Slovenians Tell the Truth About Islam

I’ve posted previously about the situation in Slovenia. Unlike most members of the EU — especially in Southern Europe — Slovenia has a very small Muslim population, and its capital has no mosques. The politically correct elites (of which Slovenia has its share) want to change that situation, and the mayor of Ljubljana has thrown his support behind the building of a mosque in his city.

But the opponents of the mosque have taken a strong stance against it, and have done something that is refreshing, daring, and unusual these days in Europe: they have spoken the truth about Islam.

According to ANSAmed:

Islam: Slovenia, Controversy on Building of 1st Mosque

LJUBLJANA, DECEMBER 1 — The President of the extreme right wing Slovenian National Party (SNS) and Parliamentary deputy Zmago Jelincic, in a controversy with the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovic, said that he was in favour of a ban on the construction of the first mosque in Slovenia.

“Mosques in Europe are not only religious centres, but also political centres, behind which are hidden ideologies“ said the right wing Slovenian leader, announcing that his party will support a collection of signatures to call for a referendum against the mosque, promised to the Islamic community of Ljubljana by the mayor of the capital [emphasis added].

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Until now only about 100 signatures have been collected. According to Jankovic, Muslims in Slovenia have the right to a place to worship, and “it would not be a good thing if the rights of a minority portray the majority in a referendum”.

The Islamic community in Slovenia, according to data supplied by its representatives, is made up of about 50,000 people and is the most numerous minority religion in the country, which has 2 million inhabitants, which are mostly Catholic.

The initiative to build a mosque in Ljubljana goes back about 10 years, but the project was opposed on more than one occasion due to a series of bureaucratic problems, as well as frequent political problems. Recently, the mayor has supported the idea promising to grant city land on the condition that funds of about 4.8 million euro be collected for its purchase. Until now, one million euros have been collected.

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6 thoughts on “Slovenians Tell the Truth About Islam

  1. Mosques are our barracks,

    domes our helmets,

    minarets our bayonets,

    believers our soldiers.

    This holy army guards my religion.

    Almighty our journey is our destiny,

    the end is martyrdom.

  2. No to mosques in Europe. When i was in Ljubljana i numbered 43 churches in the map, very very nice, but if you build a mosque there it will be a disaster for that people.

  3. “promising to grant city land on the condition that funds of about 4.8 million euro be collected for its purchase. Until now, one million euros have been collected.”

    Ring up the Saudis… They’ll gladly cough up 3.8 M Euros. Chump change to them. And the beat (down) goes on.

  4. The person and party opposing the mosque gets called “extreme right wing” while the mayor in favor does not get called extreme left.

    It is time to start calling those Europeans willing to help Muslims set up what are clearly described in Islamic writings as beach heads among populations to be conquered as “extreme left”, not moderates.

    What can be more extreme as someone on this site once asked than people dedicated to cultural suicide by promoting the supremacist ideology of Islam?

    As soon as Muslims open their mouths to complain, tell them coolly that this is in keeping with their own beliefs, as they do not allow any other houses of worship wherever they dominate. No more double standard in their favor.

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