Hamas Is Selling Donated Flour

Our Israeli correspondent Abu Elvis has sent a machine translation of an Arabic-language article that appeared a few days ago in PalPress. I’ve done my best to clean up the text, and a section for which I have made an educated guess is enclosed in square brackets.

Abu Elvis notes that the market price for a bag of flour is some 3 NIS, and Hamas is selling it for 140 NIS:

Local sources: Hamas is selling flour donated by the people of Qatar for the sector for the amount of NIS 140 per bag.

Gaza, Palestine Press — Local sources in the Gaza Strip said that Hamas is selling flour and humanitarian aid to citizens that was donated by the State of Qatar and which the Egyptian authorities allowed to enter the sector.

The sources added that bags of flour sold by Hamas and made by Qatar as aid to the Palestinian people is valued at the amount of 140 to 150 NIS per bag, pointing out that the transaction is for the benefit of Hamas is evil and that [the Hamas movement is working against the public interest] .

It is noteworthy that the State of Qatar has donated large quantities of food and medical supplies to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to help them in the face of ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

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8 thoughts on “Hamas Is Selling Donated Flour

  1. Corruption hits deep…

    It’s worth recalling that Hamas rose to fame and popularity by distributing emergency aid to Palestinians in an honest fashion, which differentiated them from the deeply corrupted PLO/PA. That earned them enough credit to win the US-mandated 2006 elections (another bad US foreign policy decision). ‘Democracy’ used for its intended purpose, they destroyed it.

    Exposing their current state of corruption should help discredit them.

  2. The message is clear – join hamas and cheap food programme.

    Maybe they pay internal jizya for not being hamas to their core? The islamic society needs some dhimmis to build on.

  3. Also, you can’t buy rockets with flour. The problem is that the assistance is being given to Hamas to be distributed. The Red Cross or (God forbid) the UN should be handling the civilian assistance.

    The IDF has been trying to warn civilians before attacking and it has only served to give Hamas the time to get more women and children in place for the big show.

    Letting Hamas handle the distribution of emergency food and medicines is like allowing the wolves to herd the sheep.

  4. It seems crass by today’s standard, but why feed your enemy or allow him to be fed by others? This only allows more of his fungible resources to be spent on weapons and operations.

    A few years ago, we do-gooders of the West were sending wheat and oil to North Korea to help the starving populace. This only gave the rogue state more opportunity to pursue its evil plans, and the populace still eventually starved.

  5. Qatar probably doesn’t mind in the least that its “humanitarian aid” is being turned into dollars to buy more arms for jihad. This way their hands are “clean”.

    The EU is basically doing the same thing without even the fig leaf cover of flour. They just hand Hamas over 90% of its funding in cash with no accountability.

    Hamas in turn spends a fraction of the money to feed Palestinians and the bulk on arms with the obvious approval of their electorate (who have no trouble demonstrating any grievance they may feel).

    If Palestinians were actually starving, they would have the choice of turfing the leaders who bring them such consequences through their aggression or they could choose to starve for Allah (a slower version of blowing themselves up).

    However, Palestinians fed at the EU table have no motivation whatsoever to rein in Hamas.

    They get to eat their EU cake AND attack Israel as well under the present set up. They are not paying the full consequences of their actions, treated by the international left like the eternal juvenile delinquents that they are.

  6. Defender. We’re still sending fuel oil (not vehicle grade) and food to N. Korea. Another shipment of food from the US was supposed to arrive today or yesterday. Any bets on how much of it ends up in the barracks instead of the villages?

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