Two Israelis Shot in Odense Shopping Mall

Two Israelis were shot this afternoon in a shopping mall in the town of Odense, Denmark. All the news articles about the incident are at pains to emphasize that no one knows whether the nationality of the victims was a factor in the crime.

It’s noteworthy, however, that police are looking for a “man of Arabic appearance” in connection with the shooting. Only in Denmark — can you imagine police in the USA making such a public announcement?

According to Ekstra Bladet (my translation):

Videocamera may reveal gunman

Police are looking for a young man of Arabic appearance in connection with the shooting of two Israelis in Odense

Images from a surveillance camera may have captured the a young man who this afternoon at 3:20 drew a pistol and shot and wounded two Israeli men in the Rosengård shopping mall in Odense. One was hit in the arm, and the other in the leg, according to Odense police.

The offender is described as Arabic in appearance, about 25 years old, 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall, with dark hair and a dark mustache. He was wearing a white jacket or sweater and blue jeans.

“We can’t say whether he is Palestinian, Iraqi, Bosnian, or where he comes from,” said police spokesman Lars Thede, and adds:

“It is too early to say anything about the suspect.”

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The two Israelis have been in Denmark for a week selling hair-care products from a booth in the mall. The police have been stationed in the mall for about a month and a group of seven to nine young people have allegedly harassed sales staff.

Thought it was fireworks

An eyewitness, Alem Dervisevic, says that he initially thought the shots were fireworks.

“But then I noticed that people ran in panic. I saw blood and a man lying on the floor near Kvickly,” he says to TV2.

The news about the shooting, with its strong political undertones, immediately went around the world and has been reported, among other places, in American and Israeli media. For six days Israel has been carrying out a military action against Gaza. Nearly 400 Palestinians have died during the attacks.

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  1. Yes it is raining nazis here in Europe, except the current batch of nazis draws more ideological support from the Qu’ran than Mein Kampf. There is also some old school nazis around, but they’re an obscure minority that nobody takes serious!

  2. It was on the news in Denmark tonight that the shooter is indeed Palestinean. They *celebrated* the shooting of the Jews.

    As I’ve said before: If Israel falls, Muslims everywhere will hunt down and kill the remaining Jews. We cannot permit the evil work of Hitler to be finalized.

  3. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for those Jews in the diaspora who continue to hang out with and fund the left wing liberal crowd.

    To paraphrase a famous saying about war: “You may not be interested in jihad but it is interested in you”.

    Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Odensa, Muslims are bringing it to the street where you live, not confining themselves to Israel by any means.

    Maybe some of the vast funds and energy devoted by the Jewish community to removing Christianity from public spaces in the West or rounding up and prosecuting the handful of pimply pretend nazis hanging out in their parents’ basements could be diverted to exposing what resurgent Islam has in store for Jews?

  4. Palestinian who shot Israelis in Danish shopping centre was role model for the multicult

    The 27 year old Palestinian who ran amok in the shopping mall Rosengaard Center in the Danish city of Odense was a paragon of virtue in an educational campaign.

    From role model to gunman

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