Bastion. Ronald Eissens for instance was an active member of the fascist AFA blackhoods and cooperated in violent actions. He wrote for the AFA magazine Alert. The same AFA that stated in 2004: “On May 6 the racist Rightist populist Pim Fortuyn is commemorated by Rightist folk, amongst whom are many racists and fascists. It is also the day that two years ago Volkert van de Graaf [the murderer of Fortuyn] lost his freedom and received an inhuman prison sentence of 18 years. Therefore a call to show the Right that it is over and out with their freedom of movement.” But Eissens himself is — apart of his violent AFA activities — not squeaky clean himself. About the German people he wrote: “The Germans are the most violent people on earth.”

In 2004 the couple received from the taxpayers €106,115.70 to silence the same taxpayers. The MDI also keeps blacklists of critical journalists. The CIDI (Center and Information on Israel) once received a mail form Eissens about a journalist that stated: “This guy is blacklisted. He conducts a crusade against the Left.”

The anti-discrimination enterprise is set up outside constitutional authority to clamp down on the opposition to Multiculturalism (the Right and Conservatives). The anti-discrimination is nothing but a subsidy slurper and a coverup for political actions against native citizens, by trying to present a series of charges that can lead to “show trials”.

Eissens: “(Successful) prosecution gives the Complaints Bureau its necessary credibility and deterrent force.” And on subsidy: “MDI is now a fully state-funded by Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

This MDI is, as may seem, an extreme-left organization. The MDI is a professional full-time witch hunt organization that aims only at the enemies of the Left: the law-abiding but critical citizens who refuse to silence themselves and had to decamp to the Internet because the whole MSM was already under the spell of the Left. The MDI for instance states on its website that the PVV and Geert Wilders are Extreme Right and thus must be fought.

The Government agrees with that and founded a Cartoon Team that was involved in the arrest of Gregorius Nekschot. The assistant of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) was also the director of this team that was set up after the cartoon riots in Denmark. When this team was discussed in Parliament (without achieving any clarity), the CDA spokesman said: “it will be quite Leftist and so I want to know nothing about it.” The PvdA had said of the arrest of Nekschot: “Those who play at bowls must look for rubs.”

Only Martin Bosma (PVV) was spot on in Parliament:

Three years on a hunt for someone who makes drawings. The guardian of proper thought in word and deed, Prosecutor Velleman (peace be upon him) and his “Landelijk Expertise-centrum Discriminatie” [National Discrimination Expertise Center, another party in the witch-hunt] — a DDR relic that is happily continuing on, is already three years long pressing F5 to see if anything unacceptable comes up. How did that go? What informal Mitarbeiter [assistant] informed whom? What role did Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven [who filed a complaint against Nekschot] play in this, the one who wished my fraction leader [Wilders] should get cancer?

Chairman, Nekschot is not even sentenced yet, and perhaps now already the death penalty is waiting for him. Because without any judge involved, this artist may have to fear for his life. One police officer said: “your anonymity? You can forget about that now.”

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  1. Worrying news, Baron.

    Oh, btw you write:

    “herd of little Friesler clones”

    It is “Freisler” the “Schreibtischmoerder”.



  2. Worrying news but not unexpected. The internazi establishment has lost the argument so naturally they will seek to outlaw those who dare to point it out. Their fall is only a matter of time.

  3. 1984 in the Netherlands. Thought police keeping the minions in line. Hear no evil Muslim thoughts, see no evil Muslim thoughts. The citizens of the Netherlands need to get rid of these dhimmis and apologists for Islam. They are as evil and dangerous as Islam itself.

  4. Snouck —

    Ah, but it is not I who wrote this! I am a mere transcriber; VH is the writer. Perhaps they spell differently in Antwerp than in Amsterdam…? 😉

    VH will be along in due course, and I’m sure he’ll ask me to do any necessary changes.

  5. .
    Amazing, this crap is like a scary movie, it is beyond surreal. It’s a huge subterfuge to convince people that fascism comes from the Right. Then they link that with racism to try to discredit anyone who speaks against Marxism and Communism, and thus for Free Speech and true equal human rights for all.

    So speaking for Freedom and against real Fascism has become Fascist and Racist.

    These people must be ridiculed forever, until some of them just go legally insane as more and more regular people start to believe they’ve been lied to for years.

    These are the people that inspire and give rise to true Hitlers, Stalins, and Fascists.

    Magenta is so insane that they even say on their site that people should be wary of groups just like theirs. A typical line of all accomplished scam artists.

    “Be weary of groups that promote a better society without racism and discrimination. Groups like that often have a political ideology. There are no Political systems that prevent discrimination, racism, antisemitism or Human Rights violations.”

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe screams

    fascism comes from The Right
    that is the lie of The Left

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    pretend to defend

    human rights while stopping
    speech defending human rights

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    never mock The Left

    it’s just their religion
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    Help Stop Terrorism Today!


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