Working Together for Peace

Within the last twenty-four hours we received a pair of very similar emails that originated on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Two activist organizations working tirelessly on behalf of justice and peace have reached the same conclusion: it’s time to stop the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians by the IDF.

Bear in mind that a “massacre” is what occurs when one or more Palestinians are killed by Israelis. When a suicide bomber blows up dozens of Jews, or a Qassam rocket drops into a school, that’s not a massacre. It’s an act of random vandalism, or a criminal matter to be investigated by the appropriate authorities, or justifiable resistance against illegal occupation by a foreign power, or an understandable reaction to decades of apartheid oppression.

Take your pick. But, unless Palestinians are dead, it’s not a massacre.

The first email was an alert from International ANSWER (an online version may be found here):

Stop the Massacre of Palestinians!

Tuesday, December 30: National Day of Action
Emergency Demonstrations on Tuesday, December 30 and other days (listed below)

The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, and Al-Awda, International Palestine Right to Return Coalition are calling for Tuesday, December 30 to be a National Day of Action to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza and to demand an immediate end to the murderous attacks carried out by the Israeli military against the people of Gaza.

In Washington, D.C., there will be a demonstration at the State Department at 4:30 pm. Demonstrations will also be held in cities around the country…

Hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza have been massacred and wounded today as Israel has launched a massive bombing campaign against the people of Gaza. The bombing rampage took place as thousands of Palestinian children were in the streets on their way home from school. Palestinian parents were running frantically in the streets looking for their children as U.S.-provided F-16s and Apache helicopters rained down more than 100 bombs and missiles on Gaza.

The U.S.-backed Israeli Occupation Force destroyed every security station in Gaza. AFP reported: “There was no space left in the morgue and bodies were piled up in the emergency room and in the corridors, as many of the wounded screamed in pain.”

Because of the U.S.-backed Israeli blockade and strangulation of the people of Gaza for the past 18 months there is little or no medicine to treat the wounded, electricity for hospitals, or food or clean water for much of the population.

An Israeli military spokesperson said, “The operation is ‘only just beginning’.” The Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement: “The action will continue and will widen as much as is demanded according to the evaluation of the situation by the high command of the army.”

Take Action:
– Demonstrations Across the Country
– Send a letter to the State Department and Congress…

Judging by the second email alert, great minds think alike. From MPACUK (the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, online version here):
– – – – – – – –

Action Alert — Stop the Slaughter of Palestinians!

The problem

In the last month, not only have Israel and the Zionist lobby tried to take away crucial aid to the Palestinians, by trying to shut down charity Interpal, now they are unashamedly committing murder, AGAIN.

Nearly 300 Muslims have been killed with another 700 injured, in the latest attacks by Israel, which also include targeting a mosque. The air raids are reported by the BBC as some of the heaviest in decades.

Israeli “Defence” Minister Ehud Barak said “Operation Cast Lead”, will continue “as long as necessary” according to an article by AFP.

Why should it matter to you?

These Muslims who are being killed are your brothers and sisters and it is each and every Muslim’s responsibilty to defend them.

“The Believers, men and women, are protectors of one another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil” (Qur’an 9.71)

Praying alone will not do when Allah given you the ability to take action to protect your brothers and sisters. There are many steps you can take to stop the dangerous and ruthless Zionist machine taking more Muslim lives:

The Solution — Take action now!

Write to your local MP and ask them what they are doing to oppose the attacks in Gaza. Ask your local mosque to do the same. If you don’t have time to compose an email yourself, don’t worry, you can use the following template…

So these dedicated activist groups in Britain and the USA, acting totally independently from one another, just happen to be singing from the same hymnal. Amazing!

Whoops — is that offensive to Muslims, “singing from the same hymnal”? Sorry!

By the way, if you live in or near our nation’s capital and have a free afternoon next Tuesday, you may want to check out the ANSWER coalition demo at the State Department:

Washington, D.C.
Tuesday, December 30
4:30 pm
State Department: 22nd St & C St NW
Contact: 202-544-3389 x14,

Don’t forget your giant George W. Bush puppets — it may be the last chance you’ll ever have to use them!

Hat tips: Refugee Resettlement Watch and Scott SA.

13 thoughts on “Working Together for Peace

  1. Never any outrage over murdered Israelis, or even muslim on muslim murder, only the poor, poor Paleostinians. Kept in that state of poverty, by their terrorist leader du jour.

    There was a Paleo protest at the Israeli embassy in Toronto today, and Winston of The Spirit Of Man was there.

