Dutch MP Calls for an Intifada

Our Flemish correspondent VH writes this morning about anti-Israel demonstrations in Amsterdam:

Dutch MP calls for intifada against Israel

Harry van Bommel, Dutch MP for the SP (Socialist Party) called during a demonstration in Amsterdam on January 3, for a third Palestinian uprising against Israel, an intifada. To the right of him: Gretta Duisenberg (widow of the late European Central Bank director Wim Duisenberg) of the anti-Semitic organization Stop de bezetting (“End the occupation”). They can be heard a number of times shouting: “Intifada, intifada, Palestine free”.

Another video is here. The flag of Israel that can be seen being pulled away in the beginning (ca. 0:10) of the video, is from the brave Ben Kok, a Jewish-Christian Pastor, who wanted to wave the flag in opposition to the demo, and was pushed out the demonstration by people like Mohammed Rabbae, former GreenLeft frontman. The police confiscated the flag and later returned it to Ben Kok, who wrote: “If the police hadn’t been there, I would certainly have been beaten up.” He was “tactically removed” in a police van because he might inspire new aggression, according to the police.

VH adds his translation from Spits Nieuws of correspondence between Harry van Bommel and Hero Brinkman (MP for the PVV, Party for Freedom):
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Minister Verhagen is an accomplice to civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip and should actually be locked up. So says Harry van Bommel (SP) in his column in “Spits!”.

Dear Hero,

More than 300 people, dozens of civilians, dead, on the Palestinian side, and one dead in Israel. There is no justification for the rockets of Hamas, but the reaction of Israel is a blatant war crime.

Israel loses credibility with this reaction.

Your political boss Geert Wilders stands strongly behind Israel in this conflict. He says: “Violence against terror is rarely disproportionate” and “kick the whole lot in the Sinai.” With this you close your eyes to the fact that Israel has closed the Gaza Strip already for a long time, in contravention of the Geneva Convention, and makes a two-state solution impossible, and continues with illegal settlements and therefore keeps a hold on an entire people.

The Netherlands must no longer support Israel in this foolish approach. Minister Verhagen has called Israel to respond with ‘reluctance’. This is a cowardly position, because it does not condemn Israel. With this Verhagen cares a fat lot about the Dutch Constitution. Article 90 states that: “The Netherlands will promote the international legal order.” The PVV is always tough on those who violate the law, so what do we do with Verhagen? Detention is not an option. I will not find a majority in Parliament to make him resign. For a while I will keep him accessory to the civilian casualties that he hypocritically he says to regret.

Harry van Bommel

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Dear Harry,

It is very sad to note that now, while Israel is finally defending itself, you grab your pen to condemn them. What a dhimmi you are! After hundreds of rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinians on Israeli cities I never even heard you mention.

Minister Verhagen [CDA, Christian Democrats, Minister of Foreign Affairs] is not a hero. Of course he should have said that after several terrorist acts by Hamas, Israel has the right to defend itself. Civilian casualties are unfortunate, but ultimately, these citizens for a large part elected these Hamas thugs themselves. Terror should be fought with all possible means. As my fraction leader in parliament [Wilders] said: “kick the whole lot into the Sinai.” I am sure your Egyptian brothers will welcome you with open arms if you want to meet your Palestinian friends. Shalom, Hero.

6 thoughts on “Dutch MP Calls for an Intifada

  1. As usual, the Leftists line up with our collective enemies throughout the Western world. We live in a “civilization,” if we can even use that term anymore, where it is considered normal to commit treason, and where the bad people are those who don’t want to leave a ruined country to their grandchildren. We’re ruled by fools and hateful traitors. Has any civilization ever been more insane?

  2. Hi Fjordman,

    Has any civilization ever been more insane?

    I think the Bible has some pretty good examples. The Israelites did the same thing – over and over again. If not for them, we would have no example to learn from. 🙂

  3. Yeah, those people really showed how peaceful they are that day.

    At the end of an extended video about the protest, you see the text appear that say’s: ‘Hamas, Hamas, joden aan het gas!’ (The last part translates to putting jews to the gas, or putting them in the gas chambers). Truly disgusting. For those who understand Dutch, listened closely and you can hear some guys shouting this in the background. It’s a phrase also commonly shouted at soccergames against the Amsterdam team, Ajax.


    You can also hear people screaming: ‘Hamas, Jihad, Hezbollah!’ I also heard some people were waving sings of ayatollah Khomeini.

    About the Israeli flag. Some protesters took it away from him and startled trampling it, the police later confiscated it from who them. Only moments after Ben Kok put up his flag, and some tv-station started asked questions, another person came up to him shouting: ‘Stop lying! Stop lying! Stop lying!’ Even before Ben Kok got the chance to say anything about the conflict. Despite the rude shouting, Ben Kok remained perfeclty calm and polite.

    I must say I was deeply shocked and ashamed, having to share this country with people like those I witnessed in the video.

  4. Harry van Bommel accused Theo van Gogh of being a hatemonger just a few months before the film director was murdered (“slaughtered” to use the Islamic term of predilection) by a hate-crazed Mohammedan.

    The same Harry van Bommel has claimed that Mao’s concentration camps were “noodzakelijk” (unavoidable given the circumstances, absolutely necessary).

    Theo van Gogh mentions van Bommel in this article (the link is in English and Dutch) written shortly before his death:


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