A Proposal for a Muslim Township

A Muslim politician in the Netherlands wants to create a Muslim-majority political entity in the suburbs of Amsterdam. Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated an article on the topic from yesterday’s DePers:

Marcouch wants super township

Municipal councilor Ahmed Marcouch describes his ideas for ‘a town on its own’, outside the ring [ring road of Amsterdam]. Not everybody agrees with him.

“A blooming Muslim society can grow with enough social capital. The Muslim minority becomes an asset.” Township chairman Ahmed Marcouch writes this in an internal letter to other township chairmen in Amsterdam-West. The local PvdA leader adds this to the discussion to reduce the number of townships of Amsterdam. Marcouch favors this, and wants a single super-township: New-West. He writes: “There is a real difference between west within and outside the ring.”

Marcouch sees lots of advantages in a bigger and new township outside the ring road (competition with Purmerend and Almere, the construction of skyscrapers, extension of the university), but also writes: ‘New-West can concentrate on integration of immigrants.’ It is possible to read his ideas for New-West as an extension of the Muslim faith. Is it wise for a township chairman to propose a ‘blooming Muslim society’? VVD member of parliament and spokesperson for integration Paul de Krom said: “If he meant to strengthen Muslim society, or to create a specific Muslim area in Amsterdam, I would find that unfortunate. In a secular society one should not see the leaders of that society led by faith.” His PvdA colleague Jeroen Dijsselbloem said: “I do not understand what he meant. Muslim societies form around mosques, not around township boundaries.”

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Last year Marcouch got into hot water when he proposed favoring Islamic education in public schools. Three councilmen of the Slotervaart council resigned their PvdA party membership. One of them, Clyde Moerlie, reacted to Marcouch’s letter: “A most curious statement. But one that fits his way of thinking: probably a township where civil servants do not shake hands with women and Islamic studies is taught in public schools. We thought that the PvdA was a secular party, but Marcouch sees it as his duty as devout Muslim to spread Islam.”

PVV Leader Geert Wilders announced that he will question the matter in parliament. Marcouch himself was not available for comment.

9 thoughts on “A Proposal for a Muslim Township

  1. ‘New-West can concentrate on integration of immigrants.’

    I’m learning not to be surprised by these comments anymore. The sentence is an oxymoron.

    It’s too bad Clyde Moerlie resigned with the other two members. Is the reason for their resignation given somewhere? Age, frustration, burn out?

  2. Once again, thank you to all the translators that do yoeman’s work making this site the “go to” site for news not available in English.
    You can’t imagine how much I appreciate it.

  3. His PvdA colleague Jeroen Dijsselbloem said: “I do not understand what he meant.

    Really? You don’t understand what he meant??? It is 2009, WAKE UP!

  4. If the establishment of such a community would be rendering the land upon which that community stands, the property of Allah, to be held in trust by the people of Islam in perpetuity, wouldn’t that make the establishment of such a community an act of treason against the Netherlands?

    My apologies for the run-on sentence. I’m still trying to get my mind around the concept of land, once owned by Islam, being considered to belong to Islam eternally. If I’m mistaken here, please correct me.

  5. Municipal councilor Ahmed Marcouch describes his ideas for ‘a town on its own’, outside the ring [ring road of Amsterdam].

    After all, those Parisian Banlieues worked out so well. Does no one learn even a speck from current events?

    I will also echo babs‘ appreciation for the indefatigable efforts of this site’s translators. So much of this information is strangled in the cradle by the MSM.

  6. What about building a perfect Dutch islamic city in Morocco? Who would notice any difference? Probably the sponsors would not feel the taste of conquest…

    The Dutch should use the money for islamos building some simple factories in Morocco giving the middle boss jobs to those they want to get rid of, saying they are qualified for the boss jobs handling their compatriots.

    In such a way the Moroccons would be in position to pay for their repatriation themselves.

    If they refuse, they should not get any unemployment benefits.

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