  2. Really nothing new regarding the relativism going on here. We see it all the time when a white person commits a crime against a “person of color” but never hear about the staggering statistics of crimes on whites by those same people of color. Whites, Westerners, Israelis as victims doesn’t fit the narrative of the multi-culti Leftist so it goes under or unreported.

  3. The United Nations and the European Union are pandering to the very people who would destroy their Dhimmi arses if the opportunity arose.

    What dimwits Liberal, bleeding-heart these appeasers are!

  4. yawn…

    the boy who cried wolf once again…

    the palios, a sub-human class of human animals, have shot over 3000 rockets at Israel in the last 3 months…

    to which not one “human rights” group nary said a peep…

    Maybe Allah is punishing the islamic sub-trolls by making them so incompetent that they can shoot THOUSANDS of rockets and Allah prevents them from hitting anyone..

    AND MAYBE ALLAH is blessing the IDF with amazing accuracy in hitting 60 or so sites, many within YARDS of homes, schools & Mosques and KILLING over 285 trolls while only hitting 25 or so civilians (or so they claim)

    The geneva convention is clear, if you hide military weapons within a civilian area and those weapons are targeted it’s your OWN fault if your own citizens are killed…

    It’s time for Israel to explain things to the ANSWER trolls (and their like) if you try to MURDER a Jew EXPECT to DIE…

    Harsh? Cruel? Unfair?

    I dont give a crap…

    Here’s something to put in your pipe and smoke all you anti-semites out there…

    We aint your granddad’s Jews….

    Yes we will compromise, yes we will try to find a peaceful resolution, but if you make the mistake and take it for weakness?

    We will wrap your dead body in a pig skin and feed it to a shark…

    We have no more cheeks to turn, and quite frankly I could care less if you like me, hate me or despise me, I just want you to FEAR ME….

  5. quite frankly I could care less if you like me, hate me or despise me, I just want you to FEAR ME….

    I love this mentality. It’s the mentality of the winner and the best way to deal with your enemies. I wish I could hear more Europeans saying the same. Actually not more, at least some of them…

  6. Take your pick. But, unless Palestinians are dead, it’s not a massacre.

    9/11 was a massacre too. 19 Arabs died under horrible circumstances.

    No I kid you not, this is how news about Israel is told here in Sweden (and more or less everywhere else by now apparently). A Palestinian warrior massacres Israeli civilians, and eventually gets shot by Israeli police. The headline becomes “Palestinian civilian shot by Israeli police”.

    In the same spirit the headline for 9/11 would become: “19 Arabs dead in massacre”.

  7. Israel should not only tell European “journalists” to go to hell, they should target them and send them there.

    Israel should not bother with trying to talk to these propagandists. She should simply kill them.


    You want good coverage from Europeans? Threaten them with death. It works for the Jihadis.

  8. Zerosumgame: Israel should not only tell European “journalists” to go to hell, they should target them and send them there.

    There is an appallingly simple degree of logic to this premise. Western media has for so long willingly served as the vector for liberally infected memes that they may well need to begin bearing some of the burden for disseminating such blatant disinformation.

    Such flagrant malfeasance really needs to carry a price tag. Especially so in the case of terrorism. Here’s hoping that Israel for once manages to shrug off world opinion as it sets about a long-delayed shoring up of its national security.

    While a tedious and time-consuming process, killing terrorists most definitely stops terrorism. One can only hope that Israel is doing what it does best and is going after Hamas’ top brass in their command bunkers. The best way of defanging the Islamic snake is to behead it.

  9. Zenster:

    If Israel starts eliminating these information terrorists, what the hell is Europe going to do?

    Invade Israel? No European country — none, not even France or the UK, have the ability to take her on.

    OK, Britain and France have nukes, but they’re not going to use them against Israel (a nuclear power) over a couple of journalists.

    Trade embargo? Israel could consider that an act of war and attack shipping in the Mediterranean in retaliation.

    No doubt that Europeans would go into a vein-popping, stroke-inducing frenzy of hate if the lowly Jews of Israel told them to f*ck off. Europeans believe Jews should just roll over and die when Europe wants them to. After all, they were able to exterminate Jews at will for 2000 years.

    But they couldn’t do a thing to effectively hurt Israel now.

    The question is what would they do to attack Jews in Europe? And what would Israel do in response?

  10. Zerosumgame: If Israel starts eliminating these information terrorists, what the hell is Europe going to do?

    Erm, endure the mind-searing trauma of being exposed to accurate, fact-based reporting?

    But seriously folks, I’m confident that Mossad could make most of these “incidents” appear entirely accidental. After all, those Middle East journalists have such very dangerous jobs in the first place. Just ask Alan Johnston.

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