Danish TV2 News Video of Odense Victim

Henrik Ræder Clausen has posted a YouTube video of a TV2 news report about the Odense shooting and the possible reasons for it. The Israeli shooting victim is speaking English, but the rest of the report is in Danish. WARNING: contains strong language.

Spoken Danish is all but incomprehensible to me. I’d love to know what the keffiyeh-clad “youths” in the latter half of the video are telling the interviewer.

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4 thoughts on “Danish TV2 News Video of Odense Victim

  1. If you’re refering to Azam Azam and Yehia Abou Lebde, then Azam Azam says: “I understand him 100% He’s my friend, I grew up with him”. Yehia Abou Lebde says: “Bringing it up here is still wrong, because no matter what’s going on down there it doesn’t happen up here, because we live in a democratic country like Denmark and it’s wrong to have those problems up here”.

  2. Danish is a read-only language. For someone who only knows ‘tvångsvenska’ (mandatory Swedish) understanding spoken Danish is next to impossible.

  3. Spoken Danish difficult? I don’t understand.. all the children here speak it with no problems..

    I wonder what got left on the cutting room floor after this report was finished…..

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