Rosengård is Not Unique

Our Swedish correspondent LN emailed us on Christmas Day to report on the latest from the Swedish Intifada:

Tensta riotsNew riots in Tensta, Stockholm tonight 24-25 — lots of fires and explosives, burning tires and cars. Police say the age of rioters is 13 to 16. Two outbursts — then nothing at 1:00 a.m. — then the police went home; new riots started at 6:00 this morning.

LN has kindly translated an op-ed from a Swedish newspaper. Here’s what he had to say about it:

This is an interesting piece of journalism — from Tuesday’s Expressen. It is, I suppose, just on the border of what officially can be printed, without the author being symbolically decapitated — probably you must be an old fox in the publishing world like Ulf Nilsson to get away with partially telling the truth like this.

Concerning Ulf Nilson, Steen says this (as translated by LN):

Nilson is about as tough and frank as can be published in a Swedish newspaper. And it’s not really all that tough, given what is at stake, but Nilson bills himself as being without “editorial modification”; well, call it censorship. In June a former UN officer formulated the whole horror scenario in a very unusual article: Sweden on the road to disaster. Stronger warnings are hard to come by.

And now the translation of Mr. Nilson’s op-ed:

Ulf Nilson: Unfortunately, Rosengård is not unique.

Malmö riotsRosengård exploded. Night after night there were bangs and detonations and fires. In newspapers and on the television we saw pictures that showed quite a different Sweden.

A Sweden in the middle of some kind of war. A Sweden full of policemen with shields and truncheons and all around them people with excited faces, sometimes knowingly frightened.

We can call them the ‘Rosengård Faces’, most of them Swedish for many long years, but still hardly Swedish — this is simply what it is all about.

Unfortunately, Rosengård is not unique. In Landskrona, 40 km north of Rosengård, there are serious problems, as well as in tiny Laholm (of all places). Gothenburg and Stockholm have heavily affected areas, and in Södertälje, police have not in a long time dared to appear without being escorted by — the police. The same applies to the most significant socially useful public institution that there is: the fire-department. Constant trouble and fights, constant stone-throwing — without protection there is no fire-extinguishing!

Just reflect for one second. Is it not utter madness that people are throwing stones at firefighters who are there to extinguish fires? Answer: yes, it’s insanity, but a very common form of insanity in those areas where cultures (try finding a better word) collide and people are getting on badly, feel marginalized, despised, depressed, kept out (try finding better words).

– – – – – – – –

For many years, too many, we who have reported on the mass-immigration problems have been told that we are xenophobic, that we are some kind of “folk-home-Nazis” (probably with a picture of Adolf in our wallets). We have been accused of voting for the Sweden Democrats, being in favor of discrimination and being against — yes, I do not know it all…

The truth is that what we have criticized — when we had the chance — is our own Swedish way of managing immigration. Everything went gallantly for all those years when we needed manpower. In the 1950s and 1960s Italians, Greeks, Yugoslavs, and some others arrived to find good jobs and excellent opportunities for adaptation and integration.

CANON: what we call integration, meaning that people of different kinds are living together in a civilized fashion, really happened then. Later new floods of strangers arrived, sometimes on the run from war and persecution, but at least just as often for economic reasons. We have received far too many in too short a time — I’ve written it before, and I write it once again right now.

Xenophobic, that’s what that is!


We were simply ill-prepared. No jobs — unemployment among the new arrivals has been sky-high for decades! — and there has been much discrimination.

Residence in ghettos (I cannot be bothered to list all the names) with all the problems that come with ghetto life: the most important being to get a crystal clear division between “us” and “them”, “the others”, “those who are not like us”.

Ordinary people have long been aware of the contradictions and problems, while the so-called elite has for a very long time chosen denial. Many have not even — and this is incredible! — noticed that the teaching of Swedish language (SFI), here in Sweden, has been totally inadequate.

In short, Rosengård, and the various ongoing outbreaks of riots, fights, gang violence and crime in different ghettos show us that we have to wake up — an pull up our socks.

Education, especially in Swedish, job creation (how do you do that?) and much greater efforts by the state, by municipalities, by various associations and by individuals, are needed to bring the various groups into positive contact.

The truth is that now we must succeed. Otherwise it will not be nice to live in the future Sweden…

16 thoughts on “Rosengård is Not Unique

  1. If the rioting continues then why don’t you up the ante and bring out the guns and bullets. Start shooting the rioters and arresting/deporting not only those who riot, but the families of the rioters too.

    Take control of the situation as fast as you can. Then kick the lot out of the nation. That will cure their problem with Sweden very fast. They won’t be there.

  2. The problem is is that the hands of the police has been tied by the politicians who advocates dialogue and awaiting thus not to provoke the thugs. This is how insane the situation is. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  3. Is it not utter madness … ?

    All of it? Should we weep for our civilization – or scream with rage – or howl in bewilderment like mad animals?

    When will we say, enough?

