Dewinter: Wilders Will Gain Due to the Trial

Another translation by H. Numan from Spits Nieuws:

Dewinter: Wilders will gain due to the trial

The Flemish politician Filip Dewinter forecasts Geert Wilders will gain electorally because of the court case against him. “Voters will not accept this,” said the leader of Vlaams Belang.

Dewinter is an expert in the field. In 2004 his party, Vlaams Blok, was outlawed because of racism. However, he returned with Vlaams Belang and won massively. “If one survives this as a political party, one returns much stronger. This sort of panic game results in the reverse of what is aimed for,” said the controversial politician who says that “everybody can feel at his elbows* that there is a political agenda behind it.”

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Dewinter is “shocked and outraged” that The Netherlands will prosecute. “I hoped that The Netherlands after Fortuyn wouldn’t soil itself like this, but obviously in vain. The Netherlands are following the same road as Belgium.” That is alarming, he thinks. “A democracy also has the duty to defend controversial opinions. Especially since we are talking about an elected representative of the people. Now the state actually goes to war against a minority opinion. That is the hallmark of a totalitarian regime.” According to Dewinter Wilders’ statements are within the law. “And he chooses the road of elections and debate. This is, in fact, an attempt to murder a democratic party.”

* expression, hard to translate. “I can feel it in my water” = it’s pretty much obvious to all

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  1. I can hardly imagine what means the mysterious phrase “controversial opinions”. I do not feel it in my water.

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    Unshaved muslims want to scare me or to kill me. That is why they grow their facial hakenkreuz.

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