The Government of Kretinostan

From Sweden comes the following juicy report published today on the blog Straight-Backed (Rakryggad) by Weine Berg. Our Swedish correspondent LN sent us the translation, and emphasized this important quote: “United we can change the situation, perhaps! Mass immigration is wage-dumping!

Unemployment, the economic crisis — and more immigration

Regeringen Sverige

Any competent person could dedicate a whole evening to laughing at the policy of the coalition government. What are they pottering about? Unemployment is rising and the economic situation is anything but pleasing — but we must have more immigration, they have decided. Now the government wants to invest SEK 5.9 billion in benefits and housing costs for asylum seekers and on the National Immigration Board.

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The parliament not only voted through this proposal from the government but also a new goal for immigration policy. According to this goal, Sweden is to facilitate movement across borders, protect the right to asylum, promote needs-driven “labor force immigration”, and deepen European cooperation.

In other words, we shall take in more so-called refugees, more migrant workers, and have yet more relaxed border control. Seriously, it is very difficult to understand what the Swedish Government is striving for — have they forgotten what they were elected to manage? Now all they do is entirely to run errands for the market.

This is one of the major destructive events of recent decades — the politicians no are longer working for the people and the country, but for the market, for the globalists, and for money. The top priority is to keep the national economy rolling under the global dictate — people have no real identity that has any meaning for the politicians, but are cogs in the machinery in the form of workers and consumers who may be replaced by means of mass immigration and neocolonizing of Sweden. All the fine phrases about diversity and multiculture are nothing but smoke screens. The sooner more Swedish citizens realize this, the better for country. United we can change the situation, perhaps! Mass immigration is wage-dumping!

Written by Weine Berg. 15:03

4 thoughts on “The Government of Kretinostan

  1. When looking at the photo of these people I fail to see the difference between themselves and the “Heavens Gate” cult. They all have creepy glazed smiles. The men are all eunuchs. And they are all true believers bent on a “better world” even if it requires suicide. All they need is shaved heads and Nike track suits.

  2. And every single one of those “immigrants” that Sweden wants to import into its country gets an EU passport so they can move wherever they want within Europe. Sweden is a threat not only to itself, but to all of Europe. This insane country needs to be quarantined by the rest of Europe until it develops some kind of sanity.

  3. The only differénce between them and Heavens Gate is that they were not a threat to people outside the cult. These here people however, are hellbent on taking the rest of us with them.

  4. The reason for immigration flooding cannot be the economy as the countries of origin, ill education and numbers ordain that immigrants will be a net drain on Sweden’s over-generous social hammock, not net contributors.

    Someone seeking actual workers, not mere warm bodies to vote for their enablers in perpetuity would look elsewhere. Muslim and Arab cultures are not known overall for high education level, initiative, accountability (everything is always everyone else’s fault), women who are career oriented rather than brood mares, being hard workers or being loyal citizens in non-Muslim countries.

    There is something malevolent going on. It is emerging that end-stage socialism results in an elite trying to perpetuate itself by bringing in voting drones and reducing the native population to wage slaves to support the elite and drones.

    Large numbers of left wing women in government have something to do with this phenomenon along with feminized men. The need to nurture (by the same women who promote abortion to the day of birth) apparently takes a warped turn into an obsession with nurturing “the other” to prove one’s own magnanimity even as the parasite destroya the host.

    What was it that el Ingles called this toxic kind of altruism?

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