  4. No, it’s a female oriented government and society. Male oriented governments crush with physical force threats to their power.

    Female oriented governments and societies use female power, consensus, group-think, and social consensus to achieve power. This is how female hierarchies run. “Soft power.”

    Which is totally inadequate to physical threats. Which can only be crushed by physical force.

  5. Steen is quite right in characterising Mr Nilson’s op-ed as being not particularly tough, given that the words Muslim or Islam were glaringly absent from Nilson’s piece (translation?) and that he listed the causes of the unrest as living in ghettos, unemployment, discrimination and so on, and his proposed solutions are …… more education, more jobs, and more state spending on these un-named persons who are causing the problems.

    So, not particularly tough is quite an understatement.

  6. Is there an English translation of the Aftonbladet article “Sveriges väg mot katastrof” (Sweden on the road to disaster) as linked to in the article?

  7. My opinion of this sort of thing is much the same as with regards to the Greek rioting. As long as they want to chuck rocks and garbage and eggs and whatnot – tolerate them and gas them. But the moment that the molotovs come out and they start burning things – take them down and hard. It’s one thing to fight the po-po, but once you start physical property damage and threatening the police – I’d say zero tolerance and arrest them all – use whatever force is necessary but avoid killing except in self-defense (which is why I’m so incensed by those cops in Athens being charged with murder).

  8. Swedes should decide: are they running their immigration program for the good of Sweden, seeking well educated law abiding new citizens who are a good fit with Swedish culture? Or is their entire immigration program a global charity?

    It would appear the latter. Recent massive immigration brings nothing to Sweden that is needed – present immigrants are not the manpower required as they do not take entry level jobs such as helping out at nursing homes. How much Swedish do you need to understand to empty bedpans? And what more efficient way to learn Swedish than immersed in a working environment? This is how my immigrant parents learned English. No one paid them to stay idle, let their children shirk school and whine.

    The writer of the article above presents no expectations of the immigrants whatsoever, not even to obey the law. Responsibility for their every action is all put on native Swedes. They are the ones supposedly “failing” to educate the newcomers or hand them jobs. Yet these newcomers appear uninterested in either. They appear allergic to the hard work that previous waves of immigrants have ridden to great success in all Western cultures but sit with their hands out and a great sense of entitlement and grievance. They are not being kept up in the style to which they wish to become accustomed.

    There is a perfect storm of Western nannies opening the gates to hordes from barbarian cultures who have made a mess of their home countries and bring the same kind of laziness and anarchy to any host culture foolish enough to import them.

    No nanny can force someone into school or once there, make them learn when there is zero appreciation for education in the home and parents who are instead role models for sloth, breeding children for others to support and a culture of complaint.

  9. One thing that needs to happen is to deconstruct the welfare state. Cutting taxes will create jobs and encourage companies to stay and new companies to start. Civil disorder must be stopped. Immigrants who do not wish to assimilate should be offered a trip to their countries of origin. One-way.

  10. Well, it looks like Sweden is having a hot winter, much like the U.S. in the 60s. I wonder how long before the Muslims of Detroit burn down what the blacks didn’t burn down in ’67. I think it only a matter of time. Perhaps when Obama is forced to attach Iran after the Iranians attack us after the Isrealis hit the nuke sites. Let’s hope so, then we can take the steps necessary.

  11. Answer: yes, it’s insanity, but a very common form of insanity in those areas where cultures (try finding a better word) collide and people are getting on badly, feel marginalized, despised, depressed, kept out (try finding better words).

    We can’t call it insanity – that implies excuse. This article, titled India, China and the Disciplinary Society, at American Thinker is a more accurate assessment of what is happening in the context of your perfect verbiage.

    I hope this excerpt doesn’t go over the 500 words:

    What happens if the Chinese economy fails to generate 25 million jobs for a couple of years? Will the Chinese workers burn down the economy? They very well might. When people get desperate they do desperate things. Herders raid the neighboring herds, peasants revolt against their lords. Miners occupy the mines. But not in the modern west.

    Before the west entered into the industrial age it first created the Disciplinary Society. Beginning in the sixteenth century, Charles Taylor writes in A Secular Age, European elites began a conscious effort to reduce the level of violence in society.

  12. This is a very short summary of the article “Sveriges väg mot katastrof” (Sweden on the road to disaster).

    The author, Anders Lugn, compares Sweden with Lebanon 1980.
    He lists six prerequisites for the civil war:

    1. Weak national coherence.
    2. Weak national armed forces.
    3. Weak national police force.
    4. An abundance of weapons.
    5. Lots of drugs (alcohol for the Christians and hash for the Muslims).
    6. A feeling of powerlessness among the people.

    Lugn claims that the same conditions now are in place in Sweden – and I must agree.

  13. Nilsen was fired from a Swedish paper back in the nineties for being to far right. ( ie: centre right ). As has been said he doesn’t go far enough